Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors: Format, What it is and MORE

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In Spain, foreigners with minors (from 6 to 16 years old) in their care must obtain the Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors to be able to manage your residence in that country.

Here we will show you how to fill out the form, what it is for specifically and much more. It is very important for those interested in residing in Spain with minors to know this information so if you are one of these people, keep reading!

What is the Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors?

Since April 20, 2011, in the Immigration Regulations approved by the Royal Decree 557/2011 of the Organic Law on Rights and Freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their Social Integration. Articles 51.3, 71.3 and 109.3 require a report or form issued by the autonomous authorities that certifies the schooling of minors in charge in order to process only their residence and / or residence and work.

Processing time

The maximum term granted is 10 business days from the day after the application is submitted.


  • Do not belong to any State of the European Union, of the European Economic Area or from Switzerland or be familiar with someone who is.
  • That the legal representatives (fathers, mothers, guardians or others) have to demonstrate that they comply with the sufficient and necessary financial resources to take care of the needs of all the members. According to him IPREM, 150% will be required counting the representatives and for two additional members to those appointed, 50% more of the IPREM.
  • Certify a continuous stay of the minor in Spain for a minimum time of 2 years.
  • That the legal representatives demonstrate that they have adequate housing.
  • Proof of school enrollment in a minor’s education center during their stay in Spain.
  • Form EX-01 printed in duplicate, duly accredited.
  • Copy of passport with travel document or valid registration card of the minor.
  • Documentation that proves the relationship or guardianship between the minor and his representatives.
  • Identification document of the applicant: to be Spanish tutored DNI, if a child or guardian by a legal resident Residence Authorization of one of the representatives, protected by a minor protection entity Identity Documentation of the person entitled to submit the application.

By what means can the requirements be submitted?

As established in article 16.4 of the Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the common procedure of public administrations, documents addressed to the bodies of the autonomous Administration can be presented by the following means:

  1. Through the Common electronic record (REC) of the General State Administration. In order to carry out a registration through the REC, it is necessary to have an electronic certificate or electronic DNI.
  2. In person, at any of the registry offices of the Autonomous administration, of the General State Administration, of the rest of the autonomous communities or of the entities that make up the local Administration.
  3. You can also send the documentation by post mail. In this case, you must present the documents in an open envelope, to verify by means of the official seal, the exact place, date and time when the registration was made. These data will also be noted on the receipt justifying the presentation.

Format of the Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors

The format of the Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors It is printed due to the requirement of in-person delivery.

It must include the personal data of the applicant such as: name and surname, NIE or passport, date of birth, town of birth, country of birth, sex of the applicant, exact address of the residence (street, square, floor, letter, postal code, municipality, province, etc.), mobile phone and email.

You must choose the language in which you want to receive the response from the administration of the responsible body: Castilian or Catalan.

Also, you must give as an applicant the authorization of Renewal Residence, Residence and Work or Long Term Residence, Modification of Residence due to exceptional circumstances, among others.

How to Fill Out the Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors?


Applicant details: provides information such as these, NIF / NIE, passport, address number, town, province, mobile phone and e-mail.

Commitment: As an applicant for a Residence or Residence and Work Authorization, you must declare that you are in charge of minors of school age in Spanish territory. And you must proceed to indicate, obligatorily, the following data belonging to them: name and surname, age, province and link that this has with the applicant.

Schooling in Spain is compulsory from the year in which the minor turns 6 and up to 16 years.

The next thing is to give consent for the verification of the data that you will have to indicate in the fields provided for it. Subsequently, you must sign and the process will conclude.

What is it for?

This documentation serves to keep the minor in Spanish territory for a specified time, that is, that he / she can reside in the country of legal form, without any problem.

Who Issues the Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors?

The process of obtaining the Form to Declare the Schooling of Minors is processed in the General Directorate of Social Services in Spain.

If you are in a foreign territory, you can do this through a Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

Who Should Fill It Out?

It must be submitted by foreigners who are already resident in Spain or who are close to, and have minors in charge of compulsory school age, that is, from 6 to 16 years old.

Also those who are in the process of requesting the following with minors in charge:

  • Renewal of Residence and / or Residence and Work Authorization.
  • Long Term Residence.
  • Modification of residence status by Exceptional circumstances to a situation of residence, residence and work or residence with the exception of the authorization to work.

We hope the information provided has been helpful. We wish you every success in the process.

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