Bankia CRS Form: Completed, What it is for and MORE

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If you want to be updated on the international exchange of financial information and learn more about the instruments used to combat tax fraud, in this article we will tell you what the Bankia CRS form.

As a client with international financial responsibilities, it is urgent for you to know everything related to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS): the Single international standard for the automatic exchange of tax information on financial accounts.

How to fill out the Bankia CRS Form?

Before you start filling out the form, we recommend that you get to know it and read it carefully. The CRS form It will ask you for information that you must enter responsibly.

Once there, you will have everything you need to fill in the information requested in the document: the procedures, the step by step and the time you have to do it.

As it is a process of great care and with important details, the first thing we recommend is that ask your financial institution if you should process the form .

It may be the occasion that the banking institution responds that it is not your responsibility to do so.

In the event that you do have to process it, here we will tell you how to fill out the Bankia CRS form, in five big steps:

  1. Fill in all your information as the account holder.
  2. List the countries where there is jurisdiction over your account and tax residence.
  3. Evaluate if your information should be processed in the CRS.
  4. Stamp your signature in accordance with everything you reflected on the form.
  5. Attach ownership information for the entity (if applicable).

We recommend that you request the form at your bank before printing it from the internet, as each entity has its own particular procedures on whether or not to accept the form that way.

What is the Bankia CRS Form for?

As you know, the globalization of financial services is making it easier for us to open bank accounts in financial institutions in other countries simply by using forms via the Internet.

The only complication that arises is about the tax information to the authorities.

That is why we tell you that countries have been implementing advances in the automatic exchange of information so that tax administrations have periodic tax information on investments and foreign financial entities.

We consider it necessary for you to know that before the CRS system, there was already the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Law, in its acronym in English FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) in the United States, in force since 2013.

You may already know that with this law there were controls on tax evasion by the United States government, by identifying citizens and residents of the country who have money in accounts or in funds deposited in foreign financial institutions.

We are interested in you knowing that with the CRS system, and in view of the FATCA obligations, a quantitative and qualitative leap is given for financial institutions, since it forces them to automate your information processes.

It is important that you see the CRS form as the main instrument of control over the data and information of financial clients, with which greater security is provided about the origin and destination of money. This is something that should capture your interest as an international financial client.

It should matter to you to know that with the CRS there is a greater inspection of possible criminals for money laundering and the use of bank accounts from different countries to evade the treasury.

Thus, banking entities exchange and monitor information on bank accounts to reduce the rate of tax evasion, and stop cases such as Panama Papers or that of Odebrecht.

If you are a client of Bankia, or of any financial institution in Spain, it is important that you know that with the CRS form it consists of a mandatory international treaty that seeks to keep up-to-date information on tax residences with ownership or control of financial accounts.

How can you avoid CRS?

As you have already seen, the CRS form saves delicate work. Its implications warn against tax crime. That is why many people are interested in knowing how they avoid going through the rigors of the CRS Bankia de España form, and being up to date with the statements of the case.

There are a number of ways you can avoid it. Here we will tell you the most outstanding and easy ones.

First of all, you should check if there is any reciprocity agreement between Spain and the country where you have your account.

Another option you have to bypass the CRS is to move your tax residence to a territory where there is tax exemption or reduction and bank secrecy.

You can also have your assets in physical assets, such as real estate, cars, jewelry, gold, among other objects of your heritage.

Check if your account was opened before the CRS regulations, as it may not be registered or registered with the CRS.

Frequent questions

We think that a simple way to guide you in everything related to Bankia’s CRS form is to detail the questions that financial banking clients frequently ask themselves.

Here we leave you some. Read and locate your case and concerns. We are sure this will help you.

What data is transmitted in the CRS?

  • Mainly all the data of the bank account, such as current situation and operations.

Do all bank accounts need to be registered?

  • Not necessarily. It should be evaluated if these are accounts with some type of alarm or if, on the contrary, they are accounts that enjoy financial and tax health.

Is there an amount that triggers the need to enter the CRS?

  • Yes, from $ 250,000 for companies and $ 50,000 for individuals.

Is there a difference between the format of the CRS Bankia form and that of the other banks?

  • It could be said that it is very similar, because the information it compiles is almost the same.

What is the time in which the CRS information is passed?

  • The exchange of financial information occurs every three months, approximately.

What is the Bankia CRS Form?

With the implications that we have already pointed out about fraud and international tax crime, as well as the obligations and sanctions, it is time for you to know what the CRS Bankia Form is.

The CRS form is a mandatory document if you want to be safe from international crime.

Only with this form is it possible to abide by the regulations in force both in the Spanish nation and throughout the European Union.

You need to know that this form refers to the transfer law of several Spanish banks and international banking entities.

It is the way in which all banks protect themselves against all kinds of legal action that the legal institutions of the nation may take.

For this reason, it is necessary for you to be interested in knowing what this Bankia CRS Form is, its objectives, the information that you must know and the general procedures that you must carry out, if it is the case that you need it.

Do not feel regret that it is a process a little longer than usual, due to all the information requested in this format.

Additional data

This document complies with the Spanish law of data transfer to other banks, both national and international.

If you do have to carry out the entire Bankia CRS form procedure, it is important that you take into account the main parts of this form:

  • In order for you to process the CRS Bankia Form, the first thing you have to do is have the basic information about your ownership of the bank account.
  • You must be careful in making the distinctions on the legal personality: if you are as the owner as a legal person or if you are as a natural person.
  • You need to indicate information about the countries with jurisdiction over the bank account and its tax residence.

You need to be aware of the viability of the information you provide to be consistent with the treatment of the CRS.

Finally, you must leave your signature printed as proof of agreement with the form and its content.

To finalize this entire protocol to contribute to the fight against corruption and international tax fraud, you must provide the ownership information in accordance with the bank. This in case it is indicated as necessary. A useful tip is not to give more than what is asked.

To close this article, it is important to remind you that before printing the Bankia CRS form From the internet, make sure that the bank will accept it, as it may be the case that the bank does not want to accept it that way.

We have confirmed that no bank in Spain provides any help to fill out the form. Hence you can hire a third party. To avoid major expenses and setbacks, we have offered you this quick guide.

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