Apply for Mercadona Card: What it is, Documents, How to Apply, Advantages, Conditions and MORE

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For all the people who want to usually buy their things in this supermarket, it is a great advantage Apply for Mercadona Card. This is due to the series of benefits obtained by having this type of card. One of its great advantages is the convenience that you have with the payment, because it can be done on a monthly or daily basis, as you prefer.

Mercadona makes this card available since it is one of the largest companies and supermarket chain in all of Spain, being one of the companies with the most offices in the entire Spanish territory. If you want to know how to get your card Keep reading!

What is Mercadona?

Mercadona supermarkets, located in the municipality of Tabernes Blanques and originating in Puebla de Farnals, both from Valencia. They have a sales room with an average area of ​​1,300 square meters, responding to a local urban business model.

They maintain an assortment of grocery stores, drugstores, perfumery and accessories, characterized by the enhancement of the presence of their private labels. and reduce the offer of those external brands that do not maintain a minimum turnover.

Mercadona is a 100% Spanish and family-owned supermarket company whose objective is to satisfy the needs of its customers in the areas of food, personal hygiene, and home and pet care. Its executive president is Juan Roig.

The company is present in 48 provinces of 17 autonomous communities with a total of 1,509 neighborhood supermarkets that represent a market share of 14.1% of the total food area in Spain and contribute to the dynamism of the commercial environment in which it’s found.

In order to carry out its daily activity and satisfy the 4.8 million families who make their daily purchases at Mercadona, the company currently has a workforce of 74,000 workers, all with stable and quality jobs, who develop their careers professional in the company.

In 2019, it began its international expansion with the opening of its first store in Portugal. The following year ten more will open and in the next few years it plans to reach 150 supermarkets in neighboring Iberia. The food company allocated 160 million euros between 2016 and 2018 to its internationalization process and it is expected to invest an additional 100 million in 2021.

What is the Mercadona Card?

Before Apply for Mercadona Card, you should know the purpose of this card and its components. It is based on a tool that the Mercadona company makes available to anyone who wants to use this card for its benefits.

One of the advantages is that they are available on the Google Play Store platform to download this application on computers. It is also available in a store for iOS devices and therefore can be purchased without complications.

It is characterized by its versatility, since it offers the possibility of asking different questions about each account movement, therefore, other types of services are also offered. If you request this card from the company, you must follow the procedure described in the previous section.

This procedure depends on the data of the person who submitted the application, since it must guarantee its stability in your financial account. If the person has an account at Banco Mercadona, the process is much simpler so that the card can be obtained more quickly. The speed of the processing process is increased by storing the printed application in the corresponding mailbox.

One of the advantages is that the insurance associated with the card can be offered. The card can be used to make the corresponding payments and payments that may occur under any circumstance. In the event that you are employed by an unauthorized person, there is insurance in which the company can assume responsibility for the matter.

However, this cannot happen forever. When the company reports that the card was lost, it will act on that account for a period of time and then cancel it. You have the option of obtaining a Mercadona credit and debit card depending on the customer’s needs.

Documents for the Application

For Apply for Mercadona Card It is important that a series of requirements are met to comply with the process in an adequate way. It is known that this procedure does not require a lot of paperwork, since if the whole process is not complicated.

This operation to request the mercadona card is simple, it is only important to comply with what the bank requests. That is why the following are the requirements that are requested in this process to request the card:

  • One of the requirements or conditions to obtain this card is that the applicant is of legal age, that is to say that he or she is at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a bank account in which the applicant is the owner
  • You must also have the DNI, that is, with the valid identity document
  • Likewise, the email must be delivered where the bank can establish communication with the applicant.

Conditions that must be met

As with any other debit, credit or point card, the Mercadona payment tool worked with a series of characteristics and conditions. These were stipulated by agreement between the supermarket company and the issuing bank, the customer could know them at the time of requesting the card.

It goes without saying that the client was subject to these requirements in order to continue enjoying the benefits provided by the tool. Some conditions govern the amount of daily payments, fees and commissions for non-payment that the company and the bank received. The terms were as follows:

  • The issued tool was personal and non-transferable, although the holder could register different beneficiaries for the use of the card.
  • It worked by making a daily payment with all the charges for purchases made on the day.
  • Another alternative was the monthly payment that was deducted from the card on the first day of each month for purchases made in the month.
  • Regarding commissions, the rate was 2.1% for an unpaid installment in the month, and this commission would be added until the debt was paid.
  • The card issuing bank obtained a 3% commission on unpaid installments, which meant a minimum of 12 Euros.
  • The duration of the contract for the Mercadona payment tool was indefinite, although the holder could terminate it and return the card, if it was paid.

How to obtain the Mercadona Card?

The Mercadona company puts at your disposal several ways through which it can be done to Apply for Mercadona Card. We will explain below how the steps should be carried out and also, we will show you what are the options you have on hand to request it.

Mercadona establishments

In this case it is a fairly simple method to Apply for Mercadona Card. Since you will only have to wait for the moment to cancel a purchase, and ask the worker to provide you with the application form in order to have this document in your hands.

Later, once you fill out the form, you must deposit it in one of the mailboxes, in order to make the whole process much more streamlined. Take this step into account to have your mercadona card faster.

Via website

Online tools make this process easy too so we recommend the website to request the card. Once you enter the entity’s website, you will click on the button called “request it”. There you will be automatically redirected to the section of the page where you will carry out the application process.

When you get to this section, you will be asked for personal data such as your DNI or NIE number, also for an email through which the company can have contact with you. And then you will only have to send the data so that it can be processed.

Advantages offered by the Mercadona Card

Although the Mercadona payment tool does not offer extra features such as offers or discounts, it does have its advantages. Among them can be mentioned, mainly, the ease of adapting to the way of acquiring products from different clients, with daily or monthly payments.

On the other hand, another advantage is the ease of requesting and managing the card, with minimum requirements and totally free. Also, the fact that it could be used by the owner and his registered beneficiaries is an excellent feature.

Also, the card works as a means to better organize money expenses by having an exclusive payment tool for household purchases. This way of centralizing consumption allowed many to better control their money and could opt for a short-term credit without commissions.

In addition to this, the possibility of making inquiries and invoices online are more than enough advantages for the thousands of clients who request it. Other similar cards do have benefits and extra features for their acquisition, such as discounts, bonuses and periodic offers to buy the financed products, with or without commissions.

Get benefits when you get this card!

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