How to Find Out if I Have Been Approved for Rental Assistance: Steps, Payments and MORE

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This topic that is brought up in this opportunity is quite common since people want to read about How to Find Out if I Have Been Approved for Rental Assistance.

In Spain there are aid programs for people in a vulnerable situation that allow basic needs to be covered. Therefore, many people are looking for government grants.

Read on and share the information, as it is a widely discussed topic and there are always some concerns about it.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Approved For Rental Assistance?

If you are interested in knowing if the rental aid was approved in Spain, you should take into account that to apply for this aid or subsidy if you are among the eligible people.

It is suggested contact the town hall of your municipality, so that you are informed about it. Each autonomous community in Spain has different rules, especially with regard to the management of aid for citizens. It is necessary, to look for the pertinent and direct information.

At Housing Assistance Program of the Ministry of Development They can find the information you are looking for regarding whether you have been approved for rental assistance. There are the essential requirements to apply, such as not having sufficient financial resources to hire a rental.

In addition, you must get a lease or own oneIt must also be willing that the property to be rented is the constant address of the person making the request.

Even when the aid varies from community to community, the rent of the house that is being requested is determined. In general, it must be less than 600 euros, although the limits on this change.

If you meet these requirements, you will surely be approved for help, the process is simple. These grants can be up to 40% of the annual income of the people who make the application.

The call that is made to make the request is according to the period indicated there. Consigning the documents will be established by the delegation of the community and the entities that participate in the process.

How to Find Out if I Have Been Approved for Rental Assistance: Steps to View the File

If you want to consult the file to find out if the rental assistance was approved, you must follow the following steps:

  • Start the process, with the intermediation of the city council, the requirements and conditions to access the subsidy for the payment of the rent.
  • You must be the owner of the lease of a home, this is essential.
  • Also, the home for which you have requested help It must be a permanent residence.
  • For the above, you must demonstrate the condition mentioned is through the certificate of registration.
  • In this certificate of registration must be the date of the application, the permanent inhabitants of the house and the time they have been in it.
  • Too, you must not have sufficient income to have the expenses of the rental of the house covered. You must meet certain conditions:
    • You must not have income higher (3 times) than the Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator, should not be higher than 1,613.52 euros.
    • Do not exceed the income limit of the coexistence unit, varies depending on the community that corresponds to it.

  • After they meet all the requirements, the city council issues the notification to grant the aid. In this way you can already access this government subsidy, which will be paid monthly.
  • Once you receive the first aid payment, You have 15 days in which you must submit Annex III. Where you must justify that you received the help and the destination of these resources.
  • If you do not enter this annex, it may imply the resignation of the beneficiary to receive the aid.
  • The aid must be paid to an account that must be duly registered with the General Directorate of Treasury and Public Debt. It must be in the name of the direct beneficiary of the aid.
  • There is an exception to the above and when the direct beneficiary indicates the preference that the resources be deposited in a collaborating entity where the file has been processed.

How to Find Out if I Have Been Approved for Rental Assistance: When Is It Paid?

Rental assistance is paid within three years, while the housing plan or cycle remains.

As for the regulations surrounding the rental assistance, it will depend on the jurisdiction, since each one decides when to pay. Likewise, they determine the deadlines for the delivery of applications.

At the same time, the municipalities have the duty to notify the rental aid payment date publicly. The ideal is to be aware of all the processes in the virtual offices.

Payments can be as follows:

  • It can be him 40% of the monthly rent, if no particularity is declared.
  • You pay on 50% of the monthly rent for beneficiaries over 65 years of age.

How to Find Out if I Have Been Approved for Rental Aid: Aid Bulletin

Regarding the Official Rental Assistance Gazette, it is divided into two laws. These are the following:

  • The Law Number 29 Urban Leasing Law dated November 24, 1994.
  • Then the Law Number 038 dated November 17, 2002 General Subsidies Law.

If you want to keep up with the Official Rental Aid Bulletin can be consulted by entering the following link.

Tips and General Questions

It is convenient that they receive some advice and clarify doubts and concerns related to the approval of the Rental Assistance.

Here are some questions that will clarify the concerns present on the subject of Rental Aid:

Why are the rental assistance provided?

Rental Aids are subsidies from the Spanish State that allow the maintenance of a home for people in vulnerable situations.

In this way, the quality of life of people with problems accessing a home in a specific autonomous community of Spain is guaranteed.

What documentation is required to consign in the application for Rental Assistance?

The documents to be consigned depend on the community where it is located. However, the basic documents that are requested at the time of the rental assistance management and are those mentioned below:

  • Record the application form.
  • To attach, copy of the National Identity Document o Identification number of the foreign tenant.
  • Present copy of the lease.
  • For people under the age of 35, the declaration of being responsible and in a position to make the registration of a lease.
  • In the cases that are not holders of a lease, then consign a statement of responsibility and be in a position to register a lease.
  • The certificate of registrationIt must be historical and collective.
  • Also, attach copy of the Income Tax Declaration of the natural persons of the owner and their partners. If you do not present it, then you must present the certificate of imputations from the Tax Agency.
  • Likewise, you must present the documentation necessary to justify income
  • Likewise, any documentation necessary to prove any special condition.

What is Rental Assistance?

Rental Aid is a subsidy offered by the Government of Spain to people with limited resources and a vulnerable situation to facilitate access to decent housing.

This help It is delivered through the jurisdiction of each autonomous communityFurthermore, they establish the rules that govern the subject of Rental Aid. All municipalities have the possibility of delivering the aid according to the needs to be covered.

The Citizens who are beneficiaries of a Rental Assistance are the following:

  • Groups of very large families.
  • Also, single-parent units that have family dependents.
  • Those families with at least one victim of gender violence.
  • Families with at least one victim of a terrorist attack.
  • Family units that have at least one family member with some type of disability.
  • Likewise, the coexistence groups where the members are unemployed.
  • Also, groups of coexistence of which all the members are older than 65 years.

There are some limitations or prohibitions that prevent you from receiving rental assistance, are the ones mentioned:

  • In case of having a relationship of affiliation in the first or second degree of consanguinity with the person who is the landlord.
  • Likewise, have an affiliation relationship in the first or second degree of affinity with the person who signs the lease.
  • That the landlord is a partner or participate of the applicant.
  • In addition, have the ownership of another home. With the exception that it is not available for reasons of separation or divorce, disability or due to death transmission whose percentage is not more than half of the property.
  • Likewise, in the case that you have signed another lease of housing. This counts in the event that the rental right has not been granted. This must be specified in the lease document.

We hope you liked and served this article on How to Know I Was Approved for Rental Aid, now it’s your turn to share the information.

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