Form EX-08 for Transnationals: Format, Filling and MORE

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In this article we will detail all the information about the Form EX-08 for Transnationals. With this procedure you can request a permit to reside and work temporarily for the transnational provision of services.

Only then will you be able to move to Spain, even if the company you work for belongs to a state that is not dependent on the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Format of Form EX-08 for Transnationals

The first thing that we are going to inform you is that there are various models of immigration forms that you can obtain for free at the Foreigners’ Offices. You can download them directly from the internet.

So that you can identify them immediately, it is good that you know that all immigration forms carry a number accompanied by the letters EX.

Do not lose sight of the fact that once you present your file, you must keep a copy stamped by the respective Office. Don’t forget to download two copies. Only then will you accredit the request.

At form EX -08 You must look at the documents that you must have on hand to accompany the application.

For all cases, remember: have copies made of all documents and show the originals when you apply.

You must also ensure that these documents are translated into Spanish or the co-official language of the territory where you submit the application.

These are the documents you must have:

  1. Official model EX – 08 with its duplicate, filled out and signed by the company where you work.
  2. Valid passport or travel title.
  3. Level of training and professional qualification for the legal exercise of your profession.
  4. File of the company, with its fiscal address, that requests your displacement.
  5. Public document that authorizes the signatory of the authorization request as the company’s legal representative.
  6. Identity document of the signer.
  7. Your employment contract.
  8. Displacement certificate from the Authority of the country of origin that accredits you as a worker subject to its legislation on Social Security.

Also, you must have a record that supports:

  • Your stable and regular residence in the country where you are going to move.
  • The usual character of the work you are going to do.
  • The legal guarantee of the working conditions and requirements.

You must also have the legal documents of the company that will receive you as an employee:

  • Copy of the NIF or NIE or the identity data of the Identity and Residence Data Verification System.
  • Duplicate of the NIF and the registered deed of incorporation of the company.
  • Facsimile of the service provision contract.
  • Accredited support that your displacement occurs in the same company of origin.
  • Documentation proving that the posting is due to the provision of services abroad.

We recommend that you have a descriptive memory where you specify the profile of the job, your professional category, the expected duration of your posting and the period for which you requested authorization.

Remember that all foreign public document must be previously legalized at the Consular Office of Spain, which has jurisdiction in the country in which said document has been issued. Also by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

How to Fill Out Form EX-08 for Transnational Corporations?

You must fill out this form EX-08 in capital letters with black pen and block letters or typewriter. We repeat: you must always present the original document and its respective copy.

Proceed to carry out each of the following steps, carefully and with extreme care at the time of completing each data and information requested:

  1. Select in the box that corresponds to you: Man / Woman
  2. Fill in using two digits for the day, two for the month and four for the year, following this order: dd / mm / yyyy.
  3. Check the box that applies to you: Single / Married / Widowed / Divorced / Separated.
  4. Show the title that concerns you: Father / Mother of the minor, Sole Administrator, Chief Executive Officer.
  5. Indicates the main activity: agriculture, construction, hospitality, commerce, domestic service, health, etc.
  6. Indicate your occupation: agricultural laborer, bricklayer, cook, clerk, domestic worker, computer scientist, doctor, etc.
  7. Fill in only if you are a person other than the applicant.
  8. In accordance with DA 4 of RD 557/2011, you are obliged to electronic notification. If you are not included in any group, you will receive notifications only if you check the consent box.
  9. Please check the appropriate option.

In order for you to receive the notification, you must fill in the information requested in the «address for notification purposes» section.

You must have an electronic certificate associated with the DNI / NIE that appears in the section «address for the purpose of notifications», so that you have access to the content of the document.

You must fill in the «mobile phone» or «e-mail» fields so that you can send notifications or pending notifications.

In the form you will have well specified all the information that you need to process to complete and attach here so that your request is processed in the best way.

What is Form EX-08 for Transnationals for?

Form EX-08 for Transnational Companies is the procedure that will help you request your residence and temporary work authorization so that you can carry out transnational benefits of services in the following cases:

  • In the event that you need to travel to perform a service provision contract.
  • If it corresponds to you as a displaced worker to a work center in Spain and you are from the same company or group.
  • When you have been hired for the supervision or advice of works and services in a Spanish company or in a company based in Spain.
  • If you are a seasonal or campaign worker posted to the work center in Spain of the same company or group.

Who Needs It and Who Issues It?

It is necessary that you know that the EX -08 form must be requested and processed by the contractor who requests your transfer of services or professional work. You can do it personally or by employing a legal representative of the company.

You must be aware of the documents you need to attach to the application form. These are:

  • Complete copy of valid passport or travel document.
  • Copy of your training or qualification your legal practice as a professional.
  • Accredited documentation from the company requesting your travel, as well as the company to which you will assign your service or work.
  • Public documentation of the firm accredited as the legal representative of the company requesting your transfer.
  • Identification of the signer.
  • Work contract.
  • Displacement certificate and support that you continue to be subject to Social Security legislation. You can consult this directly on the Immigration Portal of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.

Verify that this application is presented to any public registry and directed to the Immigration Office of the province where you will present your services.

Keep in mind that they are expressly excluded from this type of authorization and procedure:

  1. The trips that you must make if you are going to develop some type of training activity.
  2. If you must travel as navigational personnel such as those of merchant marine companies.

What is it?

The Form EX-08 for Transnationals It is an authorization that allows you to have temporary residence and a job that must be fulfilled within the framework of the transnational provision of services.

With this procedure, if you are a foreign worker, you can be transferred to a work center in Spain.

This, as long as you depend on an express and direct employment relationship with a company established in a State that does not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area.

You should consider that in order for you to be eligible for this EX – 08 form, you must place yourself in some situations or assumptions.

First, if you are working in a company that requires your temporary displacement and occurs under the direction of the foreign company on which it depends.

Yes It is about your mobilization to another company established in, or that carries out its activity in Spain, so that you can execute a contract for the provision of services concluded between two consortia.

In a second situation, you will be able to receive the request for temporary posting to a work center in Spain from the same company or business group.

Finally, as an employee you will be able to carry out a trip due to the demands of a job or to provide highly qualified technical and professional services, in terms of supervision. As long as they need to be executed as a commission abroad.

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