Apply for Solred Card: What is it, Types, Documentation, How to Apply, Advantages and MORE

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Apply for the Solred card It is of great interest to Spanish citizens, since it works as a payment method by the Repsol company. In fact, it can be used to pay for lubricants and fuel. In addition to offering exclusive discounts and promotions for cardholders.

Of course, it is a document used at Repsol service stations. If you want to know more about this topic, This article is for you!, below we will mention relevant information about how apply for the Solred card, the services it offers and much more.

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What is Solred?

To get started, Solred is known as a leading company that is responsible for the management of means of payment and loyalty belonging to the Repsol Group. Which helps all professionals who seek to develop their businesses.

In this sense, Solred is a company that has more than 3 million clients, which in turn processes 300 million operations per year. This is due to business development based on advanced technology in payment systems and services.

Based on this, the incorporation of new functional operational and commercial alternatives in the market that benefit the company and its customers is allowed.

On the other hand, the card in question serves as a payment method for purchases of products such as fuel or lubricants, specifically at service stations. Repsol, Campsa and Petronor. In other words, the card is linked to the Repsol Group.

Now the Solred card It is attached to the payment method used by the Repsol company to purchase several of its products. In such a way that, with the document, you can comfortably pay for the fuel in your vehicle while accessing discounts and special benefits for it.

However, solred cards They are aimed at professionals who need to supply fuel to their car, taxi, bus or truck fleet in order to carry out their professional activity. Thanks to this, the conditions, benefits and discounts are intended more for this type of customer than for a general public.

On the other hand, you will surely be interested to know that there is not only one type of this card; but there is a great variety. Obviously, each of them has specific characteristics that define them. But don’t worry, we’ll mention that later.

Types of Solred Cards

Clearly, the Solred card is a convenient payment method that is in line with Repsol’s continuous search for innovation, security and more efficient technology. These cards are known as a useful instrument that provides maximum control in the operations carried out by the client through it.

While it is true, there are different types of Solred cards. Of course, each of them contains attractive aspects that characterize them and can be striking for users interested in obtaining it. In fact, they are so varied that you will find a wide range of benefits and opportunities.

Indeed, to acquire any of them, you will need to evaluate their characteristics and also see which one best suits your needs and consumption habits. To do this, we will now mention the types of Solred cards offered by the Repsol Group.

  1. Classic Solred.
  2. Solred Fuel Card.
  3. Solred Bonded Diesel.
  4. Solred DKV card.
  5. Solred More.
  6. Solred Taxi card.
  7. Solred More Taxi.
  8. Solred Ambulances Card.
  9. Solred Driving Schools.
  10. Solred Diplomatic card.

Now, if you don’t know which card to choose, Repsol has the solution for you. You just have to enter the following link. There you will find a questionnaire, be sure to answer the questions according to your needs. Once you have completed this process, select the option “Discover your card”. In such a way that, the website system will show the most suitable type of Solred card for you.

Classic Solred

The Solred Clásica card will allow you to make payments at Repsol service stations. as well as in tolls or even in mechanical workshops. It also saves you money by offering discounts and promotions on fuel or ITV revisions in selected workshops.

In addition to this, it is a card that will be very useful on your trips to Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Finally, you will be able to carry out all your procedures and control your movements electronically through the digital platform Direct Solred.

Solred Bonded Diesel

On the other hand, the Solred Gasoleo Bonificado card is aimed at agricultural and refrigerated trucks. Let’s say that among its main functions are: pay quickly and easily. It also allows you to save as it offers discounts and reduces the price of your bill based on your consumption.

As an accessory, you will be able to acquire detailed information on all the movements that you carry out, among them, consult the VAT, amount or quantity of fuel through the Solred Directo platform.

Documentation to Apply for Solred Card

Although it is true, you need documentation and certain necessary requirements that will allow you to obtain said card. Therefore, below you will find a list of the essential requirements for apply for the Solred Card.

  • Complete the contract to acquire the Solred cards. Within which the territory, age and other necessary fields that are required to accredit the applicant are specified.
  • Bank guarantee or guarantee. This applies only to some Solred cards.
  • The applicant is required to complete the application procedure online through the official Repsol website.

In this sense, it is important to mention that each type of card corresponds to different needs. Therefore, depending on the type of card you decide to obtain, the requirements may vary, and may even be less or more than those mentioned above.

For this reason, we recommend that before requesting the cards, you review the requirements and the corresponding documentation. In this way, you will avoid inconveniences and mistakes.

How to Apply for Solred Card?

Now, the application procedure is not complicated, it only consists of three (3) simple steps that we will mention below. You just have to pay attention and follow each one of them.

  1. First, you must fill in the “Card Use Agreement”. Which is available on the Repsol website.
  2. Then it is important to have a guarantee as it is an essential step for the application. Some of the options you have to send as a guarantee are the following: Management of a bank guarantee, a guarantee that can vary according to the requirements of each card, or management without a bank guarantee.
  3. Now, you just have to send both documents to complete the application. Make sure to send it to the email indicated on the contrary, so that Solred can issue your personal and unique card.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, you can contact the following service number: 913-387-210.

Services offered

As mentioned above, we know that the Repsol Group offers a variety of services and benefits for customers who have a Solred card. Of course, once you acquire this financial instrument, you will be able to enjoy exclusive products and services.

In addition, some of these services offer you payment facilities, discounts and mobility of your vehicle. If you want to know more about what services are available to customers, Read on and find out!

Solred works to offer its clients the best services and products. Always keeping in mind the objective of providing cardholders with the control, security and simple management of their vehicle fleet.

Below we will mention some of the services that Solred offers to its users.

Mobile Top-ups

Solred offers you the possibility of making mobile top-ups online for your customers through its terminal. It is important to mention that they are recharges that can be made on the prepaid cards of the main companies in the country: Movistar, Orange, Yoigo, among others.

Internet Payment Card

These are prepaid codes that allow you to make purchases online. That is, the customer is responsible for buying a code that he must enter to pay in the online store.

Online Promotions System

Through this application, for the Solred terminal, the client will be able to participate in raffles and will obtain discounts, promotions and gifts. Let’s say that it is a tool that facilitates the incorporation of sweepstakes and promotions of all kinds.

Advantages of Solred Cards

Regarding the advantages offered by the cards, we must be clear that they may vary depending on the type of card it is. That is, each card complies with features that are tailored to the needs of customers and also offers specific benefits.

However, there are general advantages that benefit any customer just by acquiring any of the cards offered by Solred and the Repsol Group to Spanish citizens.

For instance:

  • Discounts and advantages in other establishments attached to the Solred network.
  • Greater convenience when paying at Repsol stores.
  • Discounts, promotions and exclusive benefits at Repsol.

Thanks for reading! We hope to have provided relevant information about how apply for the Solred Card and the benefits it offers.

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