How to Know if a Well is Legalized: Steps, Importance and MORE

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Generally, one is very aware of all the legal aspects of any property, it is something very proactive that is done and also, it is part of the responsibility that one has. However, everything related to farm wells is neglected. That is why this article will be dealing with How to Know if a Well is Legalized.

We suggest that you read to the end and do not neglect anything, as this is a very important topic that is not given much attention. You will learn about the requirements, the procedure, the importance, and how to make a well legal.

Go ahead, don’t neglect reading, and then share information that is sure to be of use to others.

How to know if a Well is Legalized in Spain?

Certain important points must be taken into consideration when discussing the subject of a well, if you want to know whether or not it is legalized.

If you have a well on your farm and you are using it, you can be fined if it is not legalized.

It is best to check to foresee any possibility of a fine and thus get out of any doubt and be well with the authorities.

Ideally, when having a well is that it is not closed so that the water that the well manages to capture can be used. If we want to use the water from the well, then it must be justified that it is in legal conditions.

A series of documents endorsed by specialized engineers is required. You can take into account the following aspects that are mentioned below:

  • The Public bodies are in charge of legalizing a well.
  • There is a Confederacy which is responsible for legalizing the well to make proper use of water.
  • Also, in the case of Mines Identify the entity in charge of doing and legalizing the drilling to obtain the well.

To properly verify that a well is legally, it must be done with the competent bodies mentioned. You must do the following to do this:

  • Present the Owner’s ID.
  • Also, propeti writhing’s of the farm.
  • Likewise, indicate the coordinates or well location.
  • And any other existing documents from the well.

After that, you make the request with the presentation of all the documentation, they will give you the answer. You may be asked for a written request through the Entry Register.

How to Know if a Well is Legalized: Steps to Follow

If it is the case that the Well is not properly legalized, then do not worry and take action now. Follow the steps shown below:

Legalization in the Hydrographic Confederation

This Hydrographic Confederation is the one that legalizes the use of water:

  • Has to indicate in what state the well is, For this, the location within the Hydrological Plan of the Basin where it is located must be studied.
  • Likewise, you must analyze whether the annual volume of water that is expected to be consumed corresponds to the instantaneous flow according to the standard.
  • Must also check if the well is located approximately less than 100 meters from the channel. For this you must do a hydrological study that is signed by the technician in the area.
  • Afterwards, it must make a supporting report with all the hydrological details such as volume, water, installation details, flow, among others.
  • Go to do the filling out the form that corresponds.

Thus, the well is registered in the Basin Agency that corresponds to its location.

Legislation in Mines

To do the legalization in Minas you must do the following:

  • Has to study lithology and hydrology to do legal and technical verification from the well.
  • If it is the case that the well is not done, you must draw up the project of catchment work signed by an Engineer specialized in Mines, according to the requirements of the law.
  • In addition, fill the instance for the legalization of the well.
  • Also, you must register the competent authority in mines.

Then, wait for the Approval Resolution from the authorized body.

Request for Works at the Town Hall

Finally the Application for the license to the Municipality of the Municipality that corresponds to the well.

How to Know if a Well is Legalized: Importance of Knowing It

The importance of legalizing a well is based on the fact that this management you will avoid financial penalties for the use of illegal groundwater. Penalties can range from 6000 and 300,000 eurosThis will depend on the severity of the case, or they can also close the well.

For this reason, all the permits for drilling and legalization of water exploitation, which are required by the standard, are essential.

Also, if a neighbor wants to make a well without doing it legally and this affects the capacity of his well, then being legal he can make his claim.

How can I Legalize a Well?

If the well is not legalized, it is necessary to know the proper procedure for legalization. It is It is necessary to contact the entity or body that has the power to do so, within its autonomous community and carry out the legalization process.

Likewise, in cases where a building authorization or license must be requested, the process must be carried out in parallel at your town hall.

The procedures will vary depending on the annual water consumption. If consumption is greater than 7,000 m3, it is necessary to request a concession. You should consult the requirements that are related to the construction and legalization of wells in your autonomous community.

Requirements and Procedure to Legalize a Well

Requirements to make a Legal Well

  • You must have a company with experience in drilling wells, this gives safety and stability of the excavation and also the water catchment.
  • Has to know if the land is in a protected areaThis will allow limiting the use that can be made of the water.
  • In a protected area, wells can only be drilled for self-sufficiency and not for agricultural irrigation.
  • Must be know the distance that exists with neighboring legalized wellsIn non-developable land, the distance ranges between 20 and 100 meters according to what is established by the Hydrographic Office.
  • Also, it must know about soil permeability, since there is a probability that wells cannot be legalized in highly permeable soils,
  • Likewise, there is the fact that to legalize a well this must be more than 100 meters from an area with surface waterl that is rivers, lagoons, lakes, among others.
  • It is also necessary record the authorization to carry out the catchment work and another for start-up.
  • Similarly, attach the favorable report of use issued by the entity of the Spanish basin respectively.

All these mentioned points are of major importance for the legalization procedure of a well. They must be fully complied with to achieve an optimal process and result.

All documentation must be submitted appropriately. The process is complex as it has many points to comply with and also many legal aspects to take into account.

It can safely be said that no one wants to have to pay fines or serve penalties. The ideal is to comply with everything to avoid future inconveniences.

How to Know if a Well is Legalized: Frequently Asked Questions

Over here with this issue, different doubts and concerns arise, the most frequent are those shown below:

Who should Legalize the Well?

Absolutely all the people who have land and a well or intend to have one must do so. Also industries, wineries, farmers, town halls, etc.

If you do not carry out the legalization, then wait for the corresponding sanctions.

Who is it Are they in charge of managing the wells?

The basin organizations are autonomously in charge of carrying out the legalization process. They are in charge of presenting the studies for the confirmation and verification of the conditions of the area where the well is.

Who must present each of the requirements and carry out each of the procedures?

The person interested in legalizing the well. It must meet the requirements set forth above. However, it is recommended to hire an expert company that takes care of all the legal steps.

Can old wells be legalized?

The answer is yes. Only you must meet the requirements of the case.

He finished the article on How to Know if a Well is Legalized, excellent and his doubts and how to do it were clear.

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