Form U1: How to Get It, Fill It Out and MORE

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Are you returning to Spain after having worked in the United Kingdom and do you need to request a benefit upon your return?

If the answer is yes, you will need to process the Form U1 so that you accredit the contributions you made in the United Kingdom.

How to Obtain Form U1?

The form U1 You must request it if you wish to apply for unemployment or disability benefits in Spain and certify the contribution periods that you have accumulated in the countries of the European Union to calculate unemployment benefits.

You must fill in the HM form Revenue and Customs (HMRC) called CA3916, U1 or “Information we need to send a statement of National Insurance contributions”.

This U1 form is issued by the public employment service (or equivalent body) of the last country in which you were contributing. You need to know that it is also known as PD U1 (Portable Document U1).

It is important that you know that, if the document is presented in a Spanish institution, the reference period that you must register in the Form is 6 years.

It is also necessary to make yourself aware that Brexit does not affect the completion of this procedure at all. At least until the end of its transition phase (December 31, 2020).

You must be aware of what we will inform you about what will happen next. You can request form U1 in two ways. A online and the other by mail.

For you to do it via online, you must create an account Goverment Gateway so that you can access the form later.

If you choose the ordinary mail mode, you must process the form in the respective link, fill in the form, print it and send it by mail.

In both cases we recommend that you have a payroll on hand, the P45 or the P60, since you will need information like you tax code, National Insurance number and PAYE reference number from the employer.

Filling of Form U1

In case you have doubts, you will get some tips of the steps you must complete to easily fill out the form.

Once you have finished recording the information in each session, you will see a screen where a summary of your data and responses appears so that you can make changes or adjustments if you deem it necessary.

When you verify that you have made a good record of the required data, the last section will appear where you must write the final statement.

You will only have to confirm and send your information. You also have the option to add your email where you will receive the confirmation that your application has been sent.

With the reference number that you receive by mail, you will be able to continuously monitor the progress of the process.

What is it for?

The U1 form will serve as a kind of European passport, where the periods that you have been working and paying in the different EU countries are reflected.

You must request it in the competent bodies of the country where you have worked. Then, you must present it in the country where you want to apply for unemployment benefit.

If it is the case that you leave Spain to a European country in search of work and you have unemployment contributions without consuming in Spain (which gives you the right to a benefit), two situations may arise:

  1. While you are looking for work, you can export the unemployment benefit, requesting the SEPE (INEM) to pay you the benefit for a period of between three (3) to six (6) months (you must also request the U2 form).
  2. If while working in another EU country you become unemployed, with the U1 document, you can confirm the contributions you had without consuming in Spain and request unemployment immediately.

Be proactive and get the U1 of Spain ready! As you know, the U1 form is issued by the public employment service (or equivalent body) of the last country in which you worked and made contributions. Remember, this is PD U1 (Portable Document U1).

A key note: know the countries that issue and recognize U1. They are the twenty-eight (28) of the European Union (EU) and those that also make up the European Economic Area (EEA).

Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, Greece, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary , Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania. [+info] Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The U1 document is necessary to be able to prove your contributions and it is used to request unemployment or pension benefits in the country where you are going to reside.

Without the U1 you will never be able to prove the contributions you have obtained abroad to be considered in another country.

Who should process it?

You should know that, if you have worked in the European Union and the European Economic Area and want to receive unemployment benefit in another EU country, you must directly and personally process the U1 form.

How do you know when to do it?

  1. If you leave Spain for a European country
  2. If you return from a European country to Spain

We advise you that when leaving Spain to another European country where you have worked, or vice versa, request the documentation of the case:

  • Account with the cancellation of your registration as a resident in the Consulate, to be able to register in Spain.
  • Ask for all the documentation related to your work (payroll, settlement, etc.).
  • Do not miss the opportunity to have a report of the quotes that you have accredited in the European country.
  • It requires your European health card.
  • And one that cannot be missed, the U-1 community form to integrate the contributions accumulated in the European country and to be able to collect unemployment in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Form U1

Is there an automatic homologation of unemployment contributions in the European Union?

The answer is: not yet, but maybe in the next few years.

The U1 document only authenticates the quoted work periods. As there is no common European scheme for unemployment benefits, there can be no homologation of contributions.

In what time do you send me the Document?

Once you submit all the information, the HMRC will review your application and if everything is okay they will send you your U1 document within about two months.

If any information or document is missing, the competent bodies will contact you. Therefore, we recommend that you carry out each step and organize the required documentation in advance. Stay focused and get organized… it’s the key to success!

Is it possible that I can collect the unemployment rate if the U1 has not yet arrived?

You can not. You have to deliver the U1 for the SEPE to calculate your benefit.

Do you know why a file entitled National Insurance Contributions?

Although when you make the request you read this title Statement of National Insurance contributions (NICs), and it is normal for you to get confused, it is important that you know that it is the U1 document that you have requested.

Some people (who live in the UK at the time of application) have even received a document cited as Statement of National Insurance contributions (NICs). It is key that you know that this is not the U1 and nor its substitute.

How can I contact the HMRC?

Their telephones are +44 191 203 7010 from Spain or 0300 200 3500 from the UK. By fax to +44 191 225 9570. (Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm, Saturday: 8am to 4pm).

They will also be able to answer your questions on the HMRC twitter account.

Can I order the U1 from Spain?

What we recommend is that you do it before leaving for Spain. Apply directly to the UK government. Do not put at risk the opportunity to have your European contribution passport on time.

If it has been more than 3 years of having worked in the UK, can I still apply for the U1?

You can do it. You just have to know that, having more than 3 years without working in the United Kingdom, you will not have any document to attach to the form.

Does the U1 form have a prescription date?

Does not have it. You only have to be attentive when you return to Spain to order immediately unemployment. You have 15 days from your arrival to present it to the SEPE.

Can I go back to work in the UK if I order the U1?

Yes, without any problem.

Do I need the U1 document to receive the pension?

Not at all. The collection of your pension is a procedure that you must carry out before the authorities of both countries.

After Brexit, do I need to have the U1 form?

To date, no changes have been announced in the completion of this procedure due to Brexit. We think that until the negotiations are completed it will not be known what will happen. We will be waiting to inform you.

What is Form U1?

Form U1 (previously called E301) is a document that certifies the accumulation of your contribution periods as a worker in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), so that you can have the calculation of unemployment benefits.

You can also count on him so that you have a balance of the reasons why you have ended a job (end of contract, voluntary withdrawal, dismissal), as well as the periods in which you have received unemployment in the UK.

It is a form issued by the public employment service of the last country in which you have worked and are contributing.

If you are a citizen who does not belong to the EEE, the process of obtaining the document is the same, only that the document is the E301.

The U1 Document is an important procedure if you are going to leave for another country about which the Spanish and British governments do not give any clear information about it.

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