Form S1 for Healthcare outside of Spain: Application, What it is and MORE

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If you are from Spain, whether you are inside or outside the territory, to access any type of health care and medicine you must have medical assistance and Form S1.

Learn more about this procedure in this section. Things like what it is, how to get the form and much more information that will help you. Join us!

What is Form S1?

The Form S1 It is a document that allows Spanish citizens to receive medical attention, whether they are in Spain or not.

It certifies the right that a person has to receive health services in the country in which they reside.

It is useful for all those who are cross-border employees, displaced persons, pensioners, civil servants, among others.

This form is the equivalent to forms E106, E109 and E121. Thanks to all these, including the form that does not compete, you can go without problems to the Social Security center closest to you, make your delivery and request immediate attention.

Request for Form S1

To be covered in health, you must make an application for registration in the corresponding entity, and thus you can have access to health care while outside of Spain.

The application for registration is made in person at the CAIS or Information and Attention Centers of the INSS (National Institute of Social Security), this before making the trip and with all the required documents at hand.

However, there is the option of making the request through the postal code or number SIA020740 along with copies of the documents requested by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations.

The right to medical assistance while outside of Spain must be certified through the required documentation and must be issued by the authorized body of each agency. In Spain this body is the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

For community legislation to function according to the protocol, it is necessary to exchange data between the Social Security agencies of the states that are part of the organization.

Almost all these data are exchanged through the interested person using digital documentation, European health card, documentation that validates the right to assistance and temporary substitute certification.

For residents, once their certification has been validated, the INSS will issue the authenticated document to receive the required medical care. With this document in hand, the person may attend the management center in charge of each district or health center to obtain the health card.

For employees, once their affiliation has been validated, the INSS will apply the appropriate seal to the Form S1. The person interested in this can go to any medical center and receive the necessary care.

Abroad, the usefulness of this form has all the data related to the contributions made in Spanish territory through Social Security and allows full coverage and health care.

Completion of Form S1

The Form S1 It has 5 sections where personal information of the owner and other members who receive medical attention are completed. This information would be: names and surnames, telephone numbers, home address or similar.

Make sure you provide the correct information. If the form were to present any wrong information, it will be immediately invalidated; therefore, it will be of no use.

The interested person and their family members have rights to benefits in the case of illnesses, medical assistance, maternity, drug treatment or others.

Also, it includes analogous paternity benefits in the state of domicile and all this is seen validated in the form.

All family members who comply with the terms referred to in the regulations of the State of domicile are covered.

It is recommended to present the certification as soon as possible in the health center of the entity in which it is located.

What is Form S1 for?

This document serves to provide access to all health / medical care services to a person of Spanish nationality, even if they are not residing in that territory.

It is a right that grants certain freedoms in relation to that area anywhere, as long as the requirements are met.

How to Apply for Registration for Healthcare Coverage?

The request of the Form S1 It can be done at the INSS and then, present it at the nearest Social Security center.

If you are in Switzerland, Iceland or any other country but you have health security in Spanish territory, you can obtain medical attention with this form at hand, as long as you are a resident of a member nation of the European community.

On the other hand, if you are in Spain, the request can be made through the International Pensions Center (IPC) and these contact numbers: +44 1912187777.


To get the Form S1 it is necessary to comply with the following requirements and conditions:

  • Each member of the family nucleus can benefit.
  • Citizens residing outside the country and who do not have health care from the National Health Platform.
  • Payment of the amounts of the contributions included in the current legislation (RD 576-2013, article Nº6). Below is detailed:

People under 64 years of age》 € 60 monthly fee.

People over 65 years of age》 € 157 monthly fee.

For immigrants, who must meet 7 important requirements to gain access to health care:

  • Not having access to the Health Platform of the country of origin.
  • No obligations for the validation of health care coverage made by other organizations.
  • There can be no third parties in the duty to pay for medical provision services in the country of residence.
  • Updated passport of the country of origin.

Otherwise, possess some other legal identity document, issued by the General State Administration.

For health care in minors

  • Copy of the birth certificate or family notebook issued by the country of origin.
  • Present an updated certificate of residence in the autonomous community to obtain medical attention within a period of time no longer than 3 months.

The pharmaceutical contribution mentioned in the Royal Resolution 7-2018 for foreigners who are not registered will have a 40% discount on the total amount.

Steps to follow

The Form S1 It is used by employees who are forced to move to another nation, who are civil servants or who work at borders. To successfully complete the management, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Contact the medical insurer of your choice so that they can tell you where, when and who to contact.
  2. Go to the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) and request the procedure in person.
  3. Present DNI or other national identity document.
  4. Fill in all the spaces with the requested information: personal information of the holder and the other insured persons, medical benefits and available agencies.
  5. Submit the application to proceed with the registration.

And so, finally, we can say that the whole process to obtain the Form S1.


The entire process will be successful and simple, as long as the requirements and / or conditions imposed to carry out the process are met by the authorized bodies.

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