How to know if I was approved the RAI: ​​Methods, Application and MORE

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Currently, thanks to the problems caused by the pandemic, it has harmed the labor market, to find a job. In Spain, citizens who are over 45 years of age who have found it difficult to find a job must apply for the RAI. But you might be wondering How do I know if the RAI has been approved?

But to investigate if the application is approved, below we will explain every detail on this subject. We invite you to continue reading.

How do I know if I was approved for the RAI?

Before starting you should take into account that RAI is the Active Insertion Income in Spain. Which provides help to citizens who are over 45 years old, who have not been able to find work.

Carrying out this procedure can be simple, but you can do it in different ways, depending on each situation.

It is important to note that if the citizen has not received any information from the RAI about whether your request has been approved, in case it is by mail or through a phone call, which is the most used modality. You can also do it via the Internet.

Finally, the first thing that the citizen must do is that he has to comply with the profile that they demand, he can do it in two ways that will be explained in the next point.

How to know if I was approved the RAI: ​​Methods

So that citizens know if their RAI is approved, they can find out in two ways, which are the following:


If you are going to do it by this modality, you must meet the following requirements:

  • First the citizen must have any electronic device and have a good internet signal.
  • Then you must enter the web portal of the Public Service of State Employment (SEPE).
  • Then you will have to choose the option of people or company, as the case may be.
  • You will have to click the button to consult data and later it will give you in the button of payment receipts.
  • The system will ask you to complete the information provided during the application process.
  • When you have completed the data, SEPE will will provide the information you are looking for.
  • Finally, it will appear if you have already been approved or if you are on a waiting list.


You can also know your status in person, you must still fulfill a series of steps, so that you can correctly carry out the process.

If afterwards you have not received a response to your request through the steps already mentioned and you want to go to the nearest office to obtain information on whether it has been accepted or not, then pending the following:

  • You must enter the SEPE web portal.
  • It will look for the option by phone, which will appear a complete list of the numbers that they handle in each agency.
  • Select and dial the number whose office is near your home.
  • It will explain all your doubts to the operator, but in order for them to answer you, you must provide information about the request made.
  • In the event that the operator does not give you answers, you must request an appointment. You must attend on the days and at the indicated time, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • You should note that if you are going to call, the service is the 24 hours a day.

How to know if the RAI was approved: Request it

To submit your RAI application, you can do so through the SEPE electronic office, at the benefits office, at any public registry office or by administrative mail. But before requesting it, you must bear in mind that you must meet a series of requirements:

  • The citizen must be 45 years or older but less than 65.
  • You must be unemployed.
  • You cannot have monthly income of your own that isabove 75% of the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI).
  • In the event that you have a spouse or children under 26 with a disability or foster minors, it will only be understood as requirements of lack of income, when the total of all members must be divided by the number of members that comprise it, but can not go beyond 75% of the SMI.
  • Not having been a beneficiary of the RAI in a year prior to the date of your application, except for citizens who are victims of gender violence or domestic violence.
  • You cannot be a beneficiary of three previous RAI program rights.

How to know if I was approved the RAI: ​​Documentation

When you have met the requirements, to access the RAI you must collect the following documentation:

  • You must first download the application form from the Active Insertion Income Program.
  • Your identification of the citizen who wishes to request it, in the case of spouses and children who live together or are in their charge and who are in the application, it will be enough to deliver: if they are Spanish, their ID or passport.
  • If they are foreigners residing in the European country, they must have the certificate of citizen registration of the European Union, in which you show the NIE, together with your passport or document that identifies you from your country of origin.
  • Citizens who do not belong to the European Union, must attach their foreigner identity card (TIE) and passport.
  • Any bank document where the account number of the person who is the owner is reflected and where they wish to receive the benefit.
  • The family book or some document that highlights the case of foreigners.
  • If a citizen has a degree equal to or greater than 33% of disability, he must attach either through the resolution or a certificate sent by the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (IMSERSO) or competent body.
  • In case of accessing this program because you are a returning migrant worker, you have to provide: that if you return from a country that makes up the European Union, with the form UI or E-301Citizens coming from Switzerland, certified by the Labor Attaché, if they return from Australia.
  • And if you return from a country that is not integrated into the European Union or with no agreement on unemployment protection, you must have a certification that is sent by the Areas and Provincial Dependencies of Labor and Social Affairs of the Delegations.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this point, that the citizen must take into account that the RAI can request it once they meet the access requirements, according to the group that belongs, the request must be presented at the SEPE electronic headquarters, at the office of benefits, by appointment, at any public registry office or by email.

How do I know if I was approved for RAI: ​​How long does it take to get paid?

The RAI grants this great help to citizens by less 11 months maximum and is charged with effect of the next day upon request. That is, the amount is monthly and is 80% of the Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator (IPREM).

In addition, the payment is made every month of 30 days, between days 10 and 15. It will be done except for exceptions according to the voucher in the bank account, as long as the applicant is the holder.

It is important to note that if the citizen is still unemployed and does not have the right to the contributory benefit or the subsidy, they can request this help. You just have to request an appointment at SEPE.

In the event that the person is long-term unemployed or if they have a disability, they must demonstrate to the public self-employment service at their office in the Active Job Search (BAE).

Frequently Asked Questions and Recommendations

People may have doubts, concerns about this topic, but below with questions and answers we will help you better understand the case.

Question 1: How much is the amount charged by the person for the RAI?

The determined rate of the economic subsidy they provide is a total of 431 euros per month.

Question 2: Which citizens can acquire the RAI program?

The main thing is that the citizen is older than 45 years old and unemployed. There are also cases such as emigrants who wish to return who are over 45 years old, citizens who have been victims of gender or domestic violence, people with disabilities, equal to or greater than 33%.

Question 3: How can the person apply for the RAI?

First, the citizen must make a prior appointment, then he will have to make the request and finally, depending on the requirements, he will have to deliver the required documentation.

Question 4: How does the citizen know if he is in the RAI?

Citizens should bear in mind that to know if it is within this program, it is through the regular channels provided by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). You can check their website, you can call or you can contact the office for more information.

How to know if I was approved the RAI: ​​Recommendations

To carry out the procedure correctly without inconvenience, we recommend the following:

  1. You should consider making an appointment in advance.
  2. The citizen must be clear and aware of the requirements.
  3. Before filling out the form, read carefully, so that you do not fill in a data in the wrong way.
  4. Attach the requested documents, correctly.

What is RAI?

The Active Insertion Income (RAI) It is a non-contributory benefit that is for citizens who are out of work who do not receive other aid and it has been difficult for them to find a job.

Do not forget to carry out this procedure, as quickly as possible, so that you can obtain this benefit and enjoy it.

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