Gun License Requirements: Types, Tests and MORE

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To obtain a Weapons License, in any country it is complicated since it is not just any permit. But of course, there are cases in which owning a weapon is necessary, or it may also be required for a sport, among others.

In this article of the Firearm License Requirements in Spain, you will be able to clear up any doubts and you will know what you need to know to make the corresponding request.

Surely, you have thought that it is very difficult for them to grant it, but the important thing is to comply with all the requirements and justify the reason why you are requesting a Gun License.

What are the Requirements for the Weapons License in Spain?

In Spain it is not allowed to have firearms without possessing the permit, license or authorization issued in a timely manner by the competent authorities. That is why here you can review the Requirements for the Weapons License.

The application for this weapons license includes a theoretical test, another practical test, an administrative part, as well as a medical examination.

The requirements are as mentioned below:

  • Must have 18 years old.
  • The weapons license must be requested from the Civil Guard or to the body that is responsible for it (in the case of hunting it corresponds to the Ministry of the Environment). However, there are some armories that do the paperwork.
  • Once you have the certificate, you must go to the Civil Guard headquarters so that they can take the theoretical test and the practical test. They generally do these tests twice a day.
  • The theoretical test It consists of 20 questions related to the knowledge of the subject, of which you must answer 16 correctly. If you are favored, you must wait a period of six months to take the practical test
  • The practical test it refers to marksmanship and weapon handling skills and must fire two shots from a distance of 25 meters at a target. It is a test that is carried out after six months of the theoretical test, it is done in authorized shooting ranges with which it is intended to measure the ability of the applicant regarding the handling of the weapon.
  • Also, you must perform visual and auditory tests and a psychotechnical personality test.
  • After the tests are approved, they issue the permit and then the rest of the documentation is delivered.
  • Already having a gun license in hand or a hunter’s license, you can go to the armory to purchase the weapon specified in the license.
  • Different types of licenses are granted depending on the use that will be given to the weapon.

Documentation to be consigned:

  • Deliver a copy of the identification document.
  • Present the certificate of psychophysical aptitudes.
  • Consign the documents that certify the issuance of the Weapons License.
  • Present the certificate of history of gender violence.
  • Likewise, deliver the certificate of the criminal record.
  • Also, deliver the proof of payment of the fee.

Types of Licenses

According to the Requirements for the Weapons License, there is a classification of the type of licenses to be granted. Everything will depend on the use and who will use the corresponding weapon.

Following, the types of licenses granted in Spain:

  • The gun license Type A, is valid for weapons with licenses type B, D, E, which are regulated in the Arms Regulations in articles 99 to 104. It corresponds to categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Specific Corps of the Armies, Common Corps of the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and Bodies and the Customs Surveillance Service, as long as it is active.
  • Type B License, It is granted for the short firearms of individuals, revolvers and pistols. It is issued for those who need to obtain it and is granted by the General Directorate of the Civil Guard. In the application form, the arguments for the use of the weapon must appear clearly, they must be assumptions of the existence of special risk or necessity. You can attach documents that justify or substantiate the need to use the weapon. The sole reason for defense alone does not justify permission. They are valid for three years, then the request must be made again.
  • Type C Weapons License, is aimed at the staff used by surveillance and security personnel belonging to security organizations and companies. Also for the personnel of the agencies and auxiliary bodies for the maintenance of public security, security guards and legally assimilated personnel.

  • Then there is the Type D Weapons License, It is indicated for long weapons for hunting big game. It is a license that is valid for a period of five years. It also includes rifled barrels for hunting shotguns, with a chamber for metal cartridges. The owner can keep the weapon at home and the license can be requested in the sales establishments. Then you must inform the competent authority which is the Civil Guard Weapons Intervention.
  • Weapons Licenses Type E, This license applies to weapons belonging to categories 3 and 7, 2 and 3. They are crossbow weapons, weapons for throwing ropes, for long firearms with smooth bore or barrel with stripes to facilitate the plumber, operated by air or other gas. compressed. The number must not exceed six long rifled weapons or shotguns for sport shooting, or twelve weapons in their entirety. The licenses are delivered by the Government Delegates, they can delegate this power to the Chiefs of the Commanderies.
  • In the case of Weapons Licenses Type F, It is related to the weapons of sport shooting contest. It is for members of sports federations who use firearms to practice sports.
  • For people over 60 years of age, gun licenses are authorized every two years by the competent authority, upon request from the interested parties.

Theoretical Test for the Weapons License

According to the Requirements for the Weapons License, To access the license, one of the requirements must be met, which is the theoretical test.

It is a test with a series of questions related to weapons and the Arms Regulations They pose three possible answers and one is the correct one. Of a total of 20 questions, 16 must be answered correctly to pass this theoretical exam.

Here are the topics that must be known to pass the theoretical exam:

  • The weapons operation, know the fundamental parts and the safety and trigger mechanisms. Also, know how is the cleaning and conservation of weapons and of course the security measures that have to be adopted in the possession of weapons.
  • Know about the weapon categories, repeating weapons, prohibited weapons and semi-automatic weapons.
  • You must know about the arms circulation, magazine and arms transfer.
  • Likewise, know everything related to the documentation for the possession and use of weapons. Be aware of the general conditions and procedures to obtain the license and the European Firearms Card.
  • You should also know about the sanctions regime, which are the minor, serious and very serious offenses. Also, learn about the withdrawal of weapons.
  • Finally, be aware of the gun repair, evidence and deposit of weapons.

If you want to know what questions they ask in the theoretical test, you can make the query in the link.

Practical Test for Firearms License

Continuing with the Requirements for the Weapons License, Now we go on to review the practical test that an applicant must pass in order to obtain the corresponding license.

To access the practical exam you must have passed the theoretical exam and after six months of the theoretical exam, if not, you must apply again for the test theoretical.

What the Civil Guard tries with the test is to demonstrate the security of the actions for the use of weapons. It is not a question of qualifying the user’s ability or aim, but that the person is not going to cause harm to third parties or himself.

The weapon to be used can be the property of another person but this person must accompany him. The practical test consists of four parts which are the following:

1.- Load the weapon

Observe the completion of all the steps necessary for the weapon to be ready to fire. This is called a positive feedback.

The negative evaluation is given by the failure to correctly execute everything necessary for the weapon to be ready to fire. Take the muzzle of the weapon to a different location from the target location or take a shot during this act or place the finger on the trigger.

2.- Aim

The positive evaluation is given by the correct use of the sight and the arms of the shooter to achieve the alignment of the elements of the aim of the weapon with the target. Also, the use of the legs to obtain

r the necessary stability during the reasonable time of alignment.

The negative evaluation will depend on the use of the sight and the arms to achieve the alignment of the elements of the aim with the target. Likewise, the improper use of the legs to achieve the required stability during the reasonable time of the alignment. Take the weapon to a point other than the target and fire a shot.

3.- Shoot

It is different for each weapon, it is done standing up and without support. For long weapons, you must fire five shots at a target 50 centimeters in diameter, located 25 meters from the firing line. In the positive assessment, he must take all five shots with an impact of at least one on the target.

In the negative assessment, if he directs the muzzle of the weapon to a place other than the target and if he fires a shot before or after the whistle signaling the start or end of the action.

Carry out the five shots without at least one hitting the target and also, if the exercise is finished, there are still some unexpired cartridges.

For shotguns, you must shoot twice at a target 50 centimeters in diameter, located 25 meters from the firing line.

4.- Download

The positive assessment will be if everything is done correctly to remove the weapon and the casings used in the shot, in addition to leaving the weapon ready to be loaded.

The negatives don’t do anything mentioned in the positive review.

Gun License Costs

Following with the Firearm License Requirements, the costs related to obtaining a weapons license are three and they are the following:

  • Fee to pay for application for the weapons permit. The costs for short and long rifled weapons are different with 15.27 euros, for the rest of licenses the amount is 11.16 euros.
  • The weapons or training exam for which you have to pay about 95, 01 euros.
  • For the psychophysical test you must pay a fee that can be between 35 to 60 euros. It will depend on the center and the province in which it is located. If it is a renewal, it is five euros more.

To obtain a weapons license to hunt with a shotgun it can cost 160 euros. Figure that may vary depending on the medical center.

What is it?

The Weapons License is nothing more than a permit or authorization for the legal possession of weapons. It is classified by type of weapons and by the use of the weapon.

In Spain it is not allowed for anyone to carry firearms without the corresponding license granted by the competent entities. If they are residents of a State of the European Union other than Spain, the permit must be notified to the competent authorities of that State.

One of the most requested in Spain is the weapons permit for hunting. As you have already been able to read in the Firearm License RequirementsIt is a matter of proposing and meeting the requirements, passing the exams and paying the corresponding fee. Now it’s your turn to try, go ahead.

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