Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The foreign citizen residing in Spanish territory can opt for the registration card to leave the country depending on their situation. For this reason, to carry out this procedure you must fill out and deliver the Form Ex-16 of Registration Certificate.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not worry that below we will explain every detail of this topic so that you can enjoy the benefits that having it offers you.

How is Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate?

Through this Form EX-16 of registration certificate , determines that if the foreigner is inside the Spanish territory. You can request the travel title or registration card proving that it is an exceptional situation to have to leave that country.

To access the document, the citizen must enter the Immigration web portal. When you have entered you will notice that in that section you can download all the official forms. Required to carry out their process regarding documentation of foreigners in Spain that are governed by the Organic Law 2000.

The one with the name will click Ex- Application for ID or travel title and the document will be downloaded from the immigration portal, which will be directly on file PDF.

Filling of the Form EX-16 of the Registration Certificate

You will notice that most of the forms have the same structure, differentiating it from some information that you will have to fill out.

But before completing the Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate they should bear in mind that they can only fill it in with a black pen, in capital letters, in block letters or by typewriter. You also have to present the original and copy.

The reason why should only be black pen It is because the information is better understood and it is not difficult for the authorities.

Under no circumstances can the form have erasures or amendments. If it contains errors, the document will be returned to you.

When you have the Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate, you may notice that the document is divided into 4 parts and they are the following:

Foreign Data

In the first part of the form, the citizen must complete everything related to their personal information and it is the following:

  • The first thing you will have to put is your passport number or if you have the NIE.
  • Your last name and the applicant’s name.
  • Sex
  • Highlight your date of birth. There you must use 2 digits for the day, 2 for the month, and 4 for the year. Fulfilling the same order.
  • Place and country of birth.
  • Your nationality.
  • You will have to mark your marital status. In the form you will indicate if it is single, married, widowed, divorced or if separated.
  • Add the name of your parents.
  • Address in Spain, placing the number and the floor where it is located.
  • Add your town, the postal code and province.
  • Your mobile phone, email.
  • In this case you have a legal representative, you must place it, with your DNI / NIE / PAS. Finally, you will have to place the title that the representation holds, such as: father / mother of the minor citizen, sole administrator, etc.

Representative Information

When you have completed the first part of the Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate, then you must fill out the second part of the document that refers to the representative’s data.

It is worth emphasizing that this second part should only be filled out one third person who will deliver the form. In this case, the information to complete is the following:

  • You will first have to enter the name of the representative or, if applicable, the company name.
  • Your number of any of these identification documents (DNI / NIE / PAS).
  • Enter all information about your address in Spain such as your number and the apartment where you live.
  • Add the town, the postal code and province.
  • Mobile phone, email.
  • In this case you have a legal representative, you must place it, with your DNI / NIE / PAS. Finally, you will have to place the title that the representation holds, such as: father / mother of the minor citizen, sole administrator, etc.

Address for notification purposes

This is part 3 of Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate and it is related to the address which you want him to get all kinds of information about his procedure. To fill out this section you must do the following:

  • You must first enter your name or in that case, the social reason.
  • Next, enter the number of any of the identification documents that you have as: DNI, NIE, PAS.
  • Everything related to your address in Spain, with the number and the floor where you live.
  • Add the town, postal code and province.
  • Telephone and email.

Relative data of the request

The fourth and last part of the Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate it is the one that differs from the other forms. Here the citizen must specify the type of document they want, if it is registration card, indicate if the treatment is initial or renewal.

If you want the travel title, you must choose whether to return to Spain or not to return to Spain. You also have to add the destination. Finally, choose which of the three reasons is your motive: exceptional humanitarian reasons, public interest, commitments acquired by Spain.


You must sign the applicant or, if applicable, the legal representative. It is important to explain that in the next pages you will notice that there are annexes I and II.

The I are the documents on which the verification is authorized and the II refers to the documents for which it is denied.

If you have doubts regarding the Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate, the instructions for the fulfillment of the document, are at the end, where the steps are highlighted.

Usefulness of Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate

The Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate It is used when foreigners are granted a travel document or a certificate to leave Spanish territory, bound for the countries that they specify and return to that country.

In the case if the objective of the travel document was for the return of the applicant to their country of nationality or residence, this document will not have authorization to return to Spanish territory.

Who needs it?

They must be presented by foreigners personally. As indicated in the Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate citizens must explain why they want to leave Spanish territory. If it is for exceptional humanitarian reasons, for public interest or for Commitments acquired by Spain.

Who Issues It?

You must deliver the Form EX-16 of Registration Certificate through the Immigration Office or at the Police Station of the place where your residence is located.

What is the Registration Certificate Form EX-16?

The Form Ex-16 of Registration Certificate, is a document by which foreign citizens request a certificate to be able to leave Spanish territory.

What are the documents?

In case of requesting your travel title along with the Form Ex-16 of Registration Certificate You will need to collect the following documentation:

  • The copy of your current registration.
  • Documents that demonstrate that they concur exceptional reasons that justifies your situation.
  • You must carry three passport photos in White background.

The documents for the registration card are the following:

  • Documents that, even if they are expired, demonstrate or indication of the identity, origin of the nationality of the foreigner.
  • Attach all the necessary documentation that demonstrates that there are exceptional reasons.
  • Notarial certificate stating the requirement made and not attended by the diplomatic mission or in the determined consular office.
  • In the event that you do not present a notarial deed, you must bring a copy of residence authorization application in exceptional situations.
  • Attach three photos meat in White background.

To conclude, Spain offers help to foreigners when they need it most, therefore if you want to leave the territory you can do so depending on your situation.

They should bear in mind that it is essential to fill the Form Ex-16 of Registration Certificate because it authorizes the processing of the document you need. Plan and do it

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