Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census: Format, Steps and MORE

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If it is the first time that you are going to process the Form 030 for Tax Obligation CensusWe invite you to continue reading this article, where you will learn how to manage it in an optimal and simple way. You just have to pay attention to the guidelines given here.

In such a way that, you will find what the model of the Form is like, how it must be completed, the steps to follow to present it. Also, what it is for, who issues it, who should present it, what are its costs and much more information.

Format of Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census

The Format of the Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census, consists of two (2) sheets, which are divided into several fields that must be completed:

First part

  • Identification data
  • The applicant’s identification data.
  • Identification data of the spouse.
  • The data from email addresses, telephone numbers where the announcements of the Tax Agency will be received.
  • Presentation of the tax address, the tax address in Spain.
  • The presentation of the tax domicile abroad.

Second part

  • Information about the representative: Identification data of the representative, the cause of representation, the type of representation, the title of the representation.
  • The civil state.
  • The date and signature of the declaration.

How to fill out Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census?

In the previous point, the required fields in Form 030 were mentioned. Below is a detailed description of how to fill out the Form in general, which will make it easier to complete it at the indicated time:

  1. The first thing is to place the NIF (Tax Identification Number), surnames and names.
  2. In the next space, you must mark with an X the reason for which the declaration is being presented (both the interested party and the spouse).
  3. Continuing with the information of the interested party, here you must indicate whether or not you are a tax resident in Spain, the NIF of other countries, passport number, nationality. Also the NIF, first and second surname, name, date of birth dd / mm / yy and place of birth.
  4. The next field is to indicate what was stated in the previous point, but this time about the spouse of the interested party.
  5. In this space you must enter the country code, the phone number to receive announcements, unsubscribe, email address, unsubscribe.
  6. Mark if it is a tax domicile abroad or other domiciles, the complement of the domicile if required, the town or city, the postal code, the province, region, state and country. Also, NIF, surname and name.
  7. The following field is very important, since the address must be entered in detail for the purposes of receiving notifications.
  8. Then the information of the representative, place your Tax Identification Number, surnames and name or company name. Mark your is resident or not. The reason for the representation: Indicate if the legal, key or voluntary. The representation type (key) and representation title (key).
  9. Enter the marital status: Single, married, widowed, divorced / legally separated and the respective date of the current marital status.
  10. Finally, place the place, date of the declaration and the signatures of both the interested party and the spouse.

Steps to Submit Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census

The Form 030 for Tax Obligation CensusIt can be presented at any time of the year. It is required to be delivered promptly, after the personal, family or room information has a change. Only in this way can you effectively notify about changes.

However, if the modification to be declared with the consignment of Form 030, is given as a result of the modification of the tax domicile, the form must be submitted during the next three (3) months from the consequence of the change.

Steps to Follow for the Presentation of Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census

The guidelines to follow for the electronic submission of this Form are detailed below:

  • Login to Web portal of the Tax Agency of the respective community.
  • Find the field where all the steps are.
  • Choose the alternative “Censuses, Tax Identity Numbers and Tax Address”.
  • On that site, Form 030 appears with the name of Tax Obligation Census – Declaration of Registration, Variation of Personal Data and Change of Address.
  • Enter the management of presentation or modification.
  • Enter the DNI number (National Identity Document) or the NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) to identify yourself, with the pin code.
  • If you do not have the pin code, you can use the entry with the certification or National Electronic Identity Document.
  • Remember that within the link that indicates “Information and help”, you will get an entire guide about the service. There you can check who is obliged to declare, the completion of each space, the ways and deadlines for the consignment of the Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census.
  • Resuming the identification, the data to be changed or transferred to a file must be presented through the “Browse” option.
  • Upon completion of completion, you can press the option that reflects that the management ended.
  • After filling out Form 03, it will be complete. Instantly a sheet will be generated with the Verification Insurance Code. The modified information and a copy of the declaration will appear on said sheet.

What is it for?

The utility of Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census is the next:

  1. To register and formalize the entry in the Census of Obligatory Taxpayers.
  2. The renewal of the address of the tax domicile true of the taxpayer concerned.
  3. Modification or presentation of a domicile address, where the taxpayer’s communications will be sent.
  4. For the change of personal, family and identity information in general of the interested party.
  5. The request for badges to identify yourself.
  6. Modification of the taxpayer’s marital status, which in turn changes some of its functions.
  7. The NIF request for those individuals who do not have the NIE or the DNI.
  8. Make the request for a card that authorizes certifying the NIF (Tax Identity Number).
  9. The change, cancellation or registration of the contact information (email address and telephone number), where the communication from the Tax Agency will be sent.

Who Issues It?

The organism that emits the Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census, is the Department of Treasury and Finance, Subdirectorate of Tax Management, Direct Tax Management Service. Similarly, the State Tax Administration Agency is in charge.

It observes the monitoring and creation of tax censuses and registries in each province. Said procedures will be defined by each jurisdiction, according to the information that must be collected and kept. However, there is certain information that agencies must compulsorily enter, to ensure a true record.

The information is named below:

  • Correct names and surnames of the taxpayers in question.
  • If this is the case, the full name of the business name. If necessary, the logo must be attached.
  • The NIF (Tax Identification Number) of the natural person.
  • The address of the registered tax domicile, which must be updated in the census during any opportunity for change.
  • The domicile address of the taxpayer abroad, if applicable.

All these general data must join the Census of Taxpayers. This is a body that grants Tax Identification Numbers, for people in Spanish territory, and in this way to be able to process tax procedures.

As a result, the services used to obtain these data must be guaranteed, as well as to renew them, according to the modifications made. Form 030 is issued as a channel to correct or delete personal information of any interested party.

In such a way that, when incorrect or incomplete data are reflected, they can be reviewed in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding regulations.

The Form o30 for Tax Obligation Census, can be entered by any individual who wishes to update their data, or to register in the Ceso de Obligados Tributarios in Spain. It should be noted that these individuals must comply with the rules determined for the presentation of this Form.

What is Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census?

This Form is an instrument used to notify the Ministry of the Economy and Finance of changes to taxpayer data. The duty to update includes from personal or family information to the new address, or the modification of the alteration of the level of disability.

This Form has been put into operation so that Taxpayers request their registration from the Census.
It is very useful and important, while the NIF (Tax Identification Number) is assigned for individuals who carry out activities of a tax nature, just in case they require an identification number.

It can be used by all those individuals who do not perform business or professional functions, together with those who do not obey the respective income from withholding.

What is the Cost of Form 030 for Tax Obligors Census?

The cost of this Form depends on the current regulations that exist in each Spanish community. In other words, in the case of Madrid the value can be € 20 euros, which must be paid while the management procedure is running through a permitted banking institution.

Among the allowed banking institutions, to pay for Form 030 are the following:

  • Santander Bank.
  • In Bankia.
  • Sabadell Bank.
  • The BBVA.
  • Caixabank.
  • The Popular Bank.

As a taxpayer through the Form 030 for Tax Obligation Census, you have the opportunity to make the modifications you require, both personal, family and contact. This in order to have the information updated in a timely manner.

We hope we have helped you with everything related to this Form. Good luck with your procedure.

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