Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors: Completed, What it is and MORE

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Sometimes foreign citizens residing in Spain need to travel with their minor children, also foreigners, for a short time. This topic will be discussed in this article related to the Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors.

This type of forms allows the process to be simple and specific for this particular situation. Learn about the subject and know how to manage temporary displacements.

What is the Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors like?

The Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors It has a format that has five sections and two tables to indicate documents.

Section 1 Details of the person or entity that promotes the displacement

The data to fill in are:

  • Exercise.
  • In addition, you must indicate the Relationship with the minor.
  • Also, the Name or Business name.
  • Also point out, DNI / NIE / PAS.
  • Likewise, the Address, Number and Floor.
  • Also, the mobile phone and email.
  • Legal representative, DNI / NIE / PAS.

Section 2 Minor Information

The data requested are the following:

  • Passport and NIE
  • First Surname and Second Surname.
  • Name and Sex.
  • The Date of birth, place, Country, Nationality.
  • Father’s name, mother’s name.
  • Address in Spain, Number and Floor.
  • Town, CP, Province.
  • Mobile phone and email.
  • In addition, indicate the Legal representative, DNI / NIE / PAS.

Section 3 Representative data for the purposes of submitting the application

The data is as follows:

  • Name o Company name.
  • DNI / NIE / PAS.
  • Address in Spain, the Number and the Floor.
  • Town, CP, Province.
  • Mobile phone and email.
  • Legal representative, DNI / NIE / PAS.

Section 4 Domicile for the purpose of notifications

The data requested are the following:

  • Name or Social reason.
  • Also, the DNI / NIE / PAS.
  • Also, the Address in Spain, the Number and the Floor.
  • Likewise, you must indicate the Town, Zip Code and the Province.
  • Also, indicate the Mobile phone and email

Section 5 Data relating to the Application

Reason for transfer are:

  • By medical treatment Article 187.
  • Also, per stay for the enjoyment of holidays according to article 187.
  • Also stay for schooling in an academic year, article 188.
  • For international adoption (International Conventions).
  • Others.

Expected length of stay:

  • Less than 90 days.
  • Stay longer than 90 days.

Filling of the Form for Displacement of Foreign Minors

The correct filling of the Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors It is essential when submitting the request for authorization for the movement of foreign minors.

Here are the indications for the proper completion of the form for the posting of foreign minors:

  • Filling should be done with a black pen and print or to machine.
  • Submit the form in original format and copy of the form.
  • Also, you must indicate the area of ​​the main activity carried out: commerce, construction, agriculture, hospitality, domestic service, health.
  • In addition, in the case of natural persons, you must indicate the existing relationship with the minor, that is, father, aunt, representative, brother, among others.

  • Likewise, indicate which is the title held by this representation, such as the father, mother of the minor, sole administrator, counselor, etc.
  • Also, you must mark where applicable: Male / Female.
  • Likewise, you must fill in using two digits to indicate the day, two for the month and four for the year in this order: dd / mm / yyyy.
  • According to Royal Decree 557/2011 they are obliged to electronic notification, even without the consent of legal persons and a conglomerate of natural persons.
  • Further, check the consent box to receive electronic notification. In other words, the document will be available at the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.
  • The notification will reach the person who has indicated the corresponding data in the “address for the purpose of notifications” section, or to the applicant. In addition, to have access to the content of the document, you must have the electronic certificate associated with the DNI / NIE that appears in the “address for notification purposes” section.
  • Likewise, it is important that you fill in the data corresponding to the mobile phone number and the email address.
  • Also, take into account that it is not necessary to provide documents that have previously been provided in an administrative procedure. In Annex 1 you must list the documents in question.

For more information related to the procedures and documentation that must be attached with the application, it can be consulted here

What is it for?

The Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors EX14, is used when you want to transfer minors from foreign countries. When the opportunity arises to transfer an immigrant minor in Spain, it is essential to fill out the Model Form EX14.

To fill it out, the data of the minor, the applicant and the minor’s representative are required. With this form, a request is made for a prior report for the minor’s displacement.

Who must process the Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors?

The process of Form for Displacement of foreign minors, must be carried out by the following entities:

  • If it is a displacement for medical treatment or for the enjoyment of holidays, the request must be made by non-profit associations, foundations or the public administration.
  • For him displacement due to schooling The request must be submitted by foundations, non-profit associations, public administration, legal or natural entities or persons that exercise guardianship or parental authority over minors.

These trips are due to programs that are promoted and also financed by these entities.

Who Issues It?

This form for the displacement of foreign minors is issued by the Government of Spain, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, in the attention of Consular Services.

What is the Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors?

Form EX14 for the Displacement of Foreign Minors is a format that was created to report the temporary transfer of minors born in foreign countries.

When you want to transfer minors, who are immigrants in Spain, you need to fill out the Form Model EX14. Through this form, a request is made for a prior report from the Subdelegate or Government Delegate for the temporary displacement of foreign minors.

Therefore, the purpose of the form is to request the report for cases of foreign minors being displaced for periods of no more than 90 days.

This is through programs that are promoted and financed by the Public Administration, non-profit associations or also foundations or other entities outside those who exercise parental authority or guardianship.

The rooms in question in this application are for:

  • The Medical treatments.
  • For the enjoyment of
  • Also, for the schooling.

It must be personally requested by the promoter of the program in question. The request must be made before the Government Delegation or Subdelegation in the province where the minor foreigner will be.

Required documents

Together with the printed application form, the following documents must be attached:

  • Has to attach travel program where the purpose of the stay, the duration and the health, legal and school protection of the child are recorded.
  • Submit a Report issued by the autonomous body competent in matters of data protection and reservation.
  • Also, you must attach a copy of the passport full title or title of the minor’s trip.
  • Likewise, a document must be consigned that informs that the reception of the minor has no purpose whatsoever with the adoption.
  • In addition, the documentation certifying the commitment to ensure the minor’s return to the country of origin must be attached.
  • In the same way, present the documentation that validates the commitment that the return of the minor does not mean a cost for the Spanish treasury.
  • Additionally, all the documentation that proves being admitted to a teaching and training center.

It is important to know that when documents from other countries are consigned, they must be translated into Spanish or the official language of the territory from which the request is made.

In addition, any foreign public document must be legalized by the Consular Office of Spain with jurisdiction in the country where the document has been issued and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Must be pay a fee for the issuance of the report and is accrued at the time the request is made and payment must be made within a period of ten business days.

You already know all the details related to the Form for the Displacement of Foreign Minors, take into account this important information and that it is within the current Spanish regulations.

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