Form TA6 of Social Security: Format, Instructions and MORE

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The Form TA6 of Social Security It is the document by means of which the employer registers in the General Treasury of the Social Security.

With this document the file of the employer who is going to employ workers is opened, and in turn requires acquiring an employer number, to load the corresponding contributions to Social Security. We invite you to learn more about this relevant topic in this article.

Format of the Social Security Form TA6

One of the necessary procedures to create a business is for the employer to register with the social security agency and open their first or main contribution account.

This management is carried out through the Form TA6 of Social Security, having to present In person in the General Treasury of the Social Security in the headquarters closest to the domicile, specific to the company or electronically through the Headquarters electronics. (If you have a digital certificate).

At the time of requesting registration, you must declare the managing or collaborating entity for which you choose to assume the risks of occupational accidents (AT) and occupational diseases (EP).

Instructions for filling out the Social Security Form TA6

The Form TA6 of Social Security It is made up of nine sections, here are the instructions for its proper filling:

General features

  • The Form TA6 It must be filled in by type or with capital letters, to prevent errors and erasures.
  • The spaces in gray are for use by the Social Security Administration.
  • This model is used to register the employer in Social Security and the initiation of his first or main contribution account.

Framing data in the Social Security system

  • Social Security Sector Regime: Here select if your regime is, General, Coal or Sea. As well as you will have to indicate between these sectors; Artists, Bullfighters, Railroad Workers and Soccer Players, or if it is from the Artists, Bullfighters, Railroad Workers and Soccer Players sectors.
  • As Special Sea Regime, you must indicate the Quotation Group in which the trading account in which the entrepreneur is located is contemplated:
  • I . Employees of the Group 1º.
  • II A . Employed workers of Group 2A.
  • II B . Employed workers of Group 2B.
  • III. Employees of the 3rd Group.
  • Special System: It determines here the activity in which it is carried out, it is contemplated in a Special System of the General Social Security Regime as; “Special system for domestic workers”, “agrarian”, “resin”, “canned vegetables”, “fruits and vegetables”, and so on. You must write down the exact date on which you request that the company be registered.

Identifying data

  • Surname and first name or company name: Transcribe the name, surname or business name of the requesting party.
  • Commercial name or Anagram: In this section you must indicate if there is a name for the company, the commercial name of the activity to be carried out, for which the initiation of the Contribution Account is requested.
  • Identification document type: Mark with an X if it is a DNI, Foreigner Card, CIF or Passport …
  • Identification Document Number: You add the number of the Identification Document, if it is the Foreigner Card, provide the number of the same.
  • Social Security number: Your registered Social Security number or Affiliation Number of the employer.

Company Constitution Data (Collective Entrepreneur Only)

  • Date: Full date of when the collective entrepreneur was formed.
  • Registration Data: In this part you must include the corresponding type of Registry: Commercial, Property, Cooperatives, Associations, Political Parties, Religious Entities, Mutual Societies, Mutual Collaborator with Social Security. If it is not any of these, you must choose the name and establish the Registration number if there are others in the province, also the province and the registration data.

Private or social address of the Collective Company

  • Type of Public Road: Here you will inform on what type of road the company is located: street, square, road, avenue, etc …
  • Name of Public Road: Provide the full name, without abbreviations and omitting articles prepositions that do not add anything to the name. You must indicate the Municipality / Entity of lower scope than the Municipality, Province.

Data related to Economic Activity

  • Economic activity: Here indicate the economic activity that you promote, using the same category that is seen in the IAE.
  • Economic Activities Tax: The key of said tax is indicated.
  • Collective agreement: The code and the definition of the collective agreement are indicated to which the company adjusts.
  • Employed or Assimilated Employees with listing exclusions: Here you provide the data when the registration request is made with the aim of registering employees, with some type of employment relationship, so that the regulations are executed and take some type of exclusion in the quote.
  • Address: Here you describe the address where the activity takes place.

Address for notification purposes

  • You just put an X in the appropriate box.

Company Social Security Data

  • Occupational Accident Entity: The name of the Entity is described, with which the coverage of contingencies due to accidents at work and occupational diseases has been agreed.
  • Entity with which you cover Temporary Disability for Common Contingencies: It is indicated with an “X” if Temporary Disability arising from common contingencies will be covered, either through the Social Security Management Entity, or through a Mutual Collaborating with Social Security. If you choose a mutual insurance company, it must be the same as the one that protects professional risks.

Data relating to the Representative

Here you write the full names and surnames of the representative:

  • Identification Document Type: DNI, Foreigner Card or Passport, or other document …
  • Identification Document Number: DNI; If it is a Foreigner Card, the Foreigner Identification Number will be issued.
  • Social Security number: Enter the Social Security Number or the Affiliation number of the representative.

Fee payment address

  • You only have to fill out the application in the dedicated system for domestic employees in this section, it is a mandatory field for direct installment payments, the Social Security Administration will issue a debit note to your bank or savings bank during the voluntary period to make contributions . Due to changes in rates or in the regulatory base, this direct debit is valid for payment and regularization during the voluntary period, instead of payment of arrears.
  • At the end of the month in which you need to issue the necessary funds, your bank or savings bank will charge the amount to your account. The Social Security Bank will notify you the first month that is convenient for you, so you are obliged to pay the monthly installments before that month, through the corresponding listing announcement provided by the Security Bank. Social. More information in page.

Documents Attached to the Request

The Form TA6 of Social Security must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • DNI corresponding to the owner of the company, independent entrepreneur or the owner of the family home.
  • Incorporation document of the collective employer.
  • In the case of Communities of Assets or irregular Civil Society, the contract signed by the community members or partners, where they must sign the name and surname, address and ID of each of the partners.
  • Document issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance assigning the Tax Identification Number, here certifies the Economic Activity of the Company.
  • DNI, of the individual who makes the application for Registration.
  • Document that gives the representation or authorization, to the person who processes the registration,
  • If they are associations, communities or another subject, the document that proves the same.
  • With the status of the application for Registration in the Special Sea Regime the documentation that justifies, where appropriate, the performance of the activity.

Usefulness of Form TA6 of Social Security

The Form TA6 of Social Security Its utility is to assign a serial to the employer who requires it, by the General Treasury of the Social Security, for their affiliation in the Regime that corresponds to the Social Security System. This serial is considered the primary Contribution Account Code.

Who Should Fill It Out?

Everything businessman, that for the first time you need to hire workers for the development of your company, you must process your registration as a company before starting the activity.

What is Form TA6 for Social Security?

The businessmenWhether they are individuals or companies that want to start a new commercial activity, they must process the Social Security registration with the General Treasury of the Social Security, before the workers are certified.

The General Treasury of Social Security You must also be notified of the opening of the workplace for identification.

Also, a employer that has been hired or subcontracted to carry out work or services, and has carried out or provided it totally or partially to subcontract with another employer, must notify the General Treasury of Social Security of this situation at the time of carrying out work or services. The start of the activity and the end of the service activity.

It should be noted that the documentation formalized, concerning the coverage of professional risks and the economic contribution of temporary disability arising from common contingencies, will be valid for a period of one year and will be understood to be postponed for periods of the same duration.

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