Form 576 of Transportation Taxes: Term, What it is and MORE

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The Form 576 of Transportation Taxes, It is the document that allows you to pay the registration tax for the first time, once a new or used vehicle is purchased.

As a citizen responsible for your tax obligations, it is very important that you comply with this fee before the State Tax Administration. Therefore it is necessary that you inform yourself well about this issue below.

Filing Form 576 for Transportation Taxes

According to Order 140 of 2009, the Form 576 of Transportation Taxes it is presented in a compulsory way through the Internet. Although, there are exceptions for those cases in which it is necessary to personally contact the office of the corresponding instance.

This is done through the website corresponding to the Spanish Tax Agency, to enter the website corresponding to the electoral seat. To do this, you will need your electronic identification document or PIN code.

It is also important to consider other requirements to be able to start this process in this way, for which a NIF or tax identification number.

If the procedure is carried out in person at any Office of the Ministry of Finance, the officials present must be shown that the procedure to be carried out is the payment of the registration tax. The officer will review the identity documents of the applicant and the vehicle, and provide you with the exact amount of the payment, including the euro cents.

Instructions for Completing Form 576 of Transportation Taxes

Filling is simple, but all six lines of the Form 576:

Line 1

  • Fields of the Tax Obliged, Register the NIF or tax identification number (NIF), the surname and full name. Companies or legal persons have to write down the company name.

Line 2

  • Accrual fields, the fiscal year of the procedure is indicated.

Line 3

  • The taxable event, check the relevant box for the exclusive tax to be paid.

Line 4

  • The characteristics of the means of transport, in this section the data related to the means of transport to be declared are recorded. How they are: if it is new or used, the date it was put into service, the place where it was purchased, the mileage. The brand, model, displacement, ITV code, if the engine is gasoline or diesel. And very significant, CO2 emissions.

Line 5

  • Liquidation, is the part of the form where you must be more careful, since the data to be declared are based on the characteristics of the vehicle or means of transport, following the regulations in relation to:

  • The tax baseWhen the vehicle is new, the value of when it was acquired is indicated. If used, the data is based on the market value, calculated according to the payment accrual date.
  • For reduced tax base, is filled in case of being a large family, or when the Tax Administration grants a reduction in the tax base.
  • The type, corresponds to a percentage issued according to the cylinder capacity of the vehicle, or means of transport. In accordance with the regulations of Law 21/2001, in article 43.
  • Fee Calculation, defined by adding to the taxable or reduced base, the percentage of the current mode.
  • For linear deduction, in case of having established deductions for extraordinary conditions, such as catastrophes, floods and others. Transcribing the amount of the assigned deduction, it should not be greater than the quota.
  • About the Fee to enter, this must always be a positive or zero amount.
  • Field to deduct, when it concerns the additional self-assessment of previously filed returns.
  • The Result of the settlement, is defined by subtracting from the amount of the fee to be entered the amount to be deducted. The final figure or result must be positive.

Line 6

  • Complementary Self-assessment, when the present registration is complementary to one made previously. The 13-digit serial designated to the previous declaration is placed.

Line 7

  • The visa field, this field is for administration use.

More information here.

Usefulness of Form 576 of Taxes on Means of Transportation

The Form 576 of Transportation Taxes, is used mainly to comply for the first time with the payment of the registration tax, which applies to:

  • Vehicles: new, used, national or imported.
  • Boats: new, used, national or imported.
  • Aircraft: new, used, national or imported.

Presentation deadline

The record of the Form 576 of Transportation Taxes, It must be processed in the course that begins after requesting the decisive registration of the means of transport, be it a vehicle, aircraft, or boat, and before it becomes effective.

Cost and Payment of the Form

The amount to be paid for the registration varies according to the corresponding percentage depending on the CO2 emissions of the transport, namely:

  • If CO2 emissions are less than 120 g / km: they have exemption from payment.
  • For those who are between 120 and 160 g / km of CO2: they have a 4.75 %.
  • If emissions range from 160 to 200 g / km: they have the 9.75%.
  • For emissions above 200 g / km of CO2: a 14.75%.

Through the receiving entity authorized by AEAT, we will find the payment method electronically. Once the payment is completed, a NRC full or a reference number.

In the same way, they will also be issued NRC in person, which is a requirement to complete the declaration of their respective tax settlement models.

In addition to the exemptions, various circumstances are also entered here, for example, modifications made four years ago since the first definitive registration.

For example, if a person disabled you do not pay the road tax and sell the road tax four years before the first registration, you must pay the proportional part. Watch page.

What is Form 576 for Transportation Taxes?

East Form 576 It is also called “special tax for certain means of transport”, and can be defined as a form that must be processed by owners of new or second-hand vehicles, which are brought from abroad or nationals to be able to register in Spain for the first time.

The document is considered a tax, including taxes, to be paid by the car owner depending on the polluting emissions that may be discharged into the environment.

According to article 65 of Law No. 38 of 1992, the vehicles that must be registered for the first time and of course have to pay taxes are the following:

  • Those vehicles that have a new or used engine and are foreign or of community manufacture.
  • Any type of boat or vessels destined for nautical sports and recreation that are at least 8 meters long.
  • All airplanes or light aircraft that have a mechanical engine are new or used.

The law establishes that vehicles must be registered in Spain, either new or second-hand intended to be used in Spanish territory, for permanently established persons or entities or holders residing in Spain.

On Spain the tax is denoted as the special tax on certain means of transport. Likewise, the road tax is understood as the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles.

In Spain, the registration of a vehicle must be carried out once per vehicle, even if the vehicle changes ownership.

If the vehicle is Again, it is calculated based on the tax base (price before taxes) or the market price (if used). Again, this will depend on the vehicle characteristics and the autonomous community in which it is registered.

Since 2008, collection of registration tax it is a competence transferred to the autonomous community.

Do used vehicles bought abroad have to pay registration tax?

Yes, a second-hand car bought abroad must be taxed, because the taxable event of the vehicle means that it has been officially registered for the first time in Spain, but meets some conditional assumptions.

How many times will this “special vehicle tax” be paid each year?

When buying a new or used car, this special tax is paid only once.

How do I know the official amount of carbon dioxide that my vehicle emits to pay excise taxes?

To know precisely the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by your vehicle, you must verify it in the vehicle manufacturer’s certificate, vehicle documentation, or it may be specified in the technical inspection card.

Can I declare and self-assess newly imported motorcycles in other ways?

No, the special tax procedures for certain vehicles (including motorcycles) in the “Model 576” are through the Tax Office, the electronic office and the Spanish Tax Institute and are carried out in person through the electronic form at any office.

After paying the car registration with form 576, can I drive in Spain?

No, this is only one of the requirements that allows you to legally circulate in Spain. You must complete the municipal circulation taxes and insurance.

How do you register an old car without documents?

In this case, we recommend that you go to a notary or private office to provide you with professional services for this procedure. The officer will check the condition of the vehicle, and based on the results or missing documents, determine if the registration process can be resumed from a certain angle or from the beginning.

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