Apply for Mugi Card: What is it, Types, How to Get the Card and MORE

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First of all, for Apply for Mugi Card It is essential that you comply with each of the requirements. In this way, you can guarantee a successful completion of the process. Likewise, this benefit will help you improve your transfers in case you need to access public transport.

Thus, it must be said that each of these benefits will allow you to obtain better discounts on buses and railways. With which, if you are interested in obtaining this card, you have reached the indicated portal. Therefore, below we will mention you how you should carry out the procedure, requirements and more.

What is Mugi?

First of all, it must be said that Mugi It is a unified rate system established by the Gipuzkoa Territorial Transport Authority (GGLA-ATTG). Which allows the use of the main transport vehicles in Gipuzkowa to travel with a single support.

Also, the Mugi system It brings enormous advantages to people who frequently use Gipuzkoan public transport. It is based on payment support and public zoning. This ensures that we have the same cost of the trip with different shipping methods, using discounts, group transfers and rewards.

Similarly, the Mugi system provides the following benefits to all regular users of public transport:
  • Common form of payment: a card suitable for everybody means of transportation
  • General price and zoning: the cost of the trip of the different methods of transport is the same
  • But the flat rate for the trip varies by region
  • Use discounts: how much plus use public transport, the cheaper the trip will be
  • Transfers under favorable conditions: transfers are free during trips with the same operating company
  • Discounts are also available when changing operators
  • Reward card: required certain terms

Benefits of Applying for Mugi Card

That is why, in this sense, it is important to widely highlight each of the benefits mentioned above when Apply for Mugi Card. Thus, the system provides universal payment support for all transport, which means that you can travel on almost all public transport in Gipuzkoa with a single card.

Thus, it is an evolution of the Lurraldebus card, and both offer the same benefits, so it can be used equally on different public transport. Likewise, the Mugi card personalized It is a unipersonal and non-transferable card. Which offers significant discounts (48%, 58% or 90%), from the first moment of use.

Too, Mugi system it is based on offering common rates. This rate system is based on a common zoning. Therefore, common pricing allows the same journey with different means of transport (bus, train, etc.). In other words, the journey from A to B by train or bus costs the same.

Thus, the zoning It is a system that admits the rates applied in Mugi in which currently 15 areas are distinguished. Therefore, as long as the mode of transport is not changed, up to 6 regional changes can be made per trip. Each change has a certain number, and the price of the route will increase as we increase the number of regional changes.

Similarly, the objective of the Mugi system is to reward those who use public transport the most, therefore, the more you travel, the greater the discount. Three parts of use have been established and the corresponding discounts have been provided:

  • 1 – 20 trips: discount of 48% regarding the occasional ticket
  • 21 – 50 trips: discount from 58% regarding the occasional ticket
  • 51 or more: discount from 90% Regarding the occasional ticket (the young group will travel for free on this section)

Finally, it offers 2 types of transshipment: the same operator and between different operators. Also, The Mugi system will give you rewards in advance, that is, when loading; and said bonus needs to charge a percentage extra for the recharge. However, you need to meet some requirements.

What is the Mugi Card?

First of all, it must be said that the Mugi card it is unique, personal and non-transferable. With which, the person who owns the card will be responsible for the custody and conservation, and for others to falsify their card. As long as the card no is reported or misplaced.

Likewise, if the GGLA-ATTG detects fraudulent use of the card by its holder, it will proceed to cancel it and impose a penalty of € 20. Without whose payment no the new card will be delivered to the GGLA-ATTG User Service Center.

Finally, it must be said that the Mugi System is operational in most of the public transport in Gipuzkoa.
  • Buses Lurraldebus
  • Urban buses
  • Railways Euskotren (can be used throughout the Hendaia-Bilbao line, but MUGI rates will only be applied on the Hendaia-Berriz section)
  • Renfe Cercanías (can be used between Irun and Brinkola)

Requirements and Necessary Documentation for the Card Application

  • Correctly completed form
  • Passport photo (only the 1st request)
  • Photocopy of DNI, passport or NIE
In the case of a minor, a photocopy of the minor’s DNI (if any) or a photocopy of the family book (on the page that contains the minor’s data) and a photocopy of the DNI, passport or NIE of the guardian.

  • Also, it is necessary that you meet requirements such as those that we will mention below
  • Registration will be verified in Gipuzkoa
  • Those who register with their passport number in any city of Guipúzcoa must provide the original registration certificate
  • The income level will be verified by the Provincial Finance Department
  • If the IPREM * exceeds 2.5 times, no the return card will be obtained / renewed
  • For those applications for social or large family cards, the specific documents will be required

How to get the card?

Now, to Request Mugi Card you need to do the following:
  • Enter the official web portal of Mugi
  • Click on the option My card located at the top right of the home screen
  • Then, click on the option Card Application at the top right of the screen
  • Choose the option that suits you best
  • Read the instructions suggested by the entity and press the option Next
  • Choose your reason for request and click Next
  • Select the type of card you want and click Next
  • Enter each of your personal data
  • Finally, you will be able to continue accepting the terms of the entity and thus your application process will culminate

Card Types

In this sense, both the Lurraldebus card and the Mugi card have been integrated into the system. Both have the same benefits, so people with a Lurraldebus card no They need to change her to Mugi. That is why the Mugi system offers three types of cards that we will mention below:


  • Use your photos and data personal to identify the same owner
  • It allows users to benefit from all the advantage of the Mugi system
  • It only allows the check of the owner’s itinerary


It is a card without ownership or non-personal identity, suitable for user groups (schools, companies, etc.), it can enjoy 32% of discount, being able to be used by several people at the same time (multiple verification)

Also, the card costs 5 euros and you can use 12 months after the last recharge. Then, 12 months after the last recharge, although the outstanding balance will not be lost, it will be deactivated. The card is reactivated by carrying out a new recharge, which also restores the balance.

Finally, you can buy it directly in certain institutions (bookstores, kiosks, tobacco companies, etc.) without provide photographs or documents. Regarding transmission, the anonymous card allows up to 31 between Dbus-Dbus and up to 9 on the remaining buses. No It is allowed to register in the MUGI system (network).


  • They are cards personalized that prove belonging to the cardholder’s group
  • Use photos and data personal to identify who it belongs to
  • It only allows the check of the owner’s itinerary
  • Has a specific charge reward

How does it work?

Now to Apply for Mugi Card, the system will give you rewards in advance, that is, when loading; and said bonus needs to charge an extra percentage for the recharge.

First, in intercity services (Lurraldebus and long distance), it must be verified when getting on and off the bus. When boarding the bus, you must bring the card to the ticket validator at the automatic ticket vending machine, or to the one behind the driver. Before falling, the card must be returned to the authenticator at the exit.

Also, in urban services (urban areas of Donostia, Irun, Errenteria, Eibar, Zarautz, Arrasate, Hernani, Lasarte-Oria and Oiartzun), it is only validated when boarding the bus. Likewise, in the operations to be carried out by the driver, no the card must be validated when getting off the bus

Similarly, in the railway service of Euskotren Verification must be carried out at the entrance and exit of the station and the station. Otherwise, a fine of 3.87 euros will be imposed. Finally, in the railway services of Renfe Cercanías, it must be validated both when entering and leaving the stations and stops.

We hope you can Apply for Mugi Card successfully!

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