Form 790 (Code 006): Filling, Utility and MORE

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There are different forms issued by the State so that you can carry out personal procedures. Believe it or not, one of the most used is Form 790 from the Ministry of Justice of Spain.

Keep reading, we are sure you need to know everything about him Form 790 (Code 006).

With this model you will obtain the certificates of criminal records, acts of last will and insurance contracts with death coverage.

Filling out Form 790 (Code 006)

So that complete successfully model 790, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Get to the Web Official of the Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and select the tab “Procedures and personal procedures”. Then download the form. Only then will you automatically get an application number.

Save that identification code, because it is the one you will use to carry out your procedure.

  1. Now it is your turn to fill in all the boxes corresponding to your identification: name, address, postal code, telephone.
  2. When you get to the self-assessment section, mark with an “X” the type of certificate you are requesting. You can request several certificates at the same time.

That is why you must carefully indicate several details. Here we point them out:

  • You must indicate if the certificate you are requesting must have effects abroad. If this is the case, indicate the country. If you direct it to one outside the EU, you have to apostille it.
  • Note that section B must be filled out by the person requesting the criminal record.
  • When you get to section C, you will see that it is the “death coverage insurance contract certificate” (boxes 33 to 40).

Box 41 is very important: it refers to the “last wills” box. Fill in the date of the will, notary and place of execution, accompanied by the name of the spouse (if known).

  1. Next, you get to the filing and income point, where you have to write the exact place and date of the presentation. Then, it is up to you to sign the document.
  2. Finally, you have to request the form with which you are going to make the payment.

Usefulness of Form 790 (Code 006)

With Form 790/006 you can request any of these three certificates:

  1. Criminal record, you have to be of legal age to request it.
  2. Last Will Acts, if you need succession acts.
  3. Insurance contracts for death coverage, in force and with coverage on accidents or life insurance.

Form 790/026 can also be used to request the certificates of:

  1. Nationality by stay or by residence. Of course, you must have been formally living in Spanish territory for ten years.
  2. Concession of nationality if you are a Sephardic native of Spain.

Other Form 790 Forms that might interest you or that you need to use at any other time, are for the following matters:

  • If you need the Resident Intern Nurse or EIR., You must use the code EIR-790.
  • If it is the case that you are going to participate in offers of Public Charges, then you have to enter with the acronym IPS of the Registry in Selective Tests.
  • In order for you to request the certificate of a foreign citizen legally resident in Spain, you have to enter the code 012 of the National Police.
  • In the event that you need to request a residence permit and other formalities for foreigners, you must do so through the Foreign Model 052.
  • When requiring something from the Civil Guard, or managing licenses, authorizations, renewal and issuance of weapons, you must use the code ArmasExGC.

Differences with Code 012 and 026

As you already saw, there are different models of form 790 offered by the Ministry of Justice of Spain. Keep reading because here we will show you some of them and their differences.

With the 790 format you can request three (03) different certificates with the codes 006, 012, 026. Keep in mind that outside of these codes, the other models depend on other bodies, which are not the Ministry of Justice.

It is important that you know that Model 790 code 012 is issued by the National Police. Consider that you can only process it through the Internet. With this template you will be able to manage the fees of the Immigration and Documentation Brigades.

While with form 790 code 026 you can request nationality as a resident and descendant of Jews (Serfadíes) originating in Spain.

You must pay the administrative fees for this tax. Then, download the form and go to the page of the Ministry of Justice or its collaborating agencies.

Who should File Form 790 (Code 006)?

Form 790 (Code 006) will be used to request the certificates of criminal records, acts of last will or death coverage insurance contracts to obtain the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE).

We want to refresh you with some details about the three certificates that you obtain with the 790/006 template.

  • You request the criminal record when you are of legal age. You can also request it if you are a legal person.

A detail that will interest you: since the reform of the Penal Code of 2015, legal persons can also be criminalized for committing crimes.

  • The certificate for acts of will is used for succession acts on a will. Be careful with this: you can only manage it in person.

You only have fifteen (15) business days after the death of the person, to be able to process it. Do not forget that you necessarily need the death certificate.

The model that refers to death coverage insurance contracts is used to prove the contracts with insurance companies of a recently deceased person. You have the same fifteen (15) business days after the person’s death.

In order for you to request any of these three certificates associated with Form 790/006, you must follow the following forms:

In person

If you are domiciled in Madrid. You must make a prior appointment at the Citizen Service Office.

  • If you are located in other geographical coordinates of Spain, you must do so in the Territorial Managements, Delegations and sub-delegations of the Government, and in the Registries of any administrative entity.
  • You should know that usually, the issuance of the certificate is done at the moment. Delay may occur, but keep in mind that This procedure has a maximum issuance time of ten (10) business days.

You can manage the form through the Postal Mail.

In this case, you must send a photocopy of the documents to the following administrative territorial units:

  • Criminal Section of the Citizen Service Office, if you are domiciled in Madrid.
  • To the Territorial Managements of the Ministry of Justice, if you are in another community.

It is essential that you know that you must send a prepaid envelope for the return. Consider that the expedition time is a maximum of three (03) days (the stipulated time for the expedition is ten (10) days.

Another option is that you can use the Electronic Office

Through the Processing platform on-line with CL @ VE, completing the form. You will receive the certificate at the moment.

You may be affected by technical delays. The good news is that the delivery time is a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours.

  • If you are interested in knowing the case of Form 790/026, to request a certificate of Nationality by residence, you can do it in several ways.

Arriving in person with the documents, at any of the registry offices

  • The General State Administration
  • The autonomous communities
  • And the Local Entities

By electronic means entering Processing on-line with digital certificate.

Complete the form that the system shows you. You can do it for yourself and also for other people. In any case, you must attach the documents already digitized.

You have four (04) months to finalize your application. If not at that time, the system will delete it automatically.

If you need the Certificate of Concession nationality to Sephardic originating from Spain, you can only do it electronically.

We believe that it is necessary for you to know the costs of Forms 790, according to their codes.

  • The amount you must pay for the Form 790/006 is € 3.78.
  • While for Form 790/026, you must pay a fee of € 102.

What is it?

Form 790 It is a form that will allow you to make the payment of fees in any bank or savings bank that acts as a collaborating entity.

With the Form 790 (Code 006) You can request certificates of criminal records, acts of last will and insurance contracts with death coverage. You can process them in person and also by mail.

While with the model 790-026 of the Undersecretariat of Justice, you can request nationality by residence and granting of nationality to Sephardim originating in Spain.

  • Nationality by residence
  • Concession of nationality to Sephardic originating in Spain

In case you need it, It is possible that they will make you a refund of fees.

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