How to Know if a Floor Has Electricity Debts: Steps, Changes and MORE

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If you are planning to buy a property, the first thing you should do is find out about the possible debts that it has. In this case, we will take care of telling you How to know if a floor has electricity debts. We invite you to continue reading.

You will enter the steps you must follow to find out, how to change the holder with debt, what is the cost of this procedure. Also, how to know if a property has debt before buying it, and finally we leave you some suggestions regarding the subject.

How to know if a floor has electricity debts?

The first thing you should do about How to know if a floor has electricity debts in Spanish territory, it is to request through the simple notes, granted by the Property Registry. It should be noted that this documentation has all the data that you require when you want to know this information.

The data contained in these notes are as follows:

  • The character of the house or establishment that belongs to the respective note.
  • The main information of the floor, its address, surface, if it is official protection, classification, etc.
  • Obligations of the home, such as: Basic service bills (gas, water, telephone, electricity), or mortgages.
  • Also the title of the property, which shows complete details about the owner or its holder.

When you want or need this simple note, which will help you to know if a flat has electricity debts, you must go to the Property Registry of the community to which you belong, or access the respective official website.

How to know if a floor has electricity debts: steps to follow

Regarding the steps you should take about How to know if a floor has electricity debts, Are detailed below:

  1. Taking the simple note that we talked about in the previous point. According to the province you can get the data in its official web portal, or through the College of Registrars.
  2. In the event that there is any difficulty with the first alternative, you have the opportunity to speak with the president of your community, so that he can provide you with a certification of current payments.
  3. You can also use another alternative, such as review proofs and justifications for payment to the owner of the property. Likewise, you can request the certification of Real Estate or similar vouchers.
  4. Using any of these tools, you will be able to access the data you need about How to know if a floor has electricity debts.

How to know if a flat has electricity debts: change of owner with debt

The person who owns a contract is the one that appears in all the legal documentation of the property. So that, is in charge of paying for services, among which is that of electricity, in addition to canceling all payment obligations for a given apartment.

Through the electricity contract, you have the possibility to request a change of owner, even if there are pending payments within the contract. This transfer will be an obligation of the current holder. This procedure can be done as many times as required, without restrictions.

The complete procedure of how to carry out the modification of the holder with pending payments, is very easy and fast. It is important that you know that, service is not required to be suspended, as long as the requirements are obeyed.

The transfer of the holder with pending payments should not be confused with the registration of electricity. This is due to the fact that the electricity registration is done when it is necessary to contract the electrical service for the first time in a building, which does not have access to the national electricity grid system.

Documentation to Submit

Now, in order to change the owner with debts, you must provide the following information with the company:

  • The documentation or respective formats, according to the electricity company to modify the ownership of the contract.
  • Surname and full names of the previous owner.
  • DNI number (National Identity Document) of the previous owner.
  • Surname and full names of the new owner who is going to be an affiliate.
  • Also, the Universal Supply Point Code. If you want more information on this point, you can access this link so you can clarify your doubts. Generally, it is a number that has between twenty and twenty-two alphanumeric symbols, which are used to accurately distinguish your home.
  • Precise location of the property where the electrical service will be installed.
  • Power that is required to contract.
  • Also, the International Bank Account Number of direct debit.

Other Documentation

There are other documents, which can be requested to make the change of ownership with debts, depending on the company or location. These are as follows:

  1. Purchase-sale document or rental contract of the property.
  2. Death certificate of the previous owner.
  3. Administrative or judicial opinion separation of the marital agreement or divorce.
  4. Notarized act or certification of act as a last will.

What are the steps to follow to change ownership with debts?

The first thing is to locate the previous owner, this in order to reach an agreement and provide the data required to carry out the transfer. Consider that if the previous owner canceled the service, the person who obtains the property, You must request the discharge again.

Try to verify with the seller that this is the situation. Then contact the company, and have the information and documentation at hand so that you can do the procedure without difficulty. Do not forget that, when the transfer is effective, the owner has the obligation to meet his debts.

For this reason, every person who obtains an asset has to agree so that the previous owner pay any debts that exist, or take charge of paying for them on your own. According to the situations that were mentioned before, it is that you must consign the pertinent documents.

This documentation is of great importance when you contact the services, or go to the office to formalize the change. When you are there you have to provide the data they ask for. In addition, you will instantly see how efficient and expeditious the procedure is.

Finally, after completing the steps already mentioned the process will be ready for the change of ownership with debts.

How much?

This procedure it’s totally free. So there should be no extra expenses for any of those involved. The new owner must take into consideration that the modification of the owner includes the change of the electricity rate, change of the company and the contracted power.

The power does have a value, which depends on the rights for which the owner decides. On the other hand. The Electric Bulletin Update has a cost of between € 100 and € 150 euros, and is updated every 20 years.

To modify the electrical power, you must take into consideration that, before making any changes, it is suggested to study the required electrical power. Increase it, it can cost € 60 euros for every KW (kilowatt) that is increased. To download it, you must pay more or less € 21 euros.

How to Know if a Home Has Debt Before Buying It?

It has previously been detailed How to know if a Pido has Luz debts. If I clutch, this is one of the many obligations that a home has, and that must be taken into account prior to the purchase commitment.

Therefore, all the obligations mentioned above can be verified through one of the mentioned procedures. In addition, it is not very useful to know if a property has pre-acquisition charges, much less without knowing what obligations it can be awarded.

Among the obligations or charges that a home could have, and those that you should essentially know, are those listed below:

  • Debts for Garnishments or Mortgages: Are those that They are obtained when the apartment has a mortgage debt, tax debt or seizure, which has not been paid.
  • Neighborhood Loads: Fundamentally, they are those expenses related to the community in which you live, such as condominium expenses and constant fees.
  • Charges for Public Services: They are the debts acquired for not having paid a public service, such as the one we are developing (electricity debt). Also other services such as: Telephone, gas, water, etc.
  • Various Loads: There are other types of debts according to different procedures, such as litigation, a lease, an insurance policy, etc.

How to know if a flat has electricity debts: tips and doubts

To conclude the topic, we will give you some recommendations so that you can clear up some doubts, and at the same time have clarity on How to Know if a Floor has electricity debts:

Is it possible to sell an apartment that has debts?

If possible, it should only be taken into account that both the buyer and the seller must cooperate in the process. It is essential that you know about each debt that the home owns, this in order that everything can be done properly.

The fact that a floor has loads requires a great responsibility on the part of those involved, this with the intention that the operation can be carried out without difficulties and having the matter clear.

How long does it take to change the owner of Luz?

The change takes approximately, between 15 to 20 business days. This depends on the company with which it is contracted. This time starts from the moment, in which all the required data is delivered. Therefore, it is essential to record the complete information in the shortest possible time.

What is the cost to process the change of light holder?

As we told you before, it is a completely free management. However, as it includes the change of electricity tariff, change of company, or modification of power, if it has an additional cost, depending on the rights for which you decide.

When you have a property, it is of great importance to keep up with the loads that it has. This prevents possible debts and also inconveniences when it comes to selling it. If you are the buyer, the first thing is, find out about How to know if a floor has electricity debts.

Throughout this article we specify everything you should do if you find yourself in this process. This in order that you can perform this procedure successfully. We hope we have helped you.

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