Form TA1 of Social Security: Format, Instructions and MORE

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The Form TA1 of Social SecurityIt is a document that by law, every person who has a job must be affiliated with Social Security.

The best thing to do is to know how to use Form TA1, to verify all the required documents, to be able to have a process successfully and without any problem.

Format of the Form TA1 of Social Security

To submit Form TA1, you must make a series of things before carrying out the procedure, among them are to download the form and complete the same as for the aaffiliation is approved without any inconvenience.

They are two simple steps that are direct from a certain point of view, it is best to explain it in detail to avoid inconvenient and the process is very fast.

Next, we will explain some steps that can be of great help in completing this document.

To download Form TA1, it is obtained as follows:

  • You must enter the portal Social Security
  • When entering the page, you must select the icon that says Workers.
  • In the Workers option, the option of Affiliation which must be pressed.
  • Whenever the new page is displayed, it will be selected from the list Affiliate Service to continue with the Download.
  • In the new screen, press the option Worker Application Models.
  • When you see the link where Form T41 will be downloaded, when you press it the document already appears in other

Instructions for filling out the Social Security Form TA1

Filling out the form is another half of the process, because you know download and it is not necessary to explain how the form should be filled out, since it cannot be delivered with amendments or erasures.

The people who can carry out this type of procedure are:

  • Every citizen
  • The Entrepreneur, for any worker who joins his service and does not have the Social Security number.
  • Provincial Directorates of the General Treasury of Social Security or Administrations, they assign it when the obligation of the workers or employers is breached.


Essential documents:

  • National identity document
  • Alien Card or Passport

It can be processed at the Administration of the General Treasury of Social Security in which resides in the city or where the company that provides the worker’s service is located.

If it is available in a digital certificate, you can access the service of Assignment of number of the Social Security in the Electronic Office.

You must request in advance the solegality of membership and registration, or the request for any benefit or service.

Something very important is the Social Security number It becomes an Affiliation Number at the moment in which the citizen begins in a work activity determining the inclusion in the Social Security System.

Membership Feature:

  • It must be mandatory for the people included in the System for the purposes of law and obligations.
  • Unique and general for all system regimes
  • Can be extended for the entire life of the people included in the System.

Part 1

Here the applicant’s data will be placed, they are basically:

  • Full names and surnames
  • Type and identification number
  • Birth date
  • Parents name
  • Address where the applicant was born
  • Applicant’s current address
  • Electronic data such as email and telephone number. The information by some of these means must also be indicated.

Part ii

You must indicate what this form will be used for, as it can be used for Social Security Affiliation, Assignment of Social Security Number and Variation of data.

In addition to that, you must indicate the reason for the data variation, you must also indicate the additional documents to carry out the procedure.

Part iii

When the affiliation is made, the Social Security tends to send information to the applications and you have to indicate where you want to receive the information.

Part iv

This would be the last part of the form, where the applicant’s signature and the date on which the request is made must be placed.

At the same time also, you can place the name of the company, the signature of the legal representative and datea from when the request is made.

Finally, the name of the Tax Agency office where the procedure is carried out must be placed.

Last part

In the spreadsheet it has several uses, in the part that is on another page, you can place the data the person safeguards the request and the person who corrects it.

What is the Social Security Form TA1 for?

This Form TA1 is understood to have several things, such as the Social Security affiliation, requesting the number of the same or by the variation of data. But this is because anyone dedicated their life to work, you have rights to withdraw without worrying about money.

For these kinds of reasons, you should use the document to comply with the necessary quote, required by the corresponding entity to enjoy the old-age pension.

Presentation deadline

You can know the form and how to fill it out, just need to mention how long the response to the request is obtained. Arriving at it, it can be modified and therefore it must be wait 45 days after the request is made.

Frequent questions

There may be many doubts that arise when doing this type of procedure, in addition to everything that is going to be read, it is still not pronounced. But this doubt can be cleared up by the following questions:

  • Who can request the form?

The only people with the permission that is requested in the form T41, must have the following characteristics:

  • Companies that have a new employee and in them do not have a Social Security number, since it must be It is mandatory for each employee to have one.
  • Company employeesIn any case, the employee cannot make the request.
  • Those new entrepreneurs who are self-employed and are not affiliated with the institution.
  • The Provincial Directorates of the TGeneral Office of Social Security or any of the Administrations affiliated to the institution, you have a new employee who is not insured.

It is important to comply with all these requirements, since they are essential for the fulfillment of this form.

  • What are the documents that go with this document?

It is known that in Form T41 it is a document that is used for the affiliation of a person in the Social Security, but in it it cannot be done with the document, it is already mentioned above in addition to that:

  • National identity document
  • Foreigner Card
  • Passport

In the form you can place all the information that is necessary to affiliate a person, so the identity document is needed to corroborate who makes the request.

  • Where can the affiliation be made?

At the moment, I already know how to fill out the form and other additional steps that are needed, but it remains to mention where people should go in case the person wants to carry out the affiliation with Social Security.

There are two ways and they are in person and electronically, where you only have to do the following:

  • Face-to-face: Only with the complete worksheet and document of identity according to the nationality of the applicant
  • Electronics: You can do things simpler, since, when entering the portal of Social Security, you access the Headquarters Electronic Social Security and follow the steps for membership.

What is Form TA1 for Social Security?

This is a T41 form It is a document where the information must be placed to make an affiliation to the Social Security or the number issued by the entity.

In short, it is an instrument with which the diligence to become a Social Security affiliate, something that is important since everyone works in a dependent or independent way, in this way old age can be assured.

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