Form 037 for Self-Employed and Business Census: Steps, Utility and MORE

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Do you want to know what the Form 037 for Self-Employed and Business Census? Well, you have reached the ideal article for you. Here, you will find all the information you need to increase your knowledge about this document and how to fill it out. In this way, you can be better prepared for when you go to manage the process.

So, in the following lines, you will find information about the ways you have at your disposal to fill out form 037 and the steps you must follow, if you want to get this document. In addition, we will answer some frequently asked questions that are generated about this model.

How to fill out Form 037 for the Self-Employed and Business Census?

The first aspect that we will touch on in this article is the filling out of form 037 for the census of freelancers and companies. An important issue to know how the document is filled out and the ways you have to fill in this form.

Currently, form 037 has two ways to fill in the information. Although, in the end, both modes have the similarity of get the document through the internet.

  • The first option allows you to cFollow form 037 through the web platforms, download it and fill it in with the requested information, to present the document in person at an office.
  • The second option allows you fill in form 037 electronically; that is, fill out the forms through the web portals and send it online. Now, this option has two ways to manage the process.
  • You can rfill out the form with your electronic certificate or electronic signature; Although, for this, you need the Tax Identification Number (NIF). This modality must reflect your registration in the Census of Employers, Professionals and Retainers, before the presentation of form 037.
  • You can fill in the form with your PIN code or the signature systems that include a password. Although, to be able to carry out this option, citizens must be natural persons and registered in the country’s registry.

Attention: Forms 037 must be turned in to the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT); as well as, they must be requested from the offices close to the fiscal domicile address.

Steps to Follow to Complete

Once you decide which channel you are going to use to fill out the form, you just have to take care of writing the information correctly and appropriately. That is, you have to follow all the respective steps, so that the form is valid.

So, to save you inconvenience with this procedure, we will present you a list with the steps you must follow to complete form 037 for the self-employed and companies census.

  1. You should enter the web platform of the delegation of the regime that corresponds to you of the Tax Agency. [Se recomienda ubicar la delegación más cercana a tu dirección de domicilio]
  2. When you have entered the web portal, you have to start fill in the form from its first page. In this, you will have to indicate the necessary sections, depending on your case.
  3. You should enter your Tax Identification Number, in addition to your personal data, your tax address and the reason for requesting form 037.
  4. On the second page, you are going to have to provide the information of the taxes that you will take responsibility. Although, your obligations as taxpayers are also automatically displayed.
  5. In this mass page (the second), you will find the information regarding the Value Added Tax. Here, you have to establish the start of the tax activity.
  6. Then, on the third page, they will ask you for the details of the withholdings and income to the account. As well as, you must also present the declaration of your economic activities.
  7. Finally, enter the place and date you will make the declaration form, along with your signature.
  8. Send or print the Form.

Congratulations, you have finished filling out form 037 for the self-employed and business census!

Usefulness of Form 037 for the Self-Employed and Business Census

Regarding the usefulness of form 037, some doubts arise; since form 036 fulfills the same function and in a broader way. So, if there is a deeper form and with the same characteristics, What is the function of model 037?

Certainly, form 036 also fulfills the same census functions and even presents more options, but form 037 is a simplified version of this, to specifically attack a sector of the census of companies and self-employed.

So, form 037 for the self-employed and companies census is used to register in the Census of employers, professionals and retainers. Of course, you must meet the conditions determined by this simplified census document.

On the other hand, this model 037 also serves to communicate any change in our data of the census and unsubscribe, if our situation warrants it.

Who must File Form 037 for the Self-Employed and Business Census?

Since form 037 for the census of self-employed and companies is a simplification of another model, you have to know which people can or should request form 037, to avoid asking for the wrong form and gathering the wrong data.

So, the 037 forms should be presented by those self-employed who meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have a Tax Identity Number (NIF) or the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE).
  2. You have to be resident in Spain.
  3. The registered tax domicile address and domicile address with which the procedure is carried out must be the same.
  4. The procedure must rbe done in a personal way and not through third parties (legal representatives).
  5. You can not establish a company.
  6. You cannot be a contributor to any special regime of the Value Added Tax.
  7. However, there are some Exceptions for the previous step (step 6), which are: Equivalence surcharge; Cash criterion tax; Tax corresponding to the criterion of agriculture, livestock or fishing; Simplified regimen.
  8. You can not be member of the Registry of Intra-Community Operators.
  9. You should avoid being included in distance sales.
  10. You can not be listed as a taxpayer of excise duty [También aplica para el Impuesto sobre prima de Seguros].
  11. You can not make intra-community acquisitions that are not included in the Value Added Tax.

What is Form 037 for the Self-Employed and Business Census?

So, what is form 037 for the census of self-employed and companies? If it is still not clear to you, we will explain it to you in this section of the article.

Before explaining what model 037 is, you have to know that there is a model 036 much broader in its functions and tasks, which meets the same characteristics as the first document.

The difference is that form 037 is a simplified version, to expedite the process of the Census of businessmen, professionals and retainers.

In addition, this form has a web version that allows users to carry out the procedure from anywhere in the country and at any time of the day. However, you have to meet a series of specific requirements so that you can choose to use form 037 for the census of self-employed and companies.


Secondly, 037 forms can also be voided, if the person needs it. This action can only be carried out, if the following modifications need to be made within the registry of freelancers and companies:

  • Change of tax address.
  • Change of address where notifications are sent.
  • Modification of the identification data.
  • Updating the data of social and economic activities.
  • Modification of data on Personal Income Tax.
  • Changes of data referring to withholdings or income on activities.

Frequent questions

Finally, given the difficulty that the entender this model 037, we are going to leave you some answers to the frequently asked questions that arise regarding the topic.

When should the form be submitted?
  • Before starting operations.
  • When the income withholding obligations began on income account.
  • Within a month of starting the activities, a self-employed person or the company.
  • In the month of December, before the year that this begins to take effect.
  • When there is a withdrawal due to the cessation of activities.
  • Upon the death of the person in charge of the obligations.
What is the difference between form 037 and form 036?

Form 037 is a simplified version of form 036, which is for the specific use of self-employed workers in the country. In addition, it is a version that simplifies and speeds up the document process.

Can invoices be issued before filing Form 037?

To be able to issue invoices, as a self-employed worker, you need to register in the Census of self-employed and companies; so if you haven’t submitted form 037, you won’t be able to issue invoices.

Finally, the form 037 for the census of the self-employed and companies It is an essential document for the country’s self-employed workers; since it will allow them to carry out all the operations and activities available.

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