Apply for Worten Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply, Advantages and MORE

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If you are interested in knowing, all you have to do is Apply for Worten Card, you should keep reading this article. With this MasterCard credit card, offered by Worten, you can finance your purchases at 0% of the annual rate equivalent during three months. What’s more,They will not charge you an issuance or maintenance fee!

With this card you will get benefits that you have not yet imagined. Don’t wait any longer to get your card and discover everything you can get!

We invite you to read!

What is Worten?

Before getting into all the information you need to know to Apply for Worten Card, we are going to tell you some details about the Worten company. You should know that it is a Portuguese company that offers household appliances and electronic items. You may have already noticed that there are physical stores since 2008. It currently has more than 40 stores.

Among all its offers, promotions and possibilities, this company has launched a special card that you will like. It is a card that will facilitate your purchases through financing without interest. That is why you must be attentive to everything we have to tell you. Here we will present you with characteristics, application requirements and advantages that will surely be of interest to you.

Imagine! With the Worten card you can finance your products 100%. You see? it is a very attractive card and it has many advantages. You will have multiple advantages and discounts, as well as the possibility of being able to divide the payments of your purchases in several months.

Requirements to Apply for a Worten Card

So you can Apply for Worten Card In order to have financing for your purchases, you must present a series of documentation. Precisely, you must present the following:

  • Your valid DNI or NIE. It is the only documentation or personal identification that must be presented.
  • You must also provide a credit or debit card so that the financing with the card is made through Easy Pay.

In order for you to acquire the Worten Card, you must meet the following requirements and conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be resident in Spain when you request it.
  • Present your valid identity document (DNI or NIE).
  • Provide a credit or debit card so that the credit with the card is made with Easy Pay.
  • You can postpone the payment to 3, 4 or 6 months as long as the amount does not exceed € 2,500, and is above € 90.
IMPORTANT: If you have debt with any financial institution, including those that provide their services to Worten, it will not be possible to access the deferral of payments.

With the MasterCard credit card offered by Worten you can finance your purchases at 0% of the equivalent annual rate (APR) for three months. In addition, they will not charge you an issuance or maintenance fee.

Keep in mind that the offer for the first year is to get 5 euros back for every 150 euros of purchases in Worten. This is possible when you use the deferred payment method and 3 euros of return if it is with full deferred payment. What’s more, You will get a 10% discount (up to a maximum of 180 euros) on purchases that you do in certain establishments during the first year of your contract.

With this card the motto is that you pay and you receive. You can get a 10% savings, up to € 180 in discount, on purchases in grocery stores, restaurants and any gas station. You can use it in millions of establishments and ATMs around the world. And look at this wonder: you can request transfers of the money available on your card to your checking account with just one call.

Your card will have a regular payment method associated with it. It is a fixed monthly or end-of-month fee, which you can modify at any time by making a call. In addition, you can choose the payment method for each purchase you make so that it always adapts to your needs.

The characteristics that define the Worten Card are the following:

  • It is a credit card.
  • It is aimed at individuals.
  • It is a means of financing: up to 100% of the cost of the product, 3 months at 0% APR.
  • It has no issuance and maintenance cost.

How to Apply for the Worten Card?

Once you follow the steps to Apply for Worten Card And after confirming and receiving your Worten card, you can now use it in millions of establishments and ATMs around the world. You can easily make money transfers from your checking account to your Worten card. You only need to make one phone call!

Once you have your Worten card in hand and start using it you will have a regular payment method associated with your card. These payment methods are fixed monthly or paid at the end of the month. And best of all, you can change this method for another at any time by calling the card service.

You can also choose the payment method in each of the purchases. You can do this by calling by phone and also in the Worten credit card customer area by locating your portal.

We want you to know that in Worten they will offer you the opportunity to get € 10 when requesting the card. Or also a gift voucher for higher purchases of another certain amount. So go ahead and request it. You can do the online application From the page, where you will find the option to Request a Worten Mastercard. And you will always have the option of going to one of the Worten offices.

We advise you to have the following at hand in order to apply for the Worten card:

  • Identification Document (DNI or NIE).
  • Most recent payroll or pension receipt, and in case of being self-employed, your last personal income tax return.
  • Reference or bank receipt showing your name and account number.
  • Your mobile phone.

Then you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter your website.
  2. Press the link “Apply for a Worten Mastercard”.
  3. Select the box where they ask you to accept terms and conditions.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Later Identify yourself.
  6. Complete the form with the requested information.
  7. Select a payment method.
  8. Download and signature of INE and authorizations.
  9. Attach the Documents they ask for.
  10. Sign your contract.

Can it be purchased in other establishments with this card?

Since you’re about to Apply for Worten CardWe know that you still ask yourself some questions about financing and the establishments where you can use it. From now on we tell you that you can use it in millions of establishments and ATMs around the world. You just have to find out his Location.

First, leave the concern because it is very easy to finance your purchase, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. When your purchase item is in the cart, all the data will be filled in until reaching the data or payment information.
  2. It is at this moment when you must select the deferred payment method or Easy Pay.
  3. Complete the boxes that appear with your personal information and click on confirm your purchase.
  4. Ready! your purchase is already financed.

Keep in mind that, due to its characteristics, with this card it will be ideal for you to achieve the following:

  • Finance purchases at the Worten store.
  • Make purchases over 150 euros to get the 5 euros back.
  • Take advantage of a financing of 3 months without interest or commissions

How to Use the Card?

Once you achieve Apply for Worten Card, you will be interested in knowing in detail how you can use it. Consider that it is a simple payment method with which you can get discounts and offers. And the best for you: you will have the possibility of obtaining installment payments without major setback.

This payment method gives you the option of electronic purchases on the Worten portal. They will give you the step by step so that you can locate the basket or cart of shopping .

And, there it will give you the options to select according to modes and fractional payments that are most used adjust to your needs. You must read everything carefully and accept the documentation in this regard to continue. Make sure your data is correct and up-to-date and don’t forget the electronic signature.

We advise you not to stop reading the general conditions of service and the documentation that you will have to “sign” by entering a code that will be sent to your mobile phone. Verify that your installment payment request is correct and you just have to click “Continue” to return to the Worten website and complete your order. Check that the Operation is finished and thus the Order has already been made.

Advantages of the Worten Card

We are already finishing this article in which we have told you everything you will earn when you decide to Apply for Worten Card. It is a card that will offer you numerous advantages. Input is free, since you will not have to cancel any issuance fee or annual commissions such as maintenance.

It will provide you with interest-free financing. This card offers you financing without interest for 3 months. This as long as your card is registered in Worten and has an APR of 0%. It is a card that will lead you to obtain bonuses of up to 180 euros at gas stations, shops, restaurants and supermarkets. By having your card, Worten guarantees you a 10% savings.

You will also have the option of the gift voucher. With this modality you will get a gift savings of 5 euros for every 150 euros of purchase you make. Likewise, you can transfer the money you have on the card to your bank account. You will only need to make one phone call.

You will have ATMs all over the world. You can withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. Similarly, you can make purchases and payments in establishments and stores around the world. This is of great advantage for you and it becomes a very attractive payment tool. We are sure of it!

Something very innovative and practical for you. You can modify the payment method. Normally, the form of payment is associated with the payment of a minimum monthly fee. You can change the payment method when you need it with just one phone call.

You will be the designer of your own personalized payment method. You can select and choose the payment method for each purchase you make, dividing them according to your needs. The truth is that we do not doubt that once you get the Worten card, financing your purchases will be easy.

We are sure that you will carry out every step and fulfill everything necessary to obtain your Worten card!

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