Foreigner Identity Card Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Foreigner Identity Card Form or also called Form EX-17, It is the document or format with which the application for the Foreigner Identity Card is made, which is granted to foreign citizens, legally residing in Spain.

It is an instrument that ensures your situation of legal stay in Spain. With this authorized card you get the right to stay in the country. Below we explain how to fill out and process this form.

Format of the Foreigner Identity Card Form

Download the Format of the Foreigner Identity Card Form It is very simple, you can do it from any computer that has the internet available.

You have two options to get the said form:

  1. Requesting the download by clicking on this link.
  2. Through the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of Spain.

Filling out the Foreigner Identity Card Form

After downloading the Form EX- 17 , you start filling it in a very simple way.

Before starting to fill out the form, it is essential to emphasize that this must be done with a black ink pen, since it is the norm established in the instructions.

The Form EX- 17 It is divided into 4 four sections:

1. Personal data from abroad

  • Passport, NIE
  • Date of birth.
  • Country of origin.
  • Full names and surnames.
  • Marital status.
  • Address of domicile within the country.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Email.

2. Representative data with presentation effect

  • Name or Social reason,
  • Legal representative, in any case.
  • Email.
  • Province.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Address of domicile within the national territory.

3. Home address

  • Full address of the domicile within the national territory.
  • Name or Social reason.
  • Email.
  • Receipt of some domestic service.
  • Email.
  • House or flat number.

4. Extra data upon request

  • Type of documentation:
  • Initial card.
  • Modification of legal, labor or personal situation.
  • Duplicate for theft, loss, destruction or disablement.
  • Card renewal.
  • Legal situation within the national territory.

Usefulness of the Foreigner Identity Card Form

The Foreigner Identity Card Form It is used to obtain the Foreigner Identity Card.

This document is intended exclusively for non-EU citizens and its purpose is to prove the legal situation of foreigners in Spain.

In this document, it is a plastic card the size of a credit card, in which you can see the data of the cardholder, the period of validity of the residence and the reason for the residence. With this card it is not necessary to carry a passport, so its use is non-transferable. More information on page Web.

Who should process it?

The Foreigner Identity Card Form It can only be processed by foreigners who are in a legal position in Spain, in accordance with current legislation and regulations.

They may request the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) people who are in the following cases:

  1. Those who have a visa or authorization to live in Spain for more than six months.
  2. Foreigners who have to renew the authorization.
  3. When an update or change has to be made in the data that make up the Card.
  4. If the Card has been stolen, it has been lost, damaged or rendered useless.

The application form must be submitted by the foreigner himself, since fingerprints are required for identification to obtain the card

Who Issues It?

The Foreigner Identity Card Form It is processed at the Foreigners Office or at the Police Station of the town where you are residing.

The interested party must always make the request personally.

What is the Foreigner Identity Card Form?

The Foreigner Identity Card Form It is the application format that allows you to process the TIE, in order to obtain this document, which is the main document that certifies the legal situation in Spain, and the identification of non-EU foreigners, who have a residence permit of more than six months , or all foreigners who have obtained a long-term residence permit.

This is a personal and non-transferable card. If necessary, the card can also include underage children or representatives who have not been released or disabled.

The card contains the data of the DNI, a photo and a foreigner ID (NIE), and the type of authorization to live or reside in Spain.

In addition, since the fingerprint record must be obtained to obtain the card, it is also considered a priority procedure that must be carried out in person.

The term of validity of TIE It is the same as that of the authorization or recognition of the right to issue a just cause for the same

Why is it important to do it?

This is character required for all foreigners who have obtained a visa or are approved, to live in Spain for more than six months, or who have had long-term residence.

This document is the one that guarantees your permanence legal in the country, and must be kept in force. If you do not have it, even if you have a visa, it can lead to a penalty. See page Web.

What documentation must I submit?

In order to properly manage the Foreigner Identity Card Form, you must consign the following documentation:

  • Original and photocopy of Form Ex-17 duly completed and signed by the applicant.

Along with this printed format, you must attach the original of:

  • The passport or the travel document is evidenced, or the entry stamp or control mark.
  • If you do not have the travel document, the travel document will be delivered, along with the entry into the country.
  • This declaration must be made at a Police Station, or at one of the foreigners’ headquarters, before 72 hours from when you enter Spain. You can also show the valid Registration Certificate if necessary.
  • Three passport photographs, with a white background and were recently taken.
  • In the case of having the visa, you must also consign.
  • Regulations or notification that shows that you must process the TIE. This document can be omitted, if you approve that the Administration confirms this information.
  • Proof that you have paid the fees that apply this procedure:
    First concession: € 15.45
    Renewal or extension: € 18.54
    Residence and work for exceptional cases: € 15.45
    Long-term residence: € 21.02
  • Evidence or document that proves that you are affiliated and / or registered with Social Security, if applicable.

Additional documentation

  • In cases of theft or theft of the card, you must also provide the corresponding report.
  • If the card is damaged or destroyed, you will have to show it.
  • If changes or variations of the data have taken place, you must present all the documentation that justifies these facts.

When is the Foreigner Identity Card received after the application is made?

Once the foreigner is notified of the decision to recognize their right to remain in Spanish territory, they must go to the foreigner’s office or the jurisdiction’s police commissioner and ask them to prove that you are a person eligible for the right of residence, except for the abolition of the tax provided by law

Then, in the case of a prior appointment, you will deliver the documents in the possession of the immigration office or the chief of police of the jurisdiction that authorizes you to reside in Spain.

Does the TIE expire?

The TIE o Foreigner Identity Card, has the same validity as the authorization for which a valid reason was issued, therefore, when the authorization loses its validity, the TIE it will also lose its validity.

If you lose your right of residence in Spain or for any legal reason, such as voluntarily returning to your country of origin and promising not to return to Spain for a period of time, you will do the same. If they want to use APRE (accrued and expected unemployment benefits).

Generally, foreigners must deliver documents free of charge to the police station or foreigners office.

What tips and suggestions can help you?

There is often great confusion among the so-called NIE (foreigner identity number), TIE (foreigner identity card) and the certificate of registration of citizens of the Union:

  • The NIE it is only the number, which allows the administrative identification of foreigners with the entities of the Spanish State. It appears on all the identity documents of the foreign person.
  • The TIE it is a physical identification card. It must be held by foreigners authorized to live in Spain, for a period greater than six months, or by all foreigners with a long-term pass. It consists of the identification data, such as the NIE and the type of stay or residence permit of the foreign person.
  • The certificate of registration of citizens of the Union it is a physical identification document. People from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, who want to stay in Spain for a time greater than three months, must carry it. It contains the identity data, as well as the NIE.
  • There is a high demand for pre-appointments, so it can be difficult to find a time the first time you apply. For this reason, it is suggested to try to get an appointment as quickly as you get to Spain.
  • Children under 5 years of age should not go through the fingerprint posture process, required to request the card, but they must go in person to request it.

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