Apply for Media Markt Card: What it is, Documents, How to Apply, Advantages It Offers and MORE

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Apply for Media Markt Card It is an extremely simple process due to the few requirements that are requested to obtain it. Also, it should be noted that it is totally free to have this card. This card allows you to pay in installments for all the purchases you make in Media Markt and anywhere that VISA cards are accepted.

Media Markt has a large number of stores around the country, reaching 89 stores. Where in each of them, you can enjoy all the benefits and advantages that are obtained with this card. If you want to know how to get it Keep reading!

What is Media Markt?

MediaMarkt is a German department store chain dedicated to the sale of household appliances, computers and consumer electronics, belonging to the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, a subsidiary of the German Ceconomy Group.

It was founded by entrepreneurs Leopold Stiefel, Walter Gunz, Erich Kellerhals and Helga Kellerhals. The first store opened in Munich on November 29, 1979. Today, it has become the largest consumer electronics retailer in Europe.

The first MediaMarkt store in Spain opened in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid in 1999. As of November 3, 2020, MediaMarkt has 89 physical stores in Spain and 1 online store in Spain. With more than 6,500 employees, MediaMarkt is the third national market in terms of turnover after Germany and Italy.

On January 13, 2021, MediaMarkt announced the purchase of 17 Worten stores in Spain to retain workers and replace positions. Media Markt quickly became an expert in its commitment to technology. We surprise everyone with the best varieties, the best brands and the best prices.

He also revolutionized the market with groundbreaking information: I’m not stupid. In addition to bringing Black Friday and creating their own online store, they were also pioneers in creating a VAT-free day. At MediaMarkt, we are aware that each step we take must go hand in hand with a serious and responsible commitment to all participants in society.

To fulfill this commitment, we reaffirm that we abide by the “United Nations Global Compact”, thus complying with the ten basic principles of respect for human rights, improvement of the environment and fight against corruption proposed in the United Nations Declaration . These principles are integrated into our strategy, business culture and daily work.

What is the Media Markt Card?

It is a big advantage Apply for Media Markt Card Club de Caixabank Consumer Finance is a credit card, that is, a payment method that you can use to postpone the purchase of goods in exchange for the interest paid by the entity. It can be said that it is a fundamental card for all MediaMarkt customers.

This credit card issued by Caixabank Consumer Finance does not require commissions, nor does it issue commissions when renewing the card. It is not even necessary to change banks: you can link any account you already have with the entity to make payments there. With the MediaMarkt Club card, you can use several payment methods:

  • Payment at the end of the month. This payment method is interest-free, which means you only need to pay the entire month at once.
  • In fixed installments, that is, you will pay the same amount every month until you pay the debt. These payments are subject to an interest of 17.95%.
  • Special financing: within the payment method at the end of the month, you can postpone purchases of more than 30 euros to three, six, ten or twelve months. Of course, in return, you will have to pay 14.95% interest.

The MediaMarkt Club card has several advantages: First, through the MediaMarkt Club application, you can activate the gift certificates provided by the corporate group on a specific date. In addition, you will also be covered by Caicabank’s free travel accident insurance, which includes accidental death, partial and total permanent disability and a refund guarantee for purchases paid by card.

Documents for the Application

For Apply for Media Markt Card Club de Caixabank Consumer Finance and enjoy all the advantages of the purchase, you must meet these requirements. Whether you are a CaixaBank customer or not, the requirements are set out below:

If you are a customer of another bank:

  1. You must show your DNI or NIE.
  2. In addition, you must present a bank receipt with your account number, and it will appear as the holder.
  3. And provide copies of payroll income, pension income, etc.

If you are a CaixaBank customer:

  1. You only need to attach DNI or NIE.
  2. And add your account number or CaixaBank card number.

After meeting all the requirements, you must accept the following simple conditions to use your card: One of the conditions is that to use the card you must refund 3% of the total monthly cost, a small part of the purchase or 20 euros. And this rate always exceeds 20 euros.

With a card you can enjoy financing of 30 Euros per month (maximum limit). Although the financing will vary according to the amount of the split. Another option is to pay a fixed monthly fee of 20 euros as long as the amount of purchases with pocket money is between 50 euros or 675 euros. Although the cost can vary, it always starts at 20 euros. Of course, you must comply with the conditions shown in the contract.

How to make the request?

If the many advantages of the MediaMarkt card have caught your attention then surely you want to know what the application process is like to have it in your hands. For Apply for Media Markt Card, It can be done online or in person:

Online way

The first way to apply for the MediaMarkt card is through the CaixaBank official website. Once the home page is loaded, you will have to go to the section to fill out a form that is divided into three parts.

The data that you have to enter is super simple, such as your name, surname, DNI or NIE number, sex, marital status, address and others that are quite simple. Once finished, you just have to wait for your card to arrive

Face-to-face way

You can also order the MediaMarkt card at a store. In customer service you will be presented with a form which you have to fill out and once there you have to wait for your application process to be approved by the company.

How do I activate my MediaMarkt Card?

The process to activate the MediaMarkt card It is very simple, the card will be activated in your first purchase that you make by entering the PIN that you received by SMS. However, you can activate your MediaMarkt Club Card:

  • Through the MediaMarkt Club App.
  • At any CaixaBank ATM.
  • Calling 902 100 606 from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm.

Steps to obtain the PIN

You will receive your PIN via SMS within a maximum period of 7 days from the signing of the contract. If more than 7 days have passed and you still have not received your PIN, you can request it through the MediaMarkt Club App or by calling 902 100 606 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm.

Where to check the balance and movements of the card?

You can check all your money input and output movements. It can be said that several options have been created. Because, customer feedback is of great importance to Media Markt. In the same way, here you will specify all the options related to your movements of agreements to the characteristics and advantages that the company offers you. The following are:

  • You will be able to enter the official website of Caixa Bank, which is found in the previous section.
  • There you will have to enter with your respective username and the password that you have created.
  • You can enter the Media markt App in the Media Markt Club Card section.
  • Finally, you can make the movements through the Caixa Bank ATMs.


After Apply for Media Markt Card you can see all the benefits offered with the Media Markt Club Card. It is a fundamental requirement for you to know all the details of it. Since, they have been improved according to the opinions of the clients that are part of it. In such a way you can have a clearer decision to request it. Here are the most important advantages:

  • In an unlimited way you will not be able pay for maintenance services.
  • Like the issuance costs.
  • You can individually choose how you can pay your fees.
  • You can enjoy travel insurance totally free when you request it.
  • You can also enjoy insurance in case you are unemployed.
  • With the credit card you can buy in any physical store or online.
  • With the fact of acquiring one you will enjoy gifts, discounts and promotions.

After the main aspects and characteristics of the Media Markt card have been presented, we can determine that it is a very important card, especially if you usually buy in their stores or to finance purchases of devices or technologies that are generally products that tend to be expensive .

Thanks for reading our article!

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