Apply for the Passvigo Card: What it is, Documentation, How to Apply, How to Top Up and MORE

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Apply for the Passvigo Card, is in these moments of sanitary emergency a necessity. In this way, public transport in the towns of Vigo in Spain requires the use of this instrument to provide its passenger mobilization service.

According to the above, if you use the bus stops of the Public Transport of Vigo (Vitrasa) throughout the city, they are going to demand this Passvigo card. Therefore, if you dare to know the benefits of this payment instrument, join us and keep reading!

What is the Passvigo Card?

On the other hand, Apply for the Passvigo Card It is a great advantage to pay for the transportation service without delay. Therefore, it is plastic money that in the present circumstances it is necessary to possess. Thus, mobilization on foot through the streets of Vigo is minimized.

In any case, you deserve to know what this payment instrument is about. Therefore, for more than 2 years the Council of Vigo or Council of Vigo, created this service card as a means of passage to use it in the city’s public transport, which is channeled to the concession company Vitrasa.

That way, this card can be used as wallet or pass card to pay for the transportation service. The intention of the government authority in Vigo is to extend the services of the card to other activities such as the use of sports spaces, cultural centers, etc.

Likewise, whoever uses the card can choose to discounts on payment. According to him Council of Vigo, This instrument has been used moderately in some of the programmed activities for almost 3 years. Therefore, with the card it is possible to pay the public transport, some gyms and tickets to sports events.

What is the Cost of the Passvigo Card?

According to the rules for public transport services issued by the Viguense municipal authority, if you’re interested Apply for the Passvigo Card, the first thing you should know is its price. In this case, we invite you to continue in our article:

  • If you are going to request it for the first time, Passvigo card it’s free for you.
  • The issuance of a new card for loss of plastic, theft or bad condition, it has a cost so far of 5 euros.
  • The Council of Vigo offers you 2 types of card, Pass type card and the recharge purse card.
  • The Pass card It is non-transferable and personalized. It can also offer you discounts on the payments to be made.
  • The wallet card It is a substitute for cash and offers discounts for mobilization services up to the amount of 1.35 euros.
  • This wallet card It has the advantage that it can be used by several passengers, it is not nominal.

This interests you: You cannot recharge this instrument at any ATM of a bank in Spain. We warn you that if you are going to recharge it, you must go to the offices of the bank ABANCA. In addition, for this, ATMs with contact readers must be used.

Additionally, we invite you to recharge the card in more than 50 commercial offices in ABANCA throughout Vigo. If you need to know the location of those customer service branches, don’t worry, we are going to tell you:

  • Vigo Berbés on Avenida Canovas del Castillo.
  • Camelias Office on the avenue of the same name.
  • Vigo OP on Avenida García Barbón.
  • Local Bouza- Alamedas in the town of Suarez Llanos.
  • Cabral Office on Avenida Ramón Nieto.
  • Among other branches.

Documentation for the Card Application

On the other hand, in general, if you are going to Apply for the Passvigo Card, you must have the tax identification number (NIF) wave identification card (DNI) or if you are a foreigner, the identification number (NIE).

But, if you don’t have any of these documents, you can use your passport Iberian or the document that accredits you as foreign resident. Then, you must fill out a digital form with personal data that we will explain to you later.

Specific funds according to the profile of the beneficiary of the Card

In another order of ideas, to obtain the Passvigo card, the required documentation is classified according to the profile of the beneficiary of the service. If you want to know how the requirements are categorized, follow us:

  • For common user: DNI, NIT, NIE, Driving license (any of them) and, additionally, the accreditation of citizen registered in Vigo.
  • Pensioner: passport photo, any personal identification document, certificate of social Security from the government or private company, proof of registration.
  • If the pensioner has a spouse: passport photo of the pensioner’s partner, DNI of the spouse, family Book or Proof of marriage, certificate of registration and accreditation of not have a social security pension.
  • In the case of students: passport photo, personal identification document, Proof of Registration at school (primary, basic middle or university).
  • If the student is a minor, they must present their DNI or birth certificate and the guardian identification document or representative of the minor.
  • In cases of social assistance: passport photo, identification document, accreditation of unemployed and certificate of registration in Vigo.

How to Apply for the Passvigo Card?

Next, with the advantages of information technologies, the Vigo Municipal Council puts at your disposal a digital link for Apply for the Passvigo Card comfortably, safely and quickly. If you are interested, do not detach yourself from the article, and we are going to tell you step by step:

  • Locate a computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • Check the internet connection.
  • Find a reliable and secure browser.
  • Enter the digital portal by passvigo
  • Keep in mind that the virtual platform is in Spanish and Galician so that you can choose the language that suits you.
  • Click on the icon “application”.
  • Complete the personal data form such as identification number, surnames and names, telephone number, email, address of the card, among other information.
  • Insert then username and password for regular services via portal.
  • If you don’t have your password and username, on the home page you can register by following the link procedure.
  • Then select the type of beneficiary of the card (normal, student, pensioner, etc).
  • Enter the captcha data.
  • You accept the terms of use of the instrument and give the option to send.
  • Ready, follow the procedure indicated by the platform.

Likewise, you can perform the card request making a phone call to 986919299. In those cases you can only process the wallet card. Also, you can go personally to the transport offices in Vigo (Vitrasa) or at the headquarters of Council of Vigo.

But that’s not all, if you are not registered or registered in the municipality of Vigo, you can also do all the process to obtain the card. In this regard, the only difference is that you should look for it in the offices of Vitrasa or in the city council of Vigo.

How to Top Up and Activate the Card?

After Apply for the Passvigo Card, you must think about its activation and recharge. In this sense, the Council of Vigo allows the cards to be activated at once, except in the case of pensioners who must access the digital link of Passvigo.

According to the above, pensioners must locate in the Passvigo system the activation option and follow the steps indicated there. Also, this type of beneficiary can contact the phone 986919299 for activation. In this sense, the pensioner must wait up to two days to be able to operate with the card.

Regarding the recharge of these cards, we reiterate that this service can only be performed in ABANCA. In this sense, you can locate the ATMs of this entity with a touch reader. In addition, you can top up by paying in cash or with a debit card.

Based on the above, there is good news, the transport units of Vitrasa, already have their devices adapted for the use of the Passvigo cards. Therefore, if you were able to get your card or recharge it, you can pass it through the ticket dispenser and pass the card through the reader circle on your bus.

How to Access my User Profile at Apply for the Passvigo Card ?

If you need to access the Passvigo user profile, you must have a PC available. In addition to having good internet service. Subsequently, place in your trusted browser the portal of Passvigo and wait for the screen to show the launch pad.

Then, at the top of the initial cover, place the user data or NIT, the key and press “get in”. Always remember, that if you forget your password, you can recover it by facilitating your email and the identification code (DNI, NIT or NIE).

According to the aforementioned, through your email address you will receive a new password to be able to enter the user’s profile on the website. Passvigo.

In any case, when entering the system with your password, you can have some services that have to do with Apply for the Passvigo Card. For that reason, the municipal authority of Vigo It makes your life easier when you need a service associated with the card. Some of these procedures are:

  • Finding personal information of the beneficiaries of the cards.
  • Review the history of operations and movements made with the card,
  • Verify the expiration of the card.
  • Check the balance of the instrument, so that you know how much you must recharge.
  • Process the renewal of the card, since they have a validity period.
  • Check the status of online procedures.
  • I enter other virtual procedures.

Get around Vigo with confidence, use Passvigo!

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