Form FR 101 of the RED System: Filling, Utility and MORE

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We are sure that this article interests you. As a worker you need to know everything about Social Security that should protect you. And if you are an employer, even more.

If you must make an authorization request for the Spanish RED System, by using a Form FR 101 of the RED System, here you will find everything in detail. Read us!

Filling of Form FR 101 of the RED System

Before complete the form, first you must have access to the RED System. In order for you to have this access, you must have an authorized RED number. If you don’t have it, apply now.

You need to know that the FR 101 form consists of six (06) sections, which you must fill out progressively.

You must do it correctly and write it preferably from the web through auto-fill. This will ensure that the characters you enter are typographic. You can also complete it by hand, if you need to complete the procedure in person.

Prior to this, you must indicate at the beginning if you do it on your own behalf, having to choose the option Transmission type; or if you act on behalf of others, then selecting the box Authorization Type.

Once you have settled on the type of user and indicated it in the corresponding box, now it is your turn to show you the six (06) sections that you must complete in the form.

  1. In the authorization section, you must write the company name or full names, NIF, specific address and the type of payroll program.
  2. Then, in the section on contact, indicate the phone numbers and email you will have to contact Social Security.
  3. Later in the applicant’s box, you must present the data as the person of the authorization.
  4. In the title of the main user of the authorization, you must write the full names, the identification of the natural person (NIF or NIE) and the affiliation number.
  5. The part of the collegiate professional, you must complete it only if you are requesting an authorization of the collegiate professional type. You must put the full name, the identification of the natural person (NIF or NIE), College to which it belongs, province and collegiate number.
  6. In the matter of the information related to the presentation of the application, it indicates the Provincial Directorate of the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS) to which you direct the application. Finally, it details the place, the date of issue, signature and full names of the signer.

When you finish filling in the form, complete the authorization request process through the website of the Social Security Electronic Office. You can only do it if you have your digital certificate.

Then, when they grant you authorization, they will send you a resolution of the estimate.

Usefulness of Form FR 101 of the RED System

Here we want to guide you in everything related to filling out this FR 101 form.

In addition to completing the form, you must attach documents that you deem necessary. This way you will be able to exchange information and important documents with the General Treasury of the Spanish Social Security.

You should know that the RED System (Electronic Data Remission) is a telematic means for companies and the General Treasury of Social Security to exchange information and documents of workers.

Everything that happens on this platform is mandatory for Social Security. That is why it is important that you know how the system works, the laws that regulate it and the requirements that exist between professionals, companies and Social Security.

Take into account the main procedures that you can carry out in the RED system:

  • You can affiliate registrations, cancellations, contract variations, inquiries and requests for reports, both from workers and companies
  • In this platform you can manage the collection process of Social Security contributions.
  • You can also do the payment procedures and control the Social Security.
  • You can communicate to the National Institute of Social Security (INNS) cases of Temporary Disability (IT), maternity, paternity, risk or accidents at work, among other work situations.

Here we show you the main menu, which will vary according to the transmission mode you choose or have: Direct Network, SLD or Internet Network.

  1. Membership
  2. Quote
  3. Temporary disability
  4. Personal mailbox
  5. File transfer
  6. Authorization management

Keep in mind that in order for you to have access to the RED system, You must contribute within the Social Security System. Just as they do:

  • Companies.
  • Professionals.
  • Groupings of companies.
  • Free-lancers.
  • Other responsible subjects

Knowing everything about the RED system, it is time to tell you that Form FR 101 will help you formally request inclusion and authorization for the system.

As we already told you, so that you can complete the form you must have the Digital Certificate. Only in this way will you be able to join the Electronic Data Remission System in the field of Social Security (according to Order ESS / 484/2013).

When to File the FR 101 Form of the RED System?

As you have already seen, both companies and workers are obliged to use the RED Social Security System.

It is important that you know that you must submit the DR 101 form along with the other complementary documents within the application period, which, for this year 2020, will start exactly on June 15.

Make sure that you are presenting the FR 101 form accompanied with all the required documents correctly, so your application will be effective.

We alert you that you must check the date you made your request. Well, you must have done it within the first three (03) months (until September 15), and you must have fully complied with the requirements. They will only be approved, for economic purposes, from June 1, 2020.

Request Authorization to the RED System

So that you can enter the RED system platform, you will need to:

  1. The Digital Certificate
  2. The RED Authorized Number

You get it by submitting the FR.101 form.

  1. In addition, you will have to prove that you are authorized (Legal Personality or Natural Person).
  2. If you are a Collegiate, you must submit your accreditation (title or professional certificate).

We are going to show you the new aspect of the Social Security page, which presents a different way of accessing the platform. Don’t worry, here we will take you by the hand.

In the following image, you can see that you can take several paths, the first and a little longer would be in the option on the right. After there it will take you, apart from the access option, to the platform’s documents and forms on-line.

Frequent questions

If I have already been granted an Authorization for the RED System, is it possible that it will be suspended or canceled?

Yes. It is entirely possible that your authorizations could be canceled or suspended. This will happen if you do not meet the established conditions. That is why we have emphasized that you find out everything, that you read carefully and be aware of the deadlines. You just have to be alert and not neglect anything.

Can I transfer the authorization to other people?

Of course yes. You can transfer the authorization only when it is a question of the change of the holder of said authorization, or if it refers to the change of the company name.

What do I need to learn to operate the RED system once it is authorized?

In this article we have guided you through the fundamental steps. You can also find various instructions and user manuals on the internet, available in PDF format. Just make sure they are in sites qualified and authorized by the competent bodies.

What is Form FR 101 of the RED System?

Find out that the Form FR 101 of the RED System It is also known as the Authorization Request for the RED System.

It is with this form that you can exchange information and important documents with the Treasury General of the Spanish Social Security. So you will have the means to watch over and assure the employees you are in charge of.

Once again we tell you: in order for you to belong to the RED system, you must have the digital certificate and the corresponding authorization so that you have access to the RED system platform.

Once your application is approved in the RED System, you will be granted an authorization, which can be of several types:

  • For you to proceed on your own behalf, once you manage your own Contribution Account Codes (CCC) or Affiliation Number (NAF) whose NIF’s coincide with the authorization’s NIF.
  • For you to act on behalf of others, when any CCC or NAF is processed whose NIF’s do not match the authorization’s NIF.

When you complete Form FR 101, do not forget to submit the following documentation:

  • Copy of your National Identity Document.
  • Certified as a Chartered Professional (if applicable).
  • Document that accredits you as authorized (natural or legal person).
  • Request for assignment of CCC or NAF.

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