Apply for Wizink Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply, Advantages, Fees, Commissions AND MORE

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To start you should know that a credit card is a plastic card issued by a financial company. That allows its owner to borrow money from the issuer. We will tell you how Apply for Wizink Card, To make you pay for products or services with them without having to have cash or check.

Within this context, it is a concept of great value in financial matters and of great utility for all people and companies in Spain. That is why, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about the cards, types, features, benefits and much more.

What is Wizink?

Now then, next we want to talk to you about who he is Wizink is a Spanish online bank, with a presence in Spain and Portugal. Which is specialized mainly in credit cards and savings products. It is a bank without branches, which operates through digital channels.

In the same way, it has other complementary channels, such as telephone channels and posts in shopping malls, train stations and airports. Additionally, it is owned by the American investment fund Värde Partners, as of 2018.

It is worth noting that, in the same year 2018, the WiZink group acquired the 100% of the Spanish fintech company called Aplazame. Which is responsible for developing deferred payment methods that are integrated into electronic stores and physical stores. Whose main business is to assume the financed transactions of the businesses and manage customer collections.

In this sense, Banco Wizink defines itself as a bank in which we are all on the same side. That accompanies you in your daily life and adapts to your rhythm. It is also an institution financial that helps you rediscover what you can do with your money to get the most benefit from it.

Next, we are going to describe all the options that the referred Bank offers you in terms of products and services. In order that you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. And consequently you can Apply for Wizink Card quickly and without any inconvenience.

What is the Wizink Card?

Within this context, in this section we are going to talk to you in very clear and simple terms, which constitutes the Wizink Cards. In this regard, it is very interesting to know about this aspect due to their importance in personal or business financial management.

Therefore, it offers its customers the Credit cards Wizink, which are a means of payment that allows you to make purchases. In this regard, it is called “credit” because the amount you use when making the purchase corresponds to a loan granted by Banco Wizink.

In this sense, Banco Wizink offers its customers the credit card of the personal card type known as Wizink Plus. Consequently, the aforementioned card has multiple benefits, such as: rewards, discounts, payment facilities among others. Which we will describe in greater detail in the following sections of this article.

Reason why, it is important that you are clear about your financial needs, before proceeding to Apply for Wizink Card. As well as, if it adapts to your requirements and you meet the requirements to grant it. In the next section we will detail these requirements to be able to opt for it.

Requirements for the Card Application

Before finishing this article, we are going to talk to you about the requirements or documentation you need to Apply for the Wizink Card. It is important that, before knowing exactly how you can apply for your card at Banco Wizink, you know the following.

The application for the Wizink Card is very easy, you just have to fill in the form which is at the top of the Web page. All this, you must do it with care to correctly place all the data or information that is requested by the Bank.

In this regard, you should be aware that the Bank is authorized to check all the information provided, receive credit reports related to you. And likewise investigate your credit, employment and income histories, and state records, including records from state employment security agencies.

Consequently, the Bank will determine the amount of credit grantedas well as the product for which you qualify, based on their review criteria. If you do not qualify for the product or the rates, they must inform you of the reasons in writing to your email.

Below we will describe in a simple way all the procedure you must do to Apply for the Wizink Card. For the purposes that, you can do the procedure successfully and without any inconvenience. As well as, to enjoy the benefits that it grants.

How to make the request?

Now, in this section, we are going to talk to you about how you should do to Request Wizink card online. Given that this Banking Entity is characterized by offering this type of innovative products in the advantages it offers:

Online Way

  • You need to access Internet from a computer, laptop or smartphone.
  • Next, you must enter the Entity’s website, Tarjetawizink.
  • Later you must fill in the form that you will find at the top of the web page.
  • Likewise, you must enter all the personal data that it requests, with special emphasis on email.
  • In the same way you enter: name and surname, DNI, Document number, telephone number, age.
  • After you have entered all the information that it requests, carefully, so that you do not have any further problems, you click send.
  • If you have filled out the form, but you still do not have the card, you should call 91 787 43 43 and you will have information about the processing of your card in a immediate.
  • If you have already received a message on your mobile or an email telling you that your card is already approved, it should arrive at your address as soon as possible.
  • It is important to note that, no You need to have a new checking account or change banking institution to obtain this credit card.

Consequently, with this modality You will be able to know from the comfort of your home if you are eligible for the Bank to credit your Wizink Plus card. In the same way, it allows you to know in case that card is not approved the causes of the refusal by the Bank.

Charges and Commissions Associated with the Use of the Card

As we reach the end of this article, we are going to talk to you about the issuance of the card and its annual maintenance, which will cost you nothing. However, if you decide to finance what you spend with it as if you request other services, these are the commissions and expenses that will apply to you:

  • € 0 per issue.
  • € 0 maintenance fee.
  • 4.5% of the amount withdrawn with a minimum of € 4 for withdrawing money from the ATM.
  • 4.5% of the amount transferred with a minimum of € 4, for making a cash transfer to your checking account.
  • 2% on the amount of purchases or cash withdrawals that you make in a currency other than the euro.
In case of delay in a payment:
  • € 35 maximum for the steps we take to claim the unpaid debt.
  • € 20 for exceed the credit limit granted.
What the card services cost you:
  • € 25 maximum for contracting Additional Deferred Payment Services.
  • 1% of the amount refunded, or 0.5% when the term pending is less than one year, if you cancel your Deferred Payment Service in advance.
  • € 2 if you request a duplicate of your paper statement.
  • By sending a duplicate from € 10 card.
  • € 10 for sending an additional card.
  • € 10 for managements for change to another product, if you want to change your card to another of those available in Wizink.
  • € 0.30 for postage costs for sending the paper statement.
  • € 2 for each transfer balance of your card to prepaid cards of other entities.
  • € 1.5 per month for the alert service (currently not available).

Advantages offered by the Card

Now, to finish, we want you to know everything related to the advantages or benefits offered by the Wizink Credit Cards. Reason why, below we detail everything that implies being the owner of them, in a very simple and understandable way.

  • You have the possibility that you they return 3% of what you buy with your card in the two categories you choose with a maximum of 6 euros per month.
  • As well as, you have the option to pay in 3 months for all your purchases.
  • You can choose how and when to pay your credit card.
  • On acts of your favorite artists, you have tickets reserved the first 48 hours after they go on sale to the general public
  • Also, until exhaust the volume assigned for being a cardholder.
  • You can park in the WiZink Center car park with a 15% discount discount.
  • Which applies if you pay at the parking garage with your WiZink card.
  • It allows you take whatever you want with a 10% discount at the WiZink Center using your WiZink.
  • You don’t need to leave two hours early to queue.
  • You come in quickly with up to 4 companions through the WiZink access on Goya Street.

We hope you can Apply for WiZink Card successfully!

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