Form EX-12 of Authorization to Work: Format, What it is and MORE

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If you need information about the work permit, in this article we present the Form EX-12 Authorization to Work, which corresponds to carry out this procedure. Keep reading what we have for you.

Here you will find what the Form is, what its model is like, steps to follow to complete it. Also, what is it for, who should manage it, who issues it and much more.

Format of Form EX-12 Authorization to Work

The Format of Form EX-12 Authorization to Work It consists of several parts. This is fairly easy to complete, as long as you have the information at hand. These parts are mentioned below:

  1. Information about the worker.
  2. The information about the activity.
  3. The data of the representative, for the purposes of the consignment of the request.
  4. Home address, for communications matters.
  5. The type of authorization requested.
  6. Annex I, documentation on which its verification or review is allowed.
  7. Annex II, documentation on which approval is denied For revision.

How to Fill Out Form EX-12 for Authorization to Work?

Complete the Form EX-12 Authorization to Work, requires some instructions for this process. The first thing is to write in capital letters, with a black ink pen, in block letters or typewriter. Then consign the original and a copy. The guidelines are set out below:

  • Select the respective field: Male or female.
  • Fill in using two (2) numbers for the day, two (2) for the month and four (4) for the year. The order is this (dd / mm / yyyy).
  • Mark the required space: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced, Separated.
  • Indicate the name based on the representation: Father / Mother of the minor, Sole Administrator, CEO.
  • Indicate the main function, that is: Health, hospitality, agriculture, domestic service, construction, commerce.
  • Select the profession or work of the employee: Clerk, IT worker, domestic worker, doctor, farm laborer, cook, bricklayer.
  • Fill out only in the case of being a person other than the applicant.

Decree 557/2011 of April 20

  • According to DA 4th of RD 557/2011, have an obligation in electronic communication, even if they have not given their admission, legal persons and communities of natural persons. Which due to their technical or economic competence, professional delivery and other certified reasons have a guarantee, income and availability of specific technological resources:
    • In the case of not being incorporated in any named group, it will be communicated by this means, only if the field of admission is chosen.
    • In any of the cases, the communication will deal with the making available of the documentation in the electronic office of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.
    • The communication will be made to the person where the information has been indicated in the field “address for notification purposes. In such case to the applicant.
    • To enter the documentation data, it is required to have the electronic certification affiliated with the DNI / NIE. This appears in the box «Address for notification purposes».
    • It is appropriate that the spaces «mobile phone» or «e-mail» are completed. In order to have the opportunity to send an indication (of an informative type), when there is a pending communication.
  • Select the corresponding alternative.
  • Applicants are not required to provide documentation that has been made by any Administration. Likewise, that it has been consigned before in an administrative process. For this purpose, the respective documentation must be listed in annex I. It will be assumed that this verification is allowed, unless it justifies its clear contradiction, and Annex II must be completed.

Some Aspects to Take into Account about the Form

The own data about procedures to be executed and documents that must be attached to this Request Form. For each of the processes considered in it. As well as the data about the fees generated by this management (Information Sheets).

According to Article 5.1 LO 15/1999, the information provided by the applicants is notified. Which are required to solve the request are stored in a file. Where its recipients will be the entities of the General Administration of the State in charge of foreigners.

Those responsible for this to the General Directorate of Migration, the General Directorate of the Police and the Delegations or Sub-delegations of the Government. Applicants can exercise their right of entry, verification, cancellation and contradiction in front of the aforementioned institutions.

In such a way that, the official patterns can be reproduced by any printing channel. These are also available on the website of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. It should be noted that the Form EX-12 Authorization to Work it is totally free and its sale is prohibited.

Usefulness of Form EX-12 Authorization to Work

The Form EX-12 Authorization to Work, is used to request a work permit for self-employment or for someone else. This can be to work full-time or part-time.

Who should process it and who issues it?

The Form EX-12 Authorization to Work, can be requested by the following people:

  • Person holder of permanence for studies, for instruction or research, for non-job training or for volunteer service.
  • Any foreign navigator in ships of Spain that weighs maritime.
  • The titular person of residence authorization by CCEE, due to social roots unable to work.
  • The interested party of residence authorization by CCEE for humanitarian reasons, for contribution with Public Authorities, for reasons of National Security or for collective interest.
  • The cross-border employee.
  • Any minor without the company of a temporary residence authorization holder.
  • National citizens admitted in International Agreements.

To make the request for authorization to work, this will depend on who makes it, and must attend one site or another. Therefore, it is essential to review the website of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation or the respective Autonomous Community.

Offices to Process Form EX-12 for Authorization to Work

  1. Holders of permanence for research or studies, in the Immigration Office or in Dependent Areas of Work and Immigration.
  2. For all other cases:
    1. On your own, in the Immigration Office, or in Dependent Work and Immigration Areas. It is recorded in person.
    2. As an employee, it is registered by the employer in the Immigration Office or in Dependent Work and Immigration Areas.
  3. For renewal, in a public registry, You must go in person or through a legal representative.

Documents to Submit

There are some documents that must be attached to the Form. These are named below:

Basics for all Applicants

  • The passport, travel certificate or the registration card.
  • Documents that justify the person as the holder (residence permit for studies, or residence permit for special reasons, etc.).
  • Approved title or instruction certificate to exercise the labor profession, when required.

Work Permit for Part-Time Employee or Initial Employee Account

  • The National Identity Document (DNI) o Tax Identification Code (CIF), documentation company legal public.
  • Registration of the company in Social Security.
  • The employment contract.
  • Certification of economic resources of the employer.
  • When you own residence permit for research or studies, documents supporting the similarity of studies with job functions.

The Initial Self-Employment Permit

  • Proof that you have the investment required or support from financial entities.
  • A plan about the activity to be carried out, expected productivity and job positions to be created.

The Renewal of Permits for an Initial Third Party Account or Initial Own Account, for a Part-Time Third Party Account

  • Documents that certify that the situations that gave rise to the initial permit are the same.

What is it?

The Form EX-12 Authorization to Work, refers to the format that collects the data of those people who request the Government of Spain, an authorization to work in the country. Of course, to carry out this procedure, you must meet a series of requirements that were mentioned above.

Manage the Form EX-12 Authorization to Work, It is very important for all those independent or dependent foreign workers, in order to have legality within the country to carry out the pertinent activities.

We hope we have helped you with this process and you can carry out the process as soon as possible, complying with all the requirements that were mentioned throughout the article.

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