How to Know if a Person is Working: Methods, Insurance and MORE

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Are you looking for information about How to Know if a Person is Working? You entered the correct website. Through jobs, the Spanish State has the possibility of circulating the currency, with the aim of increasing and maintaining purchasing power, among other elements.

Here we have for you, the methods to know if a person is working, the insurance at work. Also, how to know if a person is registered with Social Security, how to know where a person works and other information of interest, which will help make your search optimal.

How to know if a person is working in Spain?

Thanks to global technological advances, today we can count and have at our disposal many instruments, which are useful to obtain data on any individual. This goes from the social and personal part, until the working life of these.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the data provided by an individual is not entirely true. That is to say, the veracity of the information should not be fully assumed, until the information provided by third parties is corroborated.

Now, if you are looking for How to know if a Person is Working in Spain, the first step you should take is to read the job application forms that you will find. through this link.

How to Know if a Person is Working: Methods

There are some methods or means that you can use, in order to know if a person is working. These are the following:

Via Internet

As time has passed, the data of an individual have been obtained more easily than years ago. This is thanks to internet optimization, and all the instruments that this valuable tool offers us all over the world.

In such a way that, through the internet, we have the opportunity to find useful information about an individual. Above all, through the different social networks in which this can be registered.

Social networks

This has been one of the first tools to find out if a person is working in Spanish territory through the Linkedin platform. It should be noted that this occurs only if the individual is enrolled on this platform, which is well known for finding employment.

Keep in mind that Linkedin is a platform that is dedicated to the use of the data of different professionals, where they apply for different jobs. There are also other social networks, such as: Google, Facebook and Twitter.

These networks are used to directly consult the information that is needed, just by placing the first and last name of the individual.

Other Channels

In the event that you have tried any of the aforementioned means, and have not found any data, it is necessary that you take into consideration that, there is nothing more to do about it, since you have no indication of where it may be working the person.

Now, if you have some data or a clue and you want to corroborate it, there is a way through which you can verify the information. You can simply make a phone call anonymously, to the company or job where you think you may be working.

You can request that they communicate with the individual in question because you must give him a message of great importance. Consequently, whoever attends you will tell you whether or not the individual is working in that company.

Online search engines and steps to follow to know if a person is working

Here we will proceed to indicate some search engines that can help you to corroborate some data. These are the following:


East is the most used search engine By web users, it is the most distinguished search engine par excellence, since it offers many ways that when applied, the search can be successful. The steps to follow to search on Google are:

  • Put the names and surnames in quotation marks, such as “Miguel José Fernández García”. You should know that, when using the quotation marks, the search is specific. You will only have related to the first and last names consulted.
  • Click on the “Search” option, and instantly different links will appear of files in PDF format, places of social networks, where the names and surnames that were placed in the search engine are displayed.
  • To continue, all the links provided should be reviewed.


This is a web portal made under the supervision of different countries, which offer the obtaining documents and public data, acquired through services, free themes and various payments. The guidelines to follow are:

  1. Enter the web portal.
  2. Find the option of “Search for people in Spain”.
  3. Instantly, a screen will appear asking for the data to be searched. You must put the information of the individual, and click on the alternative that says “Search”.
  4. When the page verification is done, the results of the queried name will appear.


When talking about Linkedin, it is referring to one of the platforms of great importance in Spanish territory, in addition to being one of the most optimal means, to know if a person is working in Spain.
This portal takes care of, register professionals of all kinds of areas.

This in order that they can apply for a job related to their professional qualities. It also allows, having a professional repertoire at a general level, and maintaining connections between them, according to the profile and the profession.

For this reason, when entering this social network and the person you are looking for is registered there, you can know their professional information, besides knowing where he works in the country.

The Website of the General Directorate of Traffic

This is another way to find out where an individual works, through the official website of the General Directorate of Transit. There you can get personal information, placing names and surnames, and if the person has a fine, it will appear where they work, their address and ID.


Through this network, you can also search for an individual and what site they are working on. There are different ways, which are:

  • Enter the search engine, write the names and surnames, and several alternatives will appear. Afterwards, you must access the option that says “People”, and you will proceed to look for the person, enter their profile so that you can see their data.
  • Another way to search is, when you have the Email address or the phone number. In such a way that, the profile of the individual who owns said contacts will be displayed.
  • Be clear that you can only access this information if the person’s profile is public. Otherwise, you will not be able to verify your personal data.

How to Know if a Person is Working: Safe at Work

If you want to know if you are insured by Social Security, you must take into consideration some elements. The first thing is request this information directly from the company where you work, and there they will tell you what state you are in with Social Security.

Likewise, it is essential to know that when making the respective Social Security contributions, the money taken from your account will be detailed in the account’s consolidated position report.

This is the way you can find out, if you have the employment insurance provided by the company where you work. However, this benefit can be seen specified in the contract What do you sign, prior to the start of your duties at work.

How to know if someone is registered with Social Security?

At this point we will say, how to know if an individual is registered with Social Security. This aspect is essential, since it may be the case that you have forgotten to carry out the corresponding negotiations on Social Security, during the hiring period.

This procedure is very easy and expeditious. In addition, not only the workers in charge of human resources management, they are the only ones who have scope to this type of information. The main method to know the registration status within the Social Security It is through the employment contract.

Another way, which is very simple, is asking the employer for the data. If you have a history within Social Security, and you have provided your telephone number, they will contact you by text message to notify you about your discharge from Social Security.

How Do You Know Where Someone Works?

Knowing where an individual works specifically is very useful on many occasions. One of the first reasons, to find out about the work done by a person, is to find out if a new worker whom you want to hire has worked somewhere.

As well as, it is of great help to know if the references placed in your curriculum vitae are true. There are companies that, request the work history of the person involved, to corroborate the information provided in your resume. However, it is very difficult for a natural person to find this documentation legally.

We well know that having a job is vital for every individual, since it contributes to their personal development, that of their family group and at the same time to the socioeconomic progress of a country. For this reason, here it was exposed How to Know if a Person is Working in Spain.

Although this is not a very frequent procedure, in the same way you already have all the possible methods, so you can find out about this matter. Good luck with your procedure.

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