Apply for Pensioner Card: What it is, Application Documents, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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All those people who have the status of “Pensioner” in Spain, will have to Request a Pensioner Card. This condition is for all people who receive financial aid or a pension, for any reason on the part of the National Institute of Social Security or INSS.

This is an important benefit for all those people who can no longer get a job that allows them to generate income to be able to pay for themselves on a monthly basis. If you want to know how to get this card Keep reading!

What is the Pensioner Card?

When asked where to apply for a retiree card, it is common for the term retiree to be confused with retiree and this is a big mistake. While it is true that many retirees are also retired and 65 years or olderBut not all retirees fit this profile. There are even those who collect two pensions at the same time and may not meet the requirement.

The first thing is who the retirees are and therefore they can demonstrate this condition with a retiree card or certificate and benefit from certain advantages. Retirement status in Spain is held by those who receive financial assistance or a pension for any of the causes provided by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

Retirees receive one of the two types of pensions provided by national contributory and non-contributory legislation with the different subtypes that exist in each of them. All of these people are retired and can legally prove this condition. Although there is no pension card in the national context, social security guarantees this condition with an official certificate.

Beneficiaries of contributory pensions

Three different causes entitle you to retire: retirement, permanent disability, and death. According to this classification, they are retirees: elderly people who have retired from the world of work, but also widows or orphans, for example.

Non-contributory pension beneficiaries

There are differences between those granted for disability and those granted for retirement.

Documents to Make the Request

At the time of Request a Pensioner Card It should be known that meeting the necessary requirements so that the INSS can process the request. All Spaniards who can apply for the retirement procedure must be retired for three fundamental reasons:

  • Retirement.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Death (widowers and orphans are the most frequent examples).

When requesting their status as a pensioner, any person who wishes to Request a Pensioner Card You will need to present a series of documents. These are mandatory documents for the entire process at INSS. The documents are as follows:

  • In any case, you must present an identification document: DNI or passport.
  • If you are under 65, you must also provide proof that you are retired.
  • If you need someone else to apply for your card, your spouse or partner can do so. If so, the following documents must be attached:
  • Family book or inscription in the wedding book.
  • Your photocopied identification.

How to get the card?

These next steps are used to Request a Pensioner Card. They will not give you a card or card, but a receipt or certificate with which you can prove that you are retired to access certain discounts and services:

Ordinary mail

  1. You can send the required documents to the nearest office of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).
  2. When requesting your status as a pensioner, you must provide a series of documents: In all cases, you must present an identity document: DNI or passport.
  3. If you are under 65, you must also provide proof of your pensioner status.
  4. If you need someone else to apply for your card, your spouse or partner can do so. If so, you must attach the following documents: Family book or registration in the domestic partnership registry.
  5. Your photocopied identification.
  6. Approved Pension and Copyright Compatibility: What About Other Pensioners?

In person for Pensioner Card

You must physically go to the social security office (list of social security offices). If you want to speed up the process, you can request an appointment via the Internet in a very simple way, without having a digital certificate or being registered in Clave by following the following steps:

  1. Enter the official headquarters of the Social Security.
  2. Then you should look at the section where it says “Make an appointment for pensions and other benefits.”
  3. Select the “No Certificate” option.
  4. Fill in your personal information in the form that will appear.
  5. Click “Finish” and write down the assigned date and time.

Once you have formally submitted your application through one of the two aforementioned channels, you can contact the INSS by phone at 901166565 for information on the status of the process. There is a maximum period of 10 days to check if you meet the conditions and request documents if necessary for the issuance of the certificate that accredits you as a retiree.

Telematics for Pensioner Card

Since January 2020, after the renewal of the website of the Social Security electronic headquarters, a new service has been launched to obtain an integrated service report. Which is considered a great advantage for pensioners.

This service allows you to have, in a single document, reports on the pensions received (summary, detailed amount, without amounts, personal income tax and revaluation) or, where appropriate, that of retirement pensions. Or suspended, the negative report of pensioner. or for the beneficiary of the deductions.

The comprehensive pension report is aimed at people who receive a benefit from the social security system or from an entity external to the system but included in the registry of public social benefits, as well as people who do not receive a social security pension or entity outside the system.

Thanks to the report, the following reports can be obtained in a single document, depending on the information of the interested parties: the summary report of services, the distribution of services or services without amounts. But it also includes the IRPF report.

The pension reevaluation report and the report of suspended pensions or retirements, the negative pension report or the beneficiary withholding report. Once downloaded, you can save or print any or all of the reports you need.


Discounts in leisure and entertainment for the elderly have reached every imaginable sector. As stated in Retirement and Pension, Mapfre channel, you should not only have specific activities for the elderly that are carried out in municipal or elderly centers.

In addition, also in public establishments such as gyms or leisure and entertainment centers, they schedule specific activities for this group and design economic offers exclusively aimed at those who have already turned 65 or even 60.

Just as there are special packages to enjoy the cinema or other recreational activities with the family and children, it is usual that there are also special rates for the elderly in countless places: dFrom museums to theme parks to swimming pools or theater.

Information on discounts on activities for the elderly is available on their websites or at their own ticket offices. It is usually only necessary to prove the age through the national identity document to enjoy these reduced rates.

With the pensioner accreditation, the discounts in the price of the theater, cinema or museums usually oscillate between 10 and 50 percent, or with free admission in the case of some State-dependent museums. In addition, at this age it is easier (and cheaper) to comply with the recommendation of doctors and aging specialists to lead an active life to achieve optimal physical condition.

And, many public sports facilities include special prices for the elderly, with reductions that can be around 75 percent of the total. A great advantage for those older who play sports.

Other Cards for Pensioners or Retirees

Although Requesting a Pensioner Card is an option, There are also other cards for pensioners, in the private and municipal sphere, in which pensioners and, especially those who are retired, usually they have advantages, discounts, which are obtained when the corresponding card or card is requested.

If you are pensioners in any of its modalities, it is important that you go to the social area of ​​your city council to be able to inform about transport cards, leisure or other activities that are specially planned for your group. Most likely, in that same place they will inform you about how to get the necessary application and accreditation.

One of these cards can be found at Madrid City Hall, where the card is offered “” older people to belong to a Municipal Center of the capital and enjoy different activities.

For example, in other cards, the holders have access to special discounts on activities and reductions in the ‘sport subscription’ of municipal sports facilities. In addition, they will have discounts on a multitude of health, food or wellness services.

This card can be accessed by all over 65 years, pensioners who have more than 60 or the partners or spouses of the previous ones. Pensioners under 65 must prove their condition and their spouses the family book.

Thank you for reading!

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