Apply for the Isfas European Health Card: What it is, Uses, How to Apply, Required Documentation and MORE

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Apply for the Isfas European Health Card It is an important procedure for any resident of any country of the European Union. In Spain, The Social Institute of the Armed Forces (ISFAS), is the one who provides this document.

Thus, with this instrument, the people belonging to the ISFAS they can apply for health benefits. This is allowed, as long as the owner moves from Spain to the euro territory for work, academic reasons, etc. If you are interested, do not hesitate to continue with us!

What is the European Health Card?

In any case, the Spanish government through the ISFA, manages Apply for the Isfas European Health Card. All this, in order to guarantee a Social Security mechanism at the health level with all its affiliates. This document enables the following:

  • Guarantee health benefits during the stay of a citizen in the territory of the Euro zone, the European economic territory and in Switzerland.
  • Its scope depends on the type of health service and the length of stay in European territory.
  • The card is governed by the laws of the country where the citizen maintains his stay.

Uses of the Isfas European Health Card

Before knowing the steps to Apply for the Isfas European Health Card, it is important that you keep in mind the use of this instrument. Remember, that this personal card is a support for the Social Security of affiliates and beneficiaries anywhere in the euro zone.

  • In any case, the health card certifies that its holder and holder has the right to receive medical attention in any country of the European Union.
  • Its use is limited to people whose temporary stay is due to academic, work, recreational or service reasons.
  • The usefulness of the instrument is conditioned by type of health benefit, the length of stay Yet the legal regulations of the country of temporary residence.
  • The card is for personal use, it cannot be given to another citizen to take advantage of medical services. In addition, family members who travel to the euro zone must manage their own card.

Remember that if you are the card holder and need to travel to a country in the European Union to undergo a medical treatment that has already been planned, the instrument cannot be used.

On the other hand, if you have to travel to a country in the euro zone and you cannot wait to receive the card, do not worry! In this sense, the ISFAS can issue a temporary accreditation for 3 months, which fulfills the same function as the card.

Beneficiaries of the Isfas European Health Card

In another vein, according to the regulations of the Spanish government through the ISFAS, the people who are going to Apply for the Isfas European Health Card are made up of mandatory holders. Next, the beneficiaries or relatives of the owner are incorporated.


  • All career members of the Spanish Armed Forces.
  • Complementary military officials who remain active in the Armed Forces.
  • Those members of the militia who are professional troops and naval command, who have a military career in the Armed Forces.
  • Students from military academies and army training schools in Spain.
  • Military corps and students of the Spanish Civil Guard.
  • All members of security organizations attached to the Ministry of Defense who are not under special regimes of special bodies.
  • The personnel belonging to the National Intelligence Center in Spain.
  • Reservists who are not affiliated with any civilian social security system, in the cases of activation phases of military programs and in accordance with the regulations for that purpose.
  • Special cases, as long as they are subject to the social security laws of the armed forces.

Additionally, you should know that they are excluded as beneficiaries of the Isfas Health Card, civilian workers who work in the different military units. In these cases, such officials must be governed by the legal status for career civil servants.

Also excluded are temporary reservists that take advantage of Law 39/007 of a military nature, according to the transitory regulations. That is why it is important to be clear about the types of mandatory beneficiaries who can enjoy the benefit.


  • The spouse or person who has lived with the owner for at least 12 months, at the time of requesting the incorporation to the service.
  • Children, by consanguinity or adoption, of the owner or spouse, as well as those who have the status of guardianship, protection or pre-adoption.
  • The ascendants of both the owner or his spouse.
  • The spouses of the ascendants resulting from subsequent matrimonial acts.
  • The siblings of the owner.

Remember that in general, these beneficiaries must comply with some special provisions so that they can Apply for the Isfas European Health Card. These requirements must be duly justified before the military social entity.

  • The beneficiary or beneficiaries must have the same address as the owner or be at his expense or economic dependence.
  • In the event of temporary separation between the holder and the beneficiaries for reasons of work, health, difficulties in moving or similar circumstances, the ISFAS it does not consider it an impediment to the processing of the card.
  • Do not earn a salary, income, or pension that doubles the amount authorized by the Spanish public authorities.
  • Demonstrate that you do not receive benefits from social Security in health by other means or organizations.

How to get the card?

On the other hand, in a globalized world, documentation procedures and services are now easier and faster. For this reason, with the advances in digital and information technology, the Spanish government puts at your disposal the ISFAS platform to get your health card. Follow us to know the steps:

  • The first thing is to have a computer or smartphone.
  • Verify that you have a good internet connection and a reliable browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • Then access the virtual link of the ISFAS
  • Locate the section Apply for the Isfas European Health Card.
  • Select “start of process”.
  • If you don’t have a Digital Certificate as an ISFAS affiliate, you can enter the platform with your personal identification data.
  • Enter your Tax Identification Number (NIF) or you NIE in the case of being a foreign resident.
  • Place your ISFAS affiliation code and the full date of birth.
  • Then click “Send” And that’s it, follow the instructions on the platform to get the card.

Required documentation

This is going to interest you: for Apply for the Isfas European Health Card, you do not need further documentation. In this sense, you should only have your personal identification data such as the NIF or the NIE in the case of foreigners and your date of birth.

Also, if you own your ISFAS Affiliation Certificate, you can present it at the institution and immediately process your health card. Although it is not a mandatory requirement to do this management.

In any case, if you need more information about this procedure, the ISFAS puts at your disposal its web link to know the services and procedures offered by the platform. You can also contact said institution by the numbers telephone 915677600, 915677770, 915677773.

Keep in mind that the limitations generated by health emergency due to Covid-19 It obliges to carry out institutional procedures online. However, if you have the possibility to approach the ISFAS OfficeYou can go to c / Alcalá 120-28.009 Madrid. Registry and Benefits Office.

How to Request the Provisional Substitute Certificate of the Isfas?

Above all, you must be clear that the Substitute Provisional Certificate (CPS) It is an accreditation that fulfills the same functions when you go to Apply for the Isfas European Health Card. However, this instrument is used when due to time or emergency reasons it is not possible to have the card in a timely manner.

Furthermore, this certificate CPS It has a scope for the holder and the beneficiaries and its validity is 3 months indicated in the document itself. This endorsement granted by ISFAS it is sent by the Email address provided by the interested party.

We reiterate that the steps to obtain the CPS they are similar for Apply for the Isfas European Health Card. The first thing is to have your PC or smartphone and access the institution’s portal via the internet. Later:

  • Locate the section to request the certificate.
  • Choose “Start of procedure”.
  • If you don’t have a Digital Certificate as an ISFAS affiliate, you can enter the platform with your personal identification data.
  • Enter your NIF or you NIE
  • Place your ISFAS affiliation code and the full date of birth.
  • Then click “Send” And that’s it, follow the instructions on the platform to obtain accreditation.

General considerations

Finally, there are some general considerations that you should take into account when requesting the CPS. If you still do not know this information, do not worry! We are going to point it out to you:

  • The CPS it is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • It has an expiration date that is reflected in the certificate (term of 90 days).
  • The accreditation cannot be used if the holder or beneficiary is mobilized to receive a previously scheduled medical treatment.
  • This document is only managed in the ISFAS electronic portal and does not require having the Digital Certificate of Affiliation.
  • Normally the accreditation can arrive by mail at most in 10 days.
  • Verify that the three months of validity of the document includes the day of return to the country of origin.
  • Otherwise, a new one must be requested. CPS to continue enjoying the benefits of the service.

In Spain, your Isfas European Health Card is your travel companion, don’t forget it!

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