Apply for Renfe Golden Card: What it is, Documents and Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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If you are interested in knowing everything you have to do to Apply for Renfe Golden Card, you should keep reading this article. We know that you will be interested to know what a discount card is for people over 60 years, pensioners, disabled and retired military personnel.

With this card you will get benefits that you cannot even imagine. Don’t wait any longer to get your card and discover everything you can get!

We invite you not to stop reading!

What is Renfe?

We want you to have the best options. That is why we tell you that the National Network of Spanish Railways, which you will know by its acronym Renfe, is a Spanish state company that operated the Iberian gauge national railway network between 1941 and 2005. And that on December 31, 2004 was divided into two new entities:

  • Adif, which is in charge of the Spanish railway infrastructures, and
  • Renfe that operates the publicly owned railways.

It is important that you know that is a global transport operator that offers services for travelers and goods under the principle of security. You must be aware that it is handled with criteria of quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation. And full vocation of public service to satisfy your mobility needs.

For you to evaluate that they take a great effort, they want to become the first company in Sustainable Transport and they offer you two important possibilities for this:

  • A Transport Decarbonization locomotive, with which they claim to have reduced the footprint by 88%.
  • To be the first final consumer of renewable electric energy in Spain, with one hundred percent electric traction energy.
  • They are managed by 5,200 drivers who guarantee efficient driving to contribute to a consumption saving of 30%.

Too They offer you the Renfe Loyalty Program, so that you become a frequent customer. This way they will reward your loyalty and improve your travel experience, before, during and after it. Imagine that you can get trips when you accumulate Renfe Points and also exchange them for services of your partner companies.

What is the Renfe Golden Card?

You need to know what the Card Renfe Dorada. It is a discount card with which you will receive between 25% and 40%. Above all, if you meet any of these characteristics:

  • That you are over 60 years old (being retired or not),
  • If you are a pensioner over 18 years of age in a situation of total, absolute or severe permanent disability.
  • If you are a retired military man in a situation of permanent disability and people with a minimum disability of 33%.

So you can use it, just you need to add it during a purchase process or simply to your account Trainline.

NOTE: The discount they give you will be applied immediately before you pay for your train tickets.

In the same way, you need to know that the Gold Card is valid for one year if you get it through Renfe. If you have it associated with a credit or debit card, the duration may be longer. For this reason, we recommend that you contact your bank to find out about the validity period that your entity offers you.

Keep in mind that you can buy what you need and you will also be able to return your expense with flexibility. Note that you will get the payment method you want and you will be able to change it at any time. Here we show you the payment methods you have:

  • Total payment with which you can cancel the monthly expense of your credit card on the 21st of the same month or the 5th of the following month.
  • Revolving deferred payment in which you will have the possibility of paying a fixed amount or a percentage of your spending on the 21st of each month, both with interest. You can also do it on the 5th of the following month, keeping in mind that you will have to bear interest for the receipt until the payment date.

Before concluding this part, we want to leave you some information on how this card works that will help you to book your trip, either by entering its page, attending a ticket office, a travel agency, among other places. In addition, You will be able to obtain Renfe Points in the collaborating companies and as long as you use the American Express Renfe Card.

For you to use this card you must:

  • Know the Renfe Points that you have accumulated before you make a purchase. These points will be recorded in your account once you have made the trip.
  • Redeem your Renfe Points for train tickets and for the products and services of our associated companies. So you can travel for free.
  • Become a holder of a + Renfe card of different levels: + Renfe, + Renfe Plata, + Renfe Oro or + Renfe Premium. You will always depend on the trips you accumulate.
  • Always strive to improve your travel experience with exclusive services such as access to club rooms, parking free, priority access, exclusive discounts, upgrades to Preferred class, etc.
  • Finally, if you wish, you can sign up for free.

Documents and Requirements for the Application

In order for you to obtain your Renfe Golden Card, you must meet certain requirements and required documentation:

  • You must be over 60 years old.
  • Have your ID, NIE or Passport.
  • If you are a pensioner over 18 years old, you must have:
  • A document proving your status as a pensioner for Permanent, Total, Absolute or Great Disability physical or mental disability.
  • To be a Person with Disability greater than 65%, you must have:
  • A certificate, Disability Card or supporting document issued by an official body.

How to make the request?

If you wish then Apply for Renfe Golden Card We tell you that you can only obtain it in person at train stations, sales offices and authorized travel agencies. Also, it is possible that you acquire it through your credit or debit card if you have a bank account with one of the banks associated with the Gold Card.

You must go to the ticket offices of the Renfe stations, to the Ceuta Sales Office or to the Face-to-Face Travel Agencies. Similarly, we advise you to locate the banking entities that offer the Renfe gold debit or credit card. Note that the cost of the gold card is 6 euros.

If you already have it, we want to tell you that in case it is stolen, lost or damaged, you can get a duplicate of your Gold Card. Of course, this is possible only if you obtained it or registered it at the ticket office of a train station with a reservation sales system.

Who can Apply for the Card?

It is important that you know that this golden card is intended for a particular audience that will be the ones who will be able to obtain it:

  • People over 60 years.
  • Pensioners over 18 years of age in a situation of Total, Absolute or Great Disability permanent physical or mental disability.
  • Pensioners over 18 years of age and military retirees in a situation of Permanent Disability.
  • People with a disability equal to or greater than 33%.
IMPORTANT: If you are a person with a disability of at least 65% and you have a Gold Card, you will be able to travel with a companion who will receive the same economic benefits when buying your ticket.


As we are sure you will want Apply for Renfe Golden Card, we are going to leave you the benefits that you can enjoy with this card. The first thing is that you will receive discounts of between 25% and 50% on your Renfe train tickets on every purchase you make with Trainline.

As a cardholder, You can also bring a companion with a 65% disability who has the Golden Card to enjoy the same economic conditions as you.

You will achieve the following savings percentages:

  • Up to 40% discount on AVE and Long Distance, Avant, Conventional Medium Distance and Cercanías.
  • Up to 50% discount on Feve.

Buy Renfe ticket with the Gold Card

When you buy your train ticket, either through the website or the Renfe app, you can add the number of your Golden Card during the purchase process so that the discounts are applied automatically to the ticket price. In addition, you will feel more protected on your travels, because you will have accident insurance of up to € 310,000 and you will have at your disposal more than 6,000 ATMs in all Spain.

Banking entities associated with the Renfe Golden Card

Likewise, you will have different possibilities to get your Gold Card through numerous Spanish banking entities or convert your credit or debit card into a Gold Card.

Here we list you some of the banking entities associated with the Gold Card:

  • BBVA
  • Caixa
  • Santander Bank
  • Bankia
  • Ibercaja

To conclude, we leave you some additional benefits that the Gold Card will offer you:

  • You will have the advantage of configuring the limits of use of your card and thus obtain greater control of your expenses. You can decide the maximum amount of cash to withdraw each day from an ATM or the amount you want to spend on your purchases in physical stores or the internet.
  • You will receive instant notifications every time you pay with your Renfe Golden Card or withdraw cash from an ATM. This way you will directly review your daily expenses and you can make sure that you are the one who uses the card.
  • You can turn off or turn on the Renfe Golden Card whenever you want. If you need it, you can temporarily block your card, or cancel it completely.
  • You will have security at the ATMs. In the event of a robbery at an ATM, the Renfe Gold Card insurance will cover you with compensation of up to € 600 per event, with a maximum of € 1,200 per card and year.

We are sure that you will get your Renfe Golden Card!

Go ahead and follow our recommendations!

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