Form 046 to Pay Public Fees and Prices: Access, Filling and MORE

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If you are starting to pay your taxes, surely, you have heard about it Form 046 to pay public fees and prices. But Do you know how or what it works for? If you have no idea, don’t worry. In this article, we will explain it to you; since it is an extremely important document to be able to carry out the respective economic activities.

During the following lines, you will be able to find information on filling out form 046 to pay public fees and prices. So, if you want to know more about this form, we invite you to continue with this reading.

Access to Form 046 to Pay Public Rates and Prices

The first aspect that you should know about this form is how to access it, so that you can start processing it and pay your respective taxes.

So, if you want to proceed with form 046, you must meet a series of requirements. In this way, you can access the form and fill it in with your data.

Now the requirements that you must enter to get form 046, are the following:

  • Submit a identification document that has: names and surnames, company name, address of fiscal domicile and Tax Identity Number (NIF).
  • In the event that the procedure is done by a third person, the documents required to enable to this third party.
  • The date and number payment settlement.
  • The file number which corresponds to the payment settlement date.

Once you have collected and submitted these documents, you will be able to access form 046. To do this, you have the possibility of doing it through two means; although, the options may vary, according to each community. Therefore, you have to find direct links to the form that correspond to your jurisdiction.

Now, additionally, before submitting form 046 to pay public fees and prices, you must indicate if you are going to carry out a self-liquidation or a private liquidation; as well as, if the process will be managed by a third person [En estos casos, debes presentar la información que lo habilite].

Filling of Form 046 to Pay Public Fees and Prices

Once you meet and submit the requirements to access form 046, the filling process becomes a simple and quick process to complete.

In this case, you will only have to enter the web system of the corresponding agency to your community and fill out the form. But, to avoid delays, we will present the steps you must follow to complete the data requested by the document:

  1. You should get the web portal link of the agency that will carry out your procedure, according to the address of your fiscal domicile.
  2. Once inside, look for the option to “Declare payment of fees, sanctions, public prisoners and other income” [Según la web que utilices, puedes encontrar la opción como “Declaración de Liquidación de Euros”].
  3. You have to enter your identification data cAs a user obliged to pay the tax; which are: NIF, Names and surnames, Company name and Tax address.
  4. Attach the general data of the operations. Here, you have to choose one of the following options: “Self-assessment” or “Attached settlement”.
  5. Next, you will have to fill in some information fields respective to the settlement data [Revisar “Datos de la liquidación”].
  6. After you have filled out the form, your data will be shown on the screen and the result of the liquidation.
  7. Then, if you consider that all the information is correct, you can proceed to print the document in PDF.
  8. Finally, make the payment of the procedure before an institution authorized by Hazando Pública.

You have done it, you have finished filling out form 046!

Settlement data

After you have selected the type of settlement that you will pay in the form, you have to fill in a data series to continue with the process. So, so that you can finalize the procedure, you must provide the following information:

  1. Description of the self-assessment.
  2. Settlement date.
  3. The total value you have entered.
  4. The Territorial Code number.
  5. Payment concept, according to the corresponding jurisdiction.

How to Print Form 046 to Pay Public Fees and Prices?

During the printing procedure, you will have different options to print the form in PDF, depending on the platform you use. Among these options, you can find the following alternatives:

  • Blank printing: It allows you to print four copies for the presentation and consignment of the form in person.
  • Printing by filling in: This version of form 046 is issued after making the payment to the bank.
  • Telematic payment: Every time you fill out the form and make payments online, the banks will enter the payments on the 046 form.

What is Form 046 for Paying Public Fees and Prices?

The importance of the 046 form to pay public fees and prices is not a surprise to many; since its name indicates the function of the document within the processes and procedures of the country.

For people who have already experienced the process of paying their taxes, Form 046 is a very relevant document. This type of documentation allows you cancel the country’s public rates and prices; Without it, you could not cancel your tax obligations.

So, this document is an obligation for all people who want to contribute and keep their economic life balanced and up to date with their payments.

Therefore, you cannot forget that if you have to cancel annual taxes, you have to resort to record the requirements requested by the form and, later, fill it in with all the respective information.

How to get it back after having paid for it?

After you finish filling out form 046 to pay public fees and prices, you can continue with your daily routine; since the process is very simple and quick to complete. However, there are cases in which you may forget to print or save the document.

So, for these types of people, there are two ways to retrieve form 046Well, you have already canceled it.

  1. In the case of doing the payment with a card through a virtual sale, you will be able to access the option of “Form 046 without certificate.” Later, you will have to enter the self-assessment number and amount. Finally, you will receive a receipt, so you can retrieve the document.
  2. On the other hand, you can access the web portal of public estate; and, there, you should look for the option of “Form 046 with certificate or DNI”. There, you will be able to see if you have paid for the form, so that you can download the document or print it.

Once you have retrieved the form, you can go to the respective bank offices and make the payment of the subscription. However, you will also be able to do all this process from your home, through the Internet.

Enjoy the comfort of your home and do all your errands!

Who should process it?

This procedure is a general document for all citizens of the country; since it is the form with which people can cancel their taxes. Therefore, model 046 must be processed by all those people who must pay their annual taxes.

In addition, this is a process that involves several parties; specifically, four parts that are:

  • The Public Treasury.
  • The collaborating entity.
  • The fertilizer citizen.
  • The tax administration.

Finally, if you have any questions or need to clarify some points, you can contact the customer service of the General Directorate of Taxes and Economic Financing. To do this, you can use the following channels:

  • Number of telephone: 012/983 324 862. [El Horario de atención es de 8:00 a.m hasta las 10:00 p.m de lunes a viernes; mientras que, los sábados es de 10:00 a.m hasta las 3:00 p.m]
  • Email: / /

What is Form 046 to Pay Public Fees and Prices?

Finally, we can determine that form 046 to pay public fees and prices is an indispensable document for people who must pay their taxes.

This is because the form is used to enable your tax payments; so, if you are just starting in this world of taxes and tax payments, remember that you will need this 046 model. Also, that also serves as proof that you have paid the annual tax.

On the other hand, it is one of the easiest documents to fill out and it is super fast to process; so, it won’t take you long and you will be able to carry out your payments.

Therefore, be sure to provide all the documents requested from the form 046 to pay public fees and prices and do not stay without paying the taxes for the year.

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