Form 790 (Code 012): Format, Filling and MORE

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Citizens who aspire to start a new life in a European country such as Spain, must first bear in mind that they must apply for the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) by filling out the Form 790.

They should bear in mind that you can get several form 790, the one we emphasize in this article is with the code 012. If you need to carry out this type of procedure, we advise you to continue reading this article, so that you can take note of the issue.

Form 790 format

The Form 790 it is needed by people who want to order one Foreigner Identity Card (TIE). If you need this document, you must pay at this rate and you have to follow the following steps:

First the citizen must complete the form 790 which is sent by the National Police and you can only do it through the website of the entity of state security.

When you have entered the page at the bottom right you will find a box with the name of “foreigner” and it will click there.

You will see a new tab where the “Immigration Procedures”. On the right side you should look for the option Printed Rate of Form 790.

When you have clicked on the required option, you will see a screen of the National Police. At the bottom you must click “Fill in the form and download”. Then a new tab will appear on the Form 790.

This form is made up of four sections where you must provide the correct information. Before completing the form, it is recommended that the citizen verify the information.

How to fill out Form 790?

As we discussed in the previous section, the Form 790, is made up of four sections. The first must include all your information regarding your identification. Between them you must place your number NIE or NIF, your name and surname or business name.

Your address, placing the street, square, crossing, name of the public road, with its number, the staircase, the floor, door, telephone, address, province and postal code

In the second section of Form, you have to fill in all the information regarding the “Self-assessment”. This is the largest section therefore you will have to choose the item depending on its process.

It is important to note that if the citizen is going to choose a complementary self-assessment, he must place the number that exists above the barcode in the main settlement. As well as the amount, which is the integer part and the decimal.

When you have chosen the procedure, you must complete the third and fourth sessions. The third one that has the name of the declarant where it must be placed, the town and the date.
And the fourth, which is the last, is named, the income. There you must complete the amount in euros, choose the payment method (cash or account debit), the IBAN code of the account.
Finally, you must add the code that appears in the image, then you will click on the button “Download completed form”.

Possible Procedures with Form 790

At Form 790 You can see that you can choose the procedure you want to request and they are the following:

The first procedure that the citizen can request is about the extension of the stay in the Spanish territory. If this is your case, there are two procedures on this issue which are:

  • If the procedure is about the short stay extension visa-free duration. It is important to note that the amount is assigned by the Police Unit.
  • The extension of short stay with the visa.

Processing to reside in Spain

People who need to carry out the procedures to live in the European country, must bear in mind that there are two cases:

  • The first has to do with the fact that citizens who aspire to obtain the temporary residence by circumstances for international protection, helping the authorities. In this case it includes help against organized networks, such as national security.
  • The second that depending on the situation of the person is to process the residence permit the work of victims of human trafficking.

Foreign Identity Cards and Community Resident Document

  • Foreign Identity Card documents the permit for temporary residence, stay or for cross-border workers.
  • This card documents the renewal of the temporary residence permit or, if applicable, the extension of the stay or the permit for cross-border workers.
  • Foreign Identity Card documents the residence and work permit for women who have been victims of gender violence and human trafficking.
  • TIE documents the long-term residence or long-term residence permit – EU.
  • Registration document for citizens who need to be a community resident or in that case request the family residence of a citizen of the union.

Identification documents, travel documents for undocumented citizens, titles

  • They can request an authorization for undocumented.
  • The registration card.
  • Refugee identity document.
  • Request the stateless person document.
  • Identity document of subsidiary protection.
  • The travel title.
  • Request the subsidiary protection document.
  • The travel document of the stateless.
  • Return permit.
  • Obtain a special permit for the input and output.
  • Assignment of the foreigner identity number.
  • Document or certificate issued at the request of the citizen.
  • Invitation letter request.
  • Issuance of the invitation letter.

Processing of the application for a transit permit at the border

  • Processing of application for permits or visa of the transit across borders.
  • The processing of the application for the residence visa at the border.
  • In this case, it is for the processing of the transit permit or visa at the border pFor children under 6 years and 12 years.
  • Processing of the application for the visa to stay at the border for citizens under 6 and 12 years of age.
  • The processing of the application for a stay visa at the border of a country with which the European Union has signed a flexibility pact on visas such as: Cape Verde, Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Ukraine, Russia, among others.

What is it for?

It is important to explain that there are several forms 790 that have the purpose of paying the administrative fees. Each payment is totally independent and each procedure that you choose is carried out differently.

Now the Form 790 code 012 it should be requested by people who need your Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) and it is granted to the person depending on the following cases:

  • The application for the first time of the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE).
  • Renewal of the TIE.
  • Application for the first time and the renewal of work and residence cards.
  • The application for the first time and the renewal of the community family card.
  • In since they have stolen or lost your TIE.
  • First time application and card renewal for students.

This card certifies the legal permanence of foreigners in Spanish territory, complying with current regulations.

Who should process it?

Citizens who must process the Form 790, are those who wish to remain in the territory Spanish.

By processing this form, the citizen will be able to obtain the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE). This document must be paid through the electronic office of the National Police.

What is Form 790?

The Form 790 It is a form that must be completed in the Web Portal of the National Police. With this form, citizens can request the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE).

Besides of Form 790-012, there are other 790 forms that are the following:

Form 790-052

It is a form that must be filled out by all foreigners who wish to process a residence permit in Spanish territory.

Form 790-006

Form 790 of the code is sent in cases in which there is a criminal record, death coverage, acts of last will, among others.

Form 790-026

Citizens must obtain form 790 of code 026 when they want to obtain nationality by residence or the granting of nationality in the case of Serfadis from Spanish territory.

How much does Form 790-012 cost?

The money that people have to pay depends on the type of procedure they want to carry out:

  • If you are applying for the first time Residence card either for student, work or root has an approximate cost of 15, 75 euros.
  • If it is for requests for renewal of temporary student and work residences, it has a value of 18.92 euros.
  • In the case that it is to request long-term residence, it has a cost of 21.44 euros.
  • Certificates and residency applications for families have a value of 12 euros.

You should be aware that the Form 790 You can cancel it in person at:

  • The banking entities.
  • In savings banks and credit unions.

You will not be able to cancel it virtually like other types of procedures. To cancel it, you must attend the bank, present the corresponding form and pay.

Finally the Form 790-012 You must present it at the immigration offices or at any National Police station.

If you follow the steps explained, you will have no problem processing the application successfully.

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