Form EX-19 for Green Card: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The FForm EX-19 for Residence Card, is a document that must be filled out to process the Family Residence of the European Union.

If you are part of a Spanish family or from another state of the Union, this article is for you, it is important to read with detail to make this article successfully.

What is Form EX-19 for a Green Card like?

This form complies with a series of steps and regulations that must be followed. The person entitled to submit the application is the family member of the citizen of the European Union or any member state of the EEA

In this link, the application for a residence card Family of Community Citizen can be visualized more clearly

The following form is divided that must be filled out:

  • Applicant details
  • Resident who gives the right to the application of the community regime
  • Submitter of the application
  • Domicile for the purpose of notifications
  • Cards Requested.

If you want to know more about this Form and find out what it is like, we invite you to view this video where is explained a introduction more easily.

The Family Residence Card, is a document that alleges a person in question of family of a Spanish citizen or any other citizen belonging to the European Union, as mentioned before.

The card is generally processed for the family of foreign citizens where this same individual obtained citizenship of any country of recent union and who is a relative of the citizen is available to reside for more than 3 months in that country in question.

Requesting the document is done through the Form EX-19, and in addition to carrying other important requirements.

The Requirements to process the Family Residence Card are:

  • Form Model EX-19 Printed
  • Valid Family Passport
  • Document that proves the family bond between the individual and the citizen of the European Union or some documentation that is show if you have a family relationship.
  • Identification document or the Citizen’s Registration Certificate Spanish with whom the family member meets.

It is important to note that the documents must be translated in the language of the country of union where you can do the process, in this case, Castilian Spanish.

  • First of all, you must complete the Form EX-19 and print it, in addition to gathering all the relevant documents
  • It must be presented at the Province Immigration Office closest to where you intend to stay- In addition, you must make a period of 3 months since the arrival of the applicant to the country in question.
  • At the end of these steps, a receipt will be delivered certifying that the request that works as a document temporary legal stay, until the card is delivered. During that time, the card issuance fee is paid. It should be noted that the document will only be valid for five years, counting from the time of issue.

The rate is at twelve euros (€ 12), These prices may vary, you must be very aware of the official website or in the news.

Each citizen must be up to date with this Form

Filling of Form EX-19 for Green Card

It is important to fill in capital letters with a black pen and print or typewriter, the original and a copy of this form will be presented

  • Check the appropriate box (Male / Female)
  • Fill using 2 digits for the day, for the month and 4 for the year
  • Indicate the title on the basis of which the representation is held.
  • Place the passport, tax identification number.
  • Fill in only in case of person other than applicant

You must download the Form with the following link. Once done completing the form is quite simple.

It is important to remember that the form fill out from the computer. Following the corrective steps in the first part of the form, you must fill out the applicant’s personal data, it is important to do it accurately.

Then, in the second line, the data of the Union citizen with whom you are going to meet is requested. The third line is data from a representative who, and processes the application, this line must be filled in if the application is different from the applicant.

At the end of the form there are more details several instructions on filling out some specific areas of the form.

Usefulness of Form EX-19 for Green Card

On many occasions, foreign citizens who have obtained Spanish nationality or from another Member State of the European Union, or from another party to the agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland, must be accompanied by family members and this is possible through the figure of the residence for relatives of Union citizens.

This is possible if the relative intends to accompany you is not a citizen of another Member State of the Union and if the stay is intended to be longer than three months. The card must be requested through form EX19

The deadline for submitting the application It is 3 months of entry into Spain. This point is very important to avoid incurring illegal stay until the delivery of the card.

This has a validity of five years unless the citizen of the union have a shorter period of residence, in such cases it must coincide for the same period.

Over time it is necessary to renew the residence card.

Who should fill it out and who issues it?

This form is issued by member states that make up the European Union and the States party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

Among them are:

  • Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
  • Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands
  • Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden and Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein

It is important to mention that the people who fill out this form must meet a series of essential requirements:

  • The citizen is an employee, You must show a document of economic solvency that can be a work certificate or the same employment contract.
  • If you work on your own, you must register in the Commercial Registry or the Census of Economic Activities (Social Security)
  • The opposite of the citizen does not perform any work activity in the country, You must provide a medical insurance or another type of document that demonstrates sufficient financial solvency for the and family.
  • The citizen is a student, he must show the enrollment of the educational teaching center.

What is it?

The Form EX-19 It is an application form used to process the European Union Family Residence Card. If you are an individual, you are a relative of a Spanish citizen, or from another state of the union, it is the same way to carry out this procedure if you want to do it in your territory.

exist some unknowns that may occur during the process, we bring these questions from many users that are asked when carrying out this type of procedure, and they are:

  • What benefit does the Residence Card offer?

This is a means of identification, which allows the beneficiary reside and work in Spain under the same conditions as a Spanish.

In addition, you can leave and enter Spain without problems (although the right to the card can be lost due to absence older than 6 months)

  • What is the validity of this Card?

5 years for temporary and 10 for permanent (This is processed after obtaining the temporary one), the latter must be renewed for 10 years.

All this is fulfilled, depending on the conditions that do not change and granted in the Card.

  • Where can the Residence Card be processed?

The application for a community family member’s residence card is presented at the Immigration office of the province where the family member resides. You cannot appear at the consulate Spanish in the country of origin, as many must think.

  • Which relatives of the Spanish citizen or of another EU country can be beneficiaries?

These benefits can go to spouses, as long as the agreement has not been relapsed, partner with whom they maintain a union, direct child of the citizen of the union, direct ancestors of the citizen of the union, cAny family member in the applicable country.

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