Complaints Form to the Ministry of the Interior: Format, Filling and MORE

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If you have had a problem with any procedure of the Ministry of the Interior, you can file a complaint with the Complaints and Suggestions Division of the governmental entity. The procedure is simple and is done through the Complaints Form to the Ministry of the Interior. So, if you do not know how to work or how to fill out this form, in this article you will be able to find the solution to your doubts.

During the following lines, you will find information about the format of the complaint form and how it should be presented to the Ministerior the Interior of Spain. In this way, you will be able to formulate your complaints correctly and establish your disagreement with respect to processes or procedures that you have to manage before the government entity of the country.

Format of the Complaint Form to the Ministry of the Interior

The first thing you should know about this complaint form, which is presented by the Ministry of the Interior of Spain, is he format you use to collect the information about your suggestion. In this way, you will be able to know in depth the data that you must provide, when filling out the document.

The form presents a simple structure and quick to fill, so it will not take you long to prepare your complaint or suggestion, and present it to the Ministry of Interior.

Now, said document structure is divided into five sections, What are they:

  • Selection of “Complain” or “Suggestion”.
  • Personal information.
  • Unit data.
  • Reason for “Complain” or “Suggestion”.
  • Data to be filled in by the Administration.

In turn, these sections are made up of some information fields that you will have to complete. So, to be one step ahead, we will introduce you how these parts of the form are composed:

Selection of Complain or SuggestionPersonal informationUnit DataReason for Complaint or SuggestionData to be filled in by the Administration.

In this section, you will have to schoose if your form is a complaint or suggestion what you have for him Ministry of the Interior of Spain.

As its name indicates, in this section, you must provide some personal data, as they are:

  • Names.
  • Surnames.
  • Home address. [También debes especificar “Bloque”, “Escalera” y “Piso”].
  • Municipality in which you reside.
  • Province in which you reside.
  • Postal code of your residence.
  • National Identity Document Number (DNI), Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) or Passport.
  • Telephone number for contact.
  • Email address.

For this section only fill in three information fields, What are they:

  • Agency where the incident occurred.
  • Date of the incident.
  • Time of the incident.

In this section, you have a wide field of information, to fill in with the causes that have motivated the complaint or suggestion what do you want to present to Ministry of Interior.

In this section, you do not have to provide any information, it is a section made for the administration of the ministry; so they are the ones who must fill it out.

Now, the data presented in this section are the following:

  • The incident code.
  • Select if you do not comply with the commitments of the Charter of Services [Se debe responder “Sí” o “No”].

Filling of the Complaint Form to the Ministry of the Interior

Filling out the complaint form at Ministry of Interior it is an easy process to carry out; since you will have several means to do it and present it. So, the part you need to worry about is the information and data you need to supply, but if you read the previous section carefully, there is nothing to worry about.

Of course, it is important that all complaints are iidentified with a name, so that they can proceed and be answered; although they can be considered for possible changes or modifications of the ministry processes.

Likewise, once the complaint is received by the ministry, You will be given a proof of presentation of the form, regardless of the medium you have used to present the document.

On the other hand, when complaints or suggestions are delivered to the affected agency, it will have a period of twenty (20) days to notify the changes or measures that have been taken, regarding your complaint form.

Now, if after this time you have not received any response from the Administration, you can contact the following units, to find out the reason for the lack of reply and request the respective answers.

  • Inspection of Personnel and Security Services: Matters about the Civil Guard or the Police.
  • Penitentiary Inspection: Matters about penal institutions.
  • General Secretariat of the General Directorate of Traffic: Traffic issues.
  • General Subdirectorate for Quality of Services and Innovation: Any matter that is not among those already mentioned.

Finally, it should be noted that these complaints or suggestions are still considerations for the ministry; so that they may not end up causing any change within the processes of the governmental entity.

How to present it?

If you have any complaint or suggestion that you want to present to the Ministry of the Interior of Spain, you can do so through the following means: in person, electronically and by post.

The Ministry of the Interior of the country enables these communication channels, so that you can send your complaints or suggestions without any inconvenience. In this way, the government entity ensures to constantly improve its services for citizens.

In person

This is one of the most used ways to present the complaint form to the Ministry of the Interior, as it can be done quickly and directly. On this occasion, the procedure it can be done in the corresponding offices from any ministry headquarters.

The procedure is just as simple. You have to request the complaint form from ministry staff and, then, you will have to fill it with all the data already specified.

Once you have finished filling out the form, you must deliver it to the same office staff of the ministry, so that it is evaluated and considered by the entity.

Via Postal Mail

It is one of the least used channels, but just as important to present your complaints or suggestions to the Ministry of the Interior. In this case, to submit the form, you will have to find the office PO box to which you are going to send the complaint or suggestion.

Once you have this information, you are going to have to write a letter or document stating the reasons of your complaint or suggestion.

Finally, you will have to send your form by mail and wait for it to be received by the office staff that you have scheduled. However, this modality does not allow you to receive a response personally, like the other options.

Via Internet

It is the most used option to send complaints and suggestions from citizens, due to the convenience and ease of doing the entire process. This is because you should only enter the web portal of the Ministry’s electronic headquarters and select the section “Complaints and Suggestions Form.”

Once you have entered the web portal, you will fill out the electronic form of complaints and suggestions that has the Ministry of the Interior and send it to the system.

In addition, you also have the option to send your complaints or suggestions via email. You just have to enter the following LINK and look up the contact addresses.

What is it for?

The function of the complaint form of the Ministry of the Interior is nothing more than to present, in writing, those inconveniences that you had with the service provided. In this way, the ministry can be aware of the quality of its services and improve them in the future.

Also, you should not only wait to file a complaint, but also you can present the suggestions you have about the processes or the care provided by ministry staff.

In conclusion, it is a way to bring your complaints or suggestions to the Ministry of the Interior, so that they take them into consideration and improve their procedures.

What is the Complaints Form to the Ministry of the Interior?

In conclusion, the complaint form of the Ministry of the Interior is a document that serves to present your complaints or suggestions to the service provided by the institution.

To do this, you can use different contact methods, among which are the face-to-face route, the postal route and the web route. Regardless of which mode you use, you are going to have to identify the forms with your name. If they are not identified, you will not receive a personal response.

On the other hand, this type of form allows you to contribute to the improvement of the public services you use; so, you should take the time to fill them out, whenever you have a problem. But also you can suggest some improvements, without having to make a complaint.

In addition, the format presented by the form is easy to fill out and understand; so you will not have complications to express your complaints or suggestions.

Therefore, do not hesitate to fill the complaint form to the Ministry of the Interior, if you have experienced any inconvenience, during any process.

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