Apply for Muface Card: What is it, Requirements, How to Apply, Beneficiaries and MORE

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Apply for Muface Card It is a very simple and fast process for all Spaniards who wish to obtain this card. It is issued by The General Mutual Fund for Civil Servants of Spain, better known as “Muface”. It is carried out to belong to the regime of Social Security offered by this autonomous body.

To apply for the Muface Card, you must become a member of this organization. In addition, there is a great list of benefits that accompany those who are part of this group of affiliates. If you want to get it keep reading!

What is Muface?

The General Mutual Fund for Civil Servants of the State (MUFACE) is an autonomous body of the General Administration of the State of Spain, linked to the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, which manages the social benefits of employees at the service of the State in Spain.

These include health, retirement, alimony, etc. It is, therefore, a special regime, of a reciprocal nature and different from the General Social Security System of Spain, to which the majority of citizens are affiliated. MUFACE manages a series of benefits for the protection of its group, made up of approximately 1,500,000 people.

For this, it has a considerable budget of around 1. 750 million euros (2018) and above all an average workforce of 850 employees who work with an exceptional vocation for public service, qualification and sensitivity to solve problems of our mutuals.

In addition, MUFACE integrates the administration of the pension plan of the General State Administration with an approximate net worth of 640 million euros and more than 640,000 participants and beneficiaries.

This makes MUFACE the largest pension plan in Europe in terms of number of participants. MUFACE works by and for society. The activity we develop focuses on the needs of our mutuals and their families.

The bases for its creation were established in Law 109/1963, of July 20, on public employees of the State, and in Decree 315/1964, of February 7, and, above all, in Law 29/1975, of June 27, of Social Security of the public employees of the State and Decree 843/1976, of March 18, by which the General Regulation of Administrative Mutualism is approved.

What is the Muface Card?

Muface Spain also has a membership card available that you must process. As its name indicates, it is an affiliation document issued by MUFACE, through which the condition of affiliation to the Administrative Mutualism Regime is recognized and accredited.

You should know that it is issued only by Muface for the recognition of the beneficiary status of a holder attached to the Mutual Administrative Regime. It will only be valid if it is accompanied by the holder’s document (in practice it is collected on the back of the previous one).

Before Apply for Muface Card It should be noted that this membership card must be distinguished from the individual health card and even from the European health card. With this card, you can obtain a series of benefits that are considered important at the health and sanitary level. Some of them are:

Health in Spain: MUFACE is in charge of taking care of the health of its mutualists and beneficiaries. When you register as a mutual member, you must choose whether you prefer the service to be provided by the public health system or by one of the collaborating private entities. In 2015, of the total number of national insured, 81.8% had chosen one of the four concerted private entities and 18.92% the public health system.

Medical assistance abroad: In the case of being abroad, health care is contracted through a private entity, currently the DKV insurance company. As it is not part of the Social Security, you are not entitled to the European Health Card.

Pharmaceutical benefits: MUFACE takes care of medications that are needed while you are hospitalized or that are received at health centers. Likewise, it is the person who issues the prescriptions for the purchase of the medications that he or she needs. These incomes will be different from those of Social Security.

Who is the Muface Card for?

To Apply for Muface Card You must know who are all those who can have and request said Card. In this way, you get all the benefits that Muface offers to all its members. These benefits are explained above. The card is divided into:

  • Mandatory: they are career employees and scholarship holders of the State Civil Administration. It is from the inauguration of the place or from the beginning of the practices, assigning an affiliation number different from that of the Social Security, if it already exists.

It will continue to be reciprocal even if it is in a situation of special services, services in other Public Administrations, destination permits, forced permits, family care permits, suspension of functions. It will also continue as a common member when the employee retires. It will cease to be reciprocal if you take voluntary leave or cease to be an employee.

  • On a voluntary basis: those who are excluded from the mandatory mutuality, but choose to continue contributing by paying the contributions themselves. It is a situation similar to the special agreement with social security that employees can stipulate.
  • Beneficiaries: your spouse, descendants, ancestors and siblings can be beneficiaries of a mutual, just as you can be a beneficiary of Social Security. There are some requirements to be a beneficiary that can be found in the next section of the article.

Employees of other public, military, judicial, social security or university administrations will not participate. Officials of the autonomous communities and local authorities, such as town halls, are generally included in social security.

Necessary Requirements for Membership

The requirements that must be met in order to Apply for Muface Card are explained below. Despite not being so many requirements, each of them are considered mandatory. If some of these requirements are missing, Muface will not be able to process your application for the card. The requirements are:

  1. Live with the right holder and at his expense.
  2. Not receiving income from income derived from work, including those of a benefit nature, and / or movable and real estate capital, greater than twice the public indicator of multiple effects income (IPREM).
  3. Not be protected, by a different title, through any of the Regimes that make up the Spanish Social Security system, with an extension and contents similar to those established in the General Regime.

How to make the affiliation?

All these procedures to Apply for Muface Card They have a period of one month for resolution and the effects of administrative silence are positive. It can be done in two ways, both online or in person. They are explained below:

Electronic office

The modification of basic data and some other processes can be carried out through the Electronic Office 24 hours a day, every day of the year, without having to travel. The services that are currently available through the electronic office are:

  • The updating of data (postal address, telephone and email), including the contribution of the DNI of the beneficiaries when they turn 14 years old.
  • The registration of beneficiaries.
  • The withdrawal of the beneficiaries, as well as their subsequent reactivation.
  • The change of health entity.
  • Applications for the issuance of the certificate and membership card.
  • For this, you must enter the website of “Muface Electronic Headquarters”.

You must have an electronic DNI, electronic Certificate, Permanent Code or PIN Code. Clave will allow you to access certain benefits and many other public administration services without the need for a card or added software, and you can register in person or online. If you want to register in Clave.

Postal mail or common electronic record, other records.

The following processes must be carried out through the postal delivery of the corresponding application form to the corresponding MUFACE office or through the Common Electronic Registry, These are considered extremely simple and fast:

  • Affiliation, registration, cancellation or variation of address data (if it is a change of province) and a change in the administrative situation of the mutual member.
  • Registration of a member in the exercise of the right of option.


Family members or assimilated dependents of an enrolled member named below may be included as beneficiaries of Administrative Mutualism: the spouse of the mutual, as well as the person who resides with the member in an affective relationship analogous to that of the spouse.

The descendants and children, natural or adopted, of both spouses or of either of them. Like the children of the person who lives with the mutual in an affective relationship analogous to that of the spouse. So that the children of the spouse or legal partner become beneficiaries. These must, in turn, maintain the status of beneficiaries of the mutual investment.

Likewise, children and descendants are considered to be assimilated to minors with custody and legal guardianship by the mutualist, their spouse or their partner. Provided that these last two assumptions in turn hold the status of beneficiaries of the mutual.

Also, all the mutualist’s brothers and sisters benefit from this card. In the same way, the ascendants, whatever their legal status, and even adoptive ones. And, of the reciprocal member and his spouse, and the spouses by subsequent nuptials of said ascendants.

Your profits keep increasing!

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