How to know my NAF: Steps, Consultation by IPF and MORE

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People who are going to start in the world of work in Spain, it is important that they request and obtain the NAF. But you might be wondering How do I know my NAF? This is a fundamental requirement to start a trade or job.

It is better to start in a good way than legal, which later can cause problems if you do not know your NAF. In this article we will explain every detail regarding this important topic.

How do I know my NAF?

To start this type of procedure, it is important for people who are going to start the world of work, register in an employment office, be a beneficiary of a pension, among others.

But to know your Social Security or NAF membership number, there are several ways to do it. The citizen can choose the method that suits him.

You can first apply electronically through the number 901502050. The citizen should only provide their personal information such as: name, surname and ID. The operator will notify you of the day and date which you must contact the Social Security office.

Another way to find it is on the health card that is overprinted or you can go to a nearby outpatient center, they will only ask for your DNI and they will provide it without any problem. You can also look it up in prescriptions.

If you are currently working, the social security number or NAF You can find it in the payroll, it is mostly found at the top of the document.

Through Electronic Headquarters of the General Treasury of Social Security you can get their NAF number. You can consult it without the need to have an electronic DNI, certificate or key system. It will be enough to have your telephone number and the date of birth that you have placed on your application. Through SMS the information will arrive.

Finally, it is very common for citizens to know their NAF, looking for them on the social security card.

How to know my NAF: Steps to follow

To obtain their NAF, the citizen must complete the following steps:

  • To manage it, the citizen must first fill out an application that will have to be consigned in the Administration of the General Treasury of Social Security. The document must have information such as the address where you live or the company for which it is providing service.
  • If the citizen has a digital certificate at his disposal, with this he can obtain his affiliation number in the Electronic Headquarters of the Treasury.
  • If the procedure will be done in person, you must take into account filling out the form TA1. Which information you will have to fill in capital letters.
  • The model TA1 It is the form that must be fulfilled by people who wish to affiliate and obtain the Social Security number. On the other hand, if the citizen has a digital certificate, he can carry out the procedure from the electronic office.
  • Finally, they will give you a receipt of said request, the determined information is integrated in the General Affiliation File.

How to Know My NAF: Requirements for the NAF Application

Before carrying out the procedure to obtain your NAF number, the citizen must meet the following requirements:

  • It is important to note that anyone who begins any work activity has to apply for an affiliation number or NAF. These digits are not transferable. That is, they are unique.
  • Membership requests will be effective from the day the citizen is serving.
  • As we mentioned earlier, you will need Model TA1.
  • If the beginning of the provision of the service has not been foreseen, you may submit the respective documents by any electronic means. In case, you do not have the official model, You must indicate the data concerning the worker such as: name, surname, DNI, NIE, date and time of the initiation of the provision of services. As well as the entrepreneur’s data such as: name, surname, business name, address, contribution account code.
  • If you are a former foreign citizen, you must have a valid and updated passport.
  • It is important that your DNI is in good condition and current to proceed with the procedure.

How to know my NAF: Consultation for IPF and Possible Errors

There are errors that can happen to citizens before consulting their NAF by IPF. If you put your ID, passport or, failing that, the NIE and the surname of the worker. The system will give you the following message: 3001 * validation error or obligation not fulfilled. This error appears for the following circumstances, you should bear in mind that some can be solved quickly.

  • This error happens if the citizen does not place the 0 in front of the first letter on the NIE. That is, the correct way to place it is as follows: 0A1234567A.
  • In the case that both surnames, the same error continues to appear, it can happen: first for some spelling mistake, that the citizen does not have at his disposal an affiliation number or almost if he is a foreigner and community, he may have associated the NAF to a NIE or, failing that, a passportIt is important to check with the worker.
  • Another error that can happen and is difficult to solve, is a spelling error that you have in your surname but by the administration or the syntactic error that happens when a worker presents his / her ID incorrectly indicated.

It is important to note that citizens who have experienced these errors, should contact option 1.3 of the number 901205020. This communication network will confirm and help citizens if the citizen contains a Social Security number or if there is any errors, either syntactic or spelling.

Differences between NAF and NUSS

To begin with, social security is important in all countries, since it is an identification system so that citizens can enjoy the benefits of the services.

In the case of Spain, there are el NUSS and NAF there are two numbers that you can verify on your health card. NUSS means Social Security User Number and the NAF, is the Social Security Affiliation Number.

The NUFF is important for all citizens residing in the European country, whereas the NAF is needed by people who are registered in the Social Security register, so that they can contribute. That is, you need it if you are going to start any work activity.

Common doubts

Citizens may have doubts and concerns in this type of issue, we will answer it below and they can carry out their procedure correctly.

Question 1: Is it possible to cancel the membership number?

Yes, in that case, the citizen must contact the body to help carry out the procedure correctly. In these cases, situations of document falsification have been reported.

But the Social Security, if you notice, you will immediately void the document, you can also call 901502050.

Question 2: How long is the resolution period?

It is important to note that the maximum term to present the application will be 45 days counting, from the date of entry in the Registry of the Provincial Directorate of the General Treasury of Social Security or, where appropriate, in the Social Security Administration.

Question 3: Who can request the social security affiliation number?

Citizens must take into account that the NAF can only be requested by three actors: the company that hired, the worker who is going to start a working period or the administration itself through the Social Security Treasury.

Entrepreneurs or said company are obliged to ask the Social Security System, the number so that they are affiliated, so that they can work. It is recommended that the person request it before starting work, so that there are no inconveniences.

On the other hand, workers who work independently are responsible for requesting this type of number. Finally, citizens can make the affiliation through the Provincial Directorates of the General Treasury of Social Security, after a labor inspection.

Question 4: What happens if the citizen loses his Social Security card?

In this case, the citizen can go to any Administration of the General Treasury of Social Security, which will issue you a duplicate of it. In case you have a digital certificate, users and password, you can request it online through the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security.

Question 5: How to request a duplicate?

To request a duplicate, you must request them online through the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security and also by the duplicate service of the affiliation document by means of SMS.

If your phone number is registered with Social Security, you will receive a duplicate SMS with your respective affiliation number.

As we highlighted above, if you have a digital certificate, you can obtain this document by accessing your data in said electronic office.

And if you do not have internet or if it becomes more complicated, you can go to any office and they will provide them with the number of your duplicate of your document.

It is important that citizens take into account that this number is a number that contains 9 digits and it is essential that it is requested by people who are going to start working anywhere. If you start working and you don’t have it, you would already be starting the wrong way.

Finally, to work legally, all citizens need this fundamental requirement. It is better to do things correctly, before you start.

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