How to Know a Product’s Tariff: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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In any country it is important to take into account what it means to know the tariff of a certain product in order to be able to market it without problem. But you might be wondering How to know the tariff of a product? in the Spanish territory. These tariffs are governed by the European Union, which determines what merchandise enters and leaves.

For more information, this article will explain in detail regarding this topic. Stay with us, so you can take note.

How to know the tariff of a product?

To begin with, the tariffs are rates according to imports determined by the customs authorities. On the products that enter a country.

These tariffs are governed by the groups that make up the European Union, since they meet to make common laws work so that goods can enter any country that makes up this union.

If you want to know the tariff of a product, you must enter the tariff service program of Spain, it is by name TARIC.

As in Spain, there is this tariff service, the TARIC is the integrated tariff of the European Union. Which is a basis for which they contain measures related to the tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation of the European Union.

Also, on the official page of the World Trade Organization, provides assistance with many items for members to view import and tariff information.

By accessing the TARIC portal, you can enter the merchandise code, you will have to enter the destination, and finally the information you need will appear.

TARIC is fundamental because it helps member countries of the European Union to properly import goods. it also helps in collecting statistics at EU level.

How to Know the Tariff of a Product: Requirements and Steps to Follow

It is important to note that the main requirement is that it must have the tariff heading. Today there are several ways to know the tariff of a product.

The one that is most used is that you can contact your supplier and request the HS code of the product, if this seems too complicated. You can enter the web portal of the Chamber of Commerce of the European Union.

To correctly carry out the process of knowing the tariff of your product, you must take into account where the item comes from and the type. This information is extremely important to know.

Below we will provide you with a list of important data that you must take into account, to know the tariff type of an item:

  • The technical name of the product.
  • The commercial name of the merchandise.
  • Highlight the characteristics of each product.
  • The graphical data of the same.
  • It’s components.
  • The intended use of the article.


But as we have commented previously to know the tariff of a product, you can know it through several ways.

  • You can first enter the web portal of TARIC of the European Union.
  • Access the database of the European Commission.
  • Depending on the tariff classification, check the product you want.
  • If you consider that it is a very complicated procedure, you can write down the information of the producer for the advanced search
  • This way you can know the tariff of a product.

You have this way to know, you can also know the tariff of a product through the records provided by the Chambers of Commerce.

  • They must first enter the page of the Chambers of Commerce.
  • This page has a database of the Foreign trade. That is, you can know everything about the product you should look for.
  • When you have completed the information, it will throw you, everything about it.

And the last way that you can obtain the tariff of a product is through a web portal of a tax agency

  • To carry out this last modality, you must first access the web portal of the Tax agency.
    • Then look for the button of the electronic office and enter.
  • On the left side, you will notice that all the procedures they offer will appear. It will click on customs.
  • Next, you will see a list of all the procedures related to customs, but you will be given the button for other procedures.
  • Another list of other procedures will be displayed, in the final part you must click on others Customs procedures.
  • It will give you in the procedures tab, then to presentation and will direct you to place your DNI or NIE or you can access if you have at your disposal with a certificate or an electronic DNI.
  • You can also look in the magnifying glass and place “Tariff query” and a result of the Integrated Application Tariff Consultation (TARIC) will appear. It will click there.
  • It will give you in consultation and you will have to put your DNI or NIE. When you have placed the information, you will be able to know the required information.

How to Know the Tariff of a Product: Tariff Code

It is important to note that the tariff code is a code that each product has collected through the World Customs Organization (WCO).

This code can consist of at least 6 digits, up to a maximum of 10. The more you have, the easier the product will be to identify. On the other hand, if it has fewer digits it collects information from a wide range of products.

Almost all products that are marketed anywhere have their own tariff code.

This code is extremely important because it helps to specify which goods they will be sent for import or export. In addition, to function to determine that the importer or exporter must cancel.

Given the quantities of merchandise that are sent and entered anywhere in the world, it is crucial to have this code to differentiate them from others, due to the high demands of various products.

The countries that make up the European Union contain the TARIC code, which is an integrated tariff that provides information on all the tariff measures that determine any product for the EU. In this case, It consists of 8 digits combined by plus two additional ones, that is, 10.

These codes are important for importing EU goods from countries outside of these countries. In addition, all corporations or companies that import goods from outside the EU to an intra-community country must have the TARIC code list with your import documents.

Frequent questions

Citizens may have doubts and concerns about this type of issue, but we will answer it below so that you are clear about everything related to how to know the tariff of the product.

Question 1: Are there several tariffs in Spain?

Yes, in the European country you can find 4 types of tariffs, each one of them contains several characteristics that differentiate them from the others. Are: Ad-valorem, the specific tariff, the mixed tariff and finally and the compound.

Question 2: Why is tariff on products essential?

First the tariff, is that tax that must be paid when it is imported or exported and helps to help the economy of each country. But these tariffs have two basic characteristics:

  1. It establishes that these tariffs be a source of income for said country, from the foreign trade. As long as the value is not so high and that it can contribute in any country.
  2. Help in the commercial and industrial activities of each nation that needs products from other places.

Question 3: How are the tariffs for each product established?

First, this is established between countries that seek to increase trade and establish alliances. The reason is that with the countries that make up the European Union they help to market articles, products, to help the nations present.

What is the Tariff of a Product?

The tariff of a product is important because it is a right that is obtained in the Customs so that merchandise can be imported anywhere, in which case all the requirements are found correctly.

That is, these tariffs in Spain are taxes that must be paid by articles that enter that country and that come from a nation that is not integrated into the European Union.

These tariffs determine which products enter or leave the country. In addition, the idea is to implement a tariff to obtain income and protect the industries so that there is product competition, especially in foreign companies.

Types of Tariffs in Spain

As we mentioned in some of the answers, in Spain it contains 4 types of tariffs and the following are explained:

  • Ad-Valorem: It is the most common type of tariff that you can find and its purpose is to cancel a percentage of the value of imported products. This value is determined according to the value of the merchandise in customs or CIF value.
  • The specific tariff: This type of tariff is determined according to the charges per physical unit. That is, it is fixed by the products.
  • Mixed tariffs: This type of tariff is a combination according to the Ad-valorem and the specific one.
  • Compound tariff: It is a type of tariff that varies that is composed mostly of the ad-valorem, although it can have a combination of a maximum or a minimum.

Finally, if you want to market something, or start a business of this type, you must bear in mind that tariffs are a very important point to complete the process. Investigate and find out how the process is so that they do not have any type of inconvenience.

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