Apply for Travel Club Card: What is it, Advantages, Requirements, How to Apply, Affiliate Businesses and MORE

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All people in Spain when they want to have a travel reservation and more benefits, they must Apply for Travel Club Card since with this card they will be able to enjoy all these things compared to other cards of this style in the Spanish territory. Travel Club is managed by the company Air Miles Spain.

One of its great advantages is that the entire process and application for this card is completely free. What makes it one of the most requested cards in all of Spain. If you want to know more about this card and how to request it Keep reading!

What is Travel Club?

The Travel Club is a multi-sponsored loyalty program managed by the company Air Miles España, SA. The objective of the Travel Club is to reward the regular purchases of its members with points that can be exchanged for trips and / or gifts.

It has 6.5 million member households. The company is owned by the Eroski Group, Repsol and Iberia. It currently has more than 30 member companies, leaders in their respective sectors of activity, representing more than 10,000 points of sale.

The Travel Club Spain website is one of the main communication tools, since it receives more than 3 million visits per month and is always on. On the other hand, it is present in the main social networks, currently it has 200 thousand fans on Facebook and more than 17 thousand followers on Twitter.

Before Request Travel Club Card, It should be known that the Travel Club card is a tool that works wonderfully, with it you can make several purchases all over the planet. Either swiping your card through a point of sale or making a simple purchase on your computer, online.

One of the most interesting features that this card includes is that its operation allows the user to accumulate points. That can be changed later in stores. These points allow customers to have special discounts, without having to pay additional fees for using the card. It will also allow you to save all your money.

As of November 25, 2013, the more than six million members of this leading multi-sponsored loyalty program in Spain began to have the option of paying for their purchases at any establishment with the Travel Club card.

Advantages of Travel Club

One of the great benefits of this card is its main characteristics of these products that attract the attention of users: the advantages. If you want to know what is the best of the Travel Club, then we will show you a list with each of these advantage:


When you start talking about the benefits of Apply for Travel Club Card You should start by mentioning discounts first. Once you have it, you can save money by making payments with it at establishments such as AVIS, Meliá, Repsol and many more. This can be considered really good news.

Travel booking

This card will not only help you get discounts, but you can also easily use it to book trips and all kinds of entertainment online, for example on the Booking website or even on rental cars. To know more you can go to the website to obtain more information about this advantage.

Online purchases

But the benefits are extended, since you can also use your Travel Club card to make purchases online through different portals. You will have guaranteed security and at the same time you will be satisfied with the various discounts that you can access simply by having this card in your hand.

Rental services

And this does not stop there, because if you have the Travel Club card in your name, you can have many benefits even if you hire services such as insurance, home and car alarms and even some that have to do with mobile telephony. That is why it is considered a good card. If you want to know more information about the terms and conditions of each of these benefits, we invite you to visit their official website.

How to Apply for the Card?

Generally, the disadvantage of cards is that your application process is quite uncomfortable, since you waste a large part of your day and sometimes even ask for money. But you no longer have to worry about it, because according to the opinion of the customers, its procedure is easy to perform even for people who are not internet savvy.

Best of all, you won’t waste any more time visiting a branch or store. Because you can now apply for your Travel Club card from the comfort of your home, the steps you need to take to do so are as follows: First, you must use a computer to access the company’s website.

You can register in 2 ways: by writing “Request a Travel Club card” or going directly to the website. Once on the page, you must register. After doing this, the corresponding option will appear so that you can complete the registration form.

The data that will be requested to fill in the form are the following: identity card, DNI, proof of address, passport code, full name and surname, postal code of the area where you live in Spain and the client’s personal email.

When you have finished completing the form, you must submit it and then you will have to wait about 2 weeks. During this period, the company will study your profile to see whether or not it meets the characteristics and profile of the responsible customer. This process is rarely turned down, so your request is likely to be accepted. In any case, the decisive decision will be sent to your email as soon as possible.

Requirements for the Application

Now, after knowing the application process, you are surely wondering what are the main requirements that this entity requests to be able to give you your card. You have to know that they are very small and super easy to have, so do not miss the list of which are the main ones, which is found below:

  • Be of age. You can apply for the Travel Club card when you are 18 years old or over to be a holder of it within Spain
  • Reside within the Spanish territory permanently. The address must also be within Spain
  • An interesting fact is that people who reside in Andorra can also request the Travel Club card.
  • Identity card DNI.
  • Proof of address.
  • Passport code.
  • Postal code of the area where you live in Spain.
  • Customer’s personal email.

As you can see, it is not a large list of documents or requirements that are asked for Apply for Travel Club Card which makes it an extremely simple card to request. In the same way, as mentioned above, this card is very rarely rejected, so anyone can have it.

Affiliate Merchants

After Apply for Travel Club Card and have it approved, you should know all the affiliated businesses or establishments where you can use your card to make any payment. Regardless of the cost of the products you want to purchase. Today, the Travel Club has 6,300 affiliated merchants to make the payment.

Some of the companies associated with this card are Repsol, Campsa and Petronor, which offers you more than 3,600 Service Stations throughout the Spanish geography, where you can enjoy the best products, services and quality fuels with Neotech.

This Neotech is considered an exclusive Repsol formula, which, without paying more, offers you maximum performance with minimum consumption, more engine care and fewer breakdowns. Being one of the advantages for all users of this card. Other associated establishments are listed and explained on the Travel Club website.

How are points accumulated?

This card works differently from the ones we use daily, since the Travel Club works through points. Which we will accumulate each time we make a purchase at the company’s branches. (The cost of the purchase does not matter), all you have to do is pass your card through the box.

It is important that you use your card, since otherwise the AME will automatically cancel the points you have accumulated, this happens by disuse, so avoid it at all costs, you clearly have a period of time for it, the which has a one-year extension for the member to use its plastic.

If you have a problem with your points you just have to contact the “customer service”. They will solve your problem as soon as possible, without you paying commissions for it. You should know that, only you can make a claim with respect to your points, 60 days after they have entered or left your account.

When you have your card, you must activate it, since the card will need to be registered under the client’s authorization in order to start storing the points. Which allow users to make exchanges and purchases in physical or virtual stores, without any extra commissions.

Get your Card and enjoy the benefits!

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