Apply for the Metro Madrid Card: What it is, How to Get the Card, How it Works and MORE

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Do you want to travel on the Madrid light rail system? So don’t forget Apply for the Metro Madrid Card. Without it you will not be able to travel on the train network that connects Madrid through 4 lines and more than 50 stations. It is undoubtedly the most practical and economical option to move from the airport to the center and vice versa.

The Metro is the fastest, most efficient and reliable way to get around Madrid. It is one of the largest metropolitan networks in Europe, connecting the entire city and much of the suburbs. That is why the following information will be useful to know how you can request the card, as well as other information of interest.

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What is the Metro Madrid Card?

The Metro Madrid Card is your entry ticket to travel on the Metro. It is considered a Public Transport Card (TTP) and is loaded (paid) with different types of ticket depending on the route you will make.

The Metro has more than 300 stations, 12 lines, three trams and a special line that connects the Ópera and Príncipe Pío stations. It is particularly useful for those who visit Madrid, especially Line 8 that runs from Nuevos Ministerios in the center to the Adolfo-Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport. This line also goes to the fairgrounds of the capital Feria de Madrid.

How to apply for the Metro Madrid Card?

Before applying for the Metro Madrid Card, you must bear in mind that you can acquire 4 types of cards to travel on the Madrid Metro, namely: multiple, personal, children’s and blue.

The Multiple card

The Multi card is a rechargeable, multi-person public transport card that is valid for ten years and can be used together with different types of tickets. You can buy it at the ticket machines in the metro itself or at tobacconists and other authorized points of sale.

Multiple public transport cards can be purchased together with the ticket. Cards can also be purchased separately without adding a ticket. Its price is € 2.50. For cards purchased together with a Tourist Ticket, the price of the card is included in the sale price of the ticket itself.

The personal card

It is a personal, non-transferable card that expires 10 years after its issue date. It can be used to load both personal and non-personal transport tickets. The card contains the name and photograph of the cardholder and the card identification number.

Large families and people with disabilities of 65% or more can receive a series of discountss on the bills loaded onto this card. Personal transportation cards can be purchased online or in istancos. There are also Public Transport Card Management Offices where you can apply for this card and obtain information about it.

For apply for the Metro Madrid card Personnel must present the following precautions:

  • Recent photograph, in color and passport size (except processing at the management office, where the photo is taken on the spot).
  • DNI, passport or residence permit.
  • Deliver -or fill out- the application form.

In case of complying with the conditions that give the right to a discount for being a member of a large family, present the Large Family Card. If you do not have it, failing that, the certificate that proves such condition, which can be downloaded from the Large Family Card APP.

In the case of the applicant under 14 years of age without ID, the Family Book must be presented or, failing that, the birth certificate. In addition, the parent / guardian authorization form and the ID of the father, mother or guardian must be provided.

In the event that a person other than the cardholder attends, they must do so with an authorization and the holder’s original documents.

The Children’s Card

The Children’s Public Transport Card is free and is intended for children between 4 and 6 years old. With this Card, children can use all public transport services in the Community of Madrid for free. This card expires on the day children turn 7 years old. Children under the age of four can travel without a ticket.

The card must be validated by the readers on the operator’s equipment and can be ordered online or in the Management Offices. For the latter it is necessary to request an appointment on the phone 012 or at the official website of the Madrid Transport Consortium.

The Blue Card

This transport card is similar to the Personal Public Transport Card, that is, it can only be used with the ticket of the same name. This card is for citizens who are registered residents of Madrid and who meet certain age or disability requirements and also have limited resources.

It can be requested through the Madrid City Council. It can only be used to travel by Metro de Madrid (zone A), Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (buses) and Metro Ligeros de Madrid (ML1).

What Titles Can Be Uploaded to Apply for the Metro Madrid Card?

The following tickets can be loaded on all types of card:

  • Single ticket valid for Metro, TFM, Metro Ligero 1 and Metro Ligero Oeste.
  • Ticket of 10 trips valid for Metro, TFM, Metro Ligero 1, Metro Ligero Oeste and urban and interurban buses.
  • Additional airport charge, required to enter or exit the Airport T1-T2-T3 or Aeropuerto T4 stations when traveling with a single or 10-trip ticket.

Additionally, Tourist Tickets can be loaded on the multiple card. While personalized cards can be loaded with a 30-day season ticket and an annual season ticket.

Individual tickets and additional airport charges, once loaded, must be used on the day of purchase. That is, they will be valid until the end of the service and not at the end of the calendar day. If you try to use it the day after purchase, the turnstile readers will not accept it because it has expired.

Types of tourist title

Multiple cards can load six types of Tourist Tickets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 calendar days. Additionally, according to age there are two types: normal and infantile (under 11 years old). The loads are made by the number of days, by age and by zones (zone A or zone T).

Zone A corresponds to the limits of said tariff zone and practically coincides with the municipality of Madrid. For its part, zone T comprises the entire geographic coverage of the Transport Pass, up to zone E2.

All titles are valid for the calendar days specified in each type from the date of first use. That is, it does not need to coincide with the purchase date. The validity will be extended in the existing night services, until 05:00 on the last day in force.

Valid titles for zone A may be used in:

  • Metro, on all its lines, within this area. (It is not necessary to pay the airport supplement fee).
  • MT, on all its bus lines, except the express line to the Airport.
  • RENFE *, among the Cercanías stations included in this area.
  • Light Rail ML1.

Valid tickets for zone T may be used, in addition to the previous services, in the following:

  • Metro, in all services. (It is not necessary to pay the airport supplement fee).
  • Regular passenger transport services by road, on all its lines, within this area.
  • RENFE, throughout the Cercanías network. Tourist tickets are not valid in the Regional Services of RENFE Operadora.
  • Metro Ligero ML2, ML3 and ML4.

All of this, with the exceptions indicated at any time by the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium.. Once the Tourist title has been consumed, the Multi Card in which it is housed can load single tickets and ten trips. Children under the age of 11 have a 50% discount on the acquisition of the Tourist title.

How does it work?

To use the card, you must purchase a valid ticket for the trip you want to make. It must be validated by the readers on the operator’s equipment. A trip is deducted for each validation and the remaining balance of the trip appears on the screen of the validation team. For Tourist Tickets, when the expiration date approaches this information appears on the screen.

The card can be validated consecutively as many times as passengers use the service with the same card, as long as they start and end their trip together. The card supports up to three different types of tickets, allowing users to make different types of trips. For example: Simple MetroSur + Metrobús + 10 trips in MetroNorte.

There are some rules for loading different types of tickets, as not all of them are compatible with each other. Because it is not personal, the Multi card cannot receive discounts for large families and people with a 65% recognized level of disability. These users must have a Personal Public Transport Card to receive available discounts.

How to check the balance of the card?

The balance available on public transport cards can be consulted through the official Metro de Madrid application. To do this, it uses the subway ticket vending machines, Cercanías (suburban) stations, transport interchanges, authorized tobacconists and designated Bankia ATMs.

The turnstiles inform passengers of the routes available in single tickets and 10 trips at the time of validation. In the case of Tourist Tickets, the turnstiles will show how long the ticket is valid when the expiration date approaches.

Likewise, the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium has developed a ‘Public Transport Card’ application to check the balance on each ticket on the card.

We hope we have helped you with the information on how to apply for the Metro Madrid Card.

Thanks for reading!

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