How to know my Postal Code in Spain: Google Maps, Correos and MORE

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How to know my Postal Code in Spain? The population may ask this question when they do not know about the requirements to request the services of a postal agency.

Therefore, in the next article we will clarify all the doubts that surround this code of each area, in order to speed up all the procedures related to this issue.

Do youHow to know my Postal Code in Spain with Google Maps?

One of the most effective methods when it comes to knowing a zip code is by using the application Google Maps.

This application is recognized around the world for its incredible interface, which offers several options that can make life easier for anyone.

Among them is a free search engine where the user is allowed to query countless locations using digital maps supported by a satellite service.

In addition, there is the possibility of knowing the current traffic in real time, and pre-established routes to reach a site in the shortest possible time.

As Google Maps is an application with multiple options, it is normal that it also includes the ZIP codes for each region. To activate this functionality, follow these steps:

How to know my Postal Code in Spain if you are using a computer. Instoneware at web portal official Google Maps and wait for the page to start. In case of using a cell phone, download its application from the App Store, but in general, it is installed by default.

Once inside, configure the application. For this you will have to choose the first standard option, the rest everything is automatic.

When it has been configured, locate the finder in the upper left and place the city ​​name, state or region of your interest, and then press the «search» option.

The application will show a set of maps, where the different locations that were selected are located. At that point, zoom in until the exact location you want to get appears.

When you have already done the previous step, click or select the place you chose, that way, the system will organize all the satellite data, including the ZIP code of the area.

On some occasions, this process gives some kind of error due to platform failures, when that happens, you should go back to the Step 4 and select the section «What’s here.»

By doing this, the page will show all the related data of the place that was entered.

Thanks to technological advances, with only having an electronic means, any citizen can find the postal number of their area, as many times as they want and are necessary.

How to know my Postal Code in Spain by Correos?

To find a zip code through mail agencies, it is important to know the origins of it. An email, in simple terms, is the parcel delivery to a certain place. Since it has been known to mankind, it has always been used.

Those in charge of managing and transferring parcels are the postal agencies. They receive the order and send it to both national and international territory.

It should be noted that this service is not free. You always have to pay one shipping fee to be able to formalize the procedures that will validate the amount you paid.

Shipping price, varies depending on the weight of the object and the duration of transport. Therefore, it is important to find out in advance how much the service will cost to avoid setbacks.

As an extra piece of information, in Spain, the evolution of mail it was as follows:

  1. At the end of the conquest, the post office was formally established because of the territorial expansion.
  2. Later, the Post office (post office), where it starts in 1610 the handling of correspondence through leather bags, better known as suitcases.
  3. In 1764 the Provisional Regulation of the Maritime Mail is proclaimed, regulation that administers the communications between Spain and the American territories.
  4. After this, it was agreed that at certain times a ship would leave carrying correspondence from La Coruña to Havana and each two months from La Coruña to Montevideo.
  5. Finally, from 1777 the Maritime Mail Ordinances.

Over time, the postal service has been constantly updated, since, as the air Transport, parcels take less time to reach their destination.

Currently, anyone can contact a post office and ask about it Postal Code assigned to a certain area. To do this, you just have to dial the contact number of the agencies, or attend in person.

What are the Postal Codes in Spain?

In the world, there is a great variety of postal codes that change depending on the country. Similarly, its structure is based on some data and parameters.

The most searched zip codes in Spain, they are the following:

  • Murcia 30000.
  • Las Palmas 35000 – 35999.
  • Salamanca (province) 37000 – 37999.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife (province) 38000 – 38999.
  • Valencia (province)
  • Ceuta 51000.
  • Alicante (province) 03000 – 03999.
  • Barcelona 08000 – 08999.
  • Ciudad Real 13000 – 13999.
  • Granada (province) 18000 – 18999.
  • Madrid 28000 – 28999.
  • Malaga 29000 – 29999.

How to know my Postal Code in Spain: Numbers and Description of Figures

Earlier, it was mentioned that the zip code structure Spanish, follows a series of specifications that change depending on the area. Now, it is relevant to know the structure of this system created in 1981.

At that time, the country was administered through cities called «Postal districts», covering a wide territory with an established coding.

On 1985, for the first time, the use of the code was introduced only for provincial capitals (with 0 as the third digit), and also in the cities of Gijón and Vigo.

On 1987 all cities and municipalities remaining acquired their own zip codes.

Later, this coding would undergo some modifications that consisted of zoning and assigning digits to the non-capital municipalities with the largest population.

Today, they are 11 752 zip codes assigned in each Spanish locality. Generally, the postal coding structure consists of five figures, the first two indicate the province in alphabetical order.

The last three digits, detail the information related to the postal zone:

  • The third digit indicates the routing (street network and location)
  • The fourth digit refers to the route of the place.
  • The fifth digit represents the postal delivery.

The capitals of the provinces and some cities, They are separated according to their postal zones, a different situation in other places where the same code is maintained for the entire locality.

In order to organize the new zip codes, in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona the third digit was modified, becoming a zero.

The official state agencies, and the agencies mail They use different codes than the provinces, that is, each private organization that offers messaging services handles different digits for easy location.

In the following list, we mention the special codes used by these organisms:

  • For offices of post and telegraph, corresponds to the digits 070.
  • When it comes to national bodies, your assigned code is 071.
  • For boxes and mailing lists, its functional digit is 080.

Similarly, other localities use special codes for certain functions, without the need to belong to the capital of a province. For example, in Guijón several postal codes are used, the most prominent being 33200.

If you want to check the postal code of any town, you must check in reliable sources for the veracity of the information. A recommended method is by entering the official web pages of the Post and Telegraph agencies.

In them, if you wish, you can check the national postal codes as well as those of other countries.

What is the Postal Code?

A Postal CodeIn short, it is the coding that corresponds to each area of ​​a state. This system initially began to operate in Ukraine, in the year 1932.

Later, Germany would join in 1941, Argentina in 1958, United Kingdom in 1959, United States in 1963 and finally Switzerland in 1964. Over time, following the example of these countries, postal codes began to work in most of the planet.

However, in countries like Ireland or places like Hong Kong, being their not very extensive territory, it is not necessary to use it.

All countries handle different ways zip codes. In Spain, the digits are very varied, since each of them is located before each name of the place and in some cases the country code is placed before.

By understanding how this works coding system, we can understand that each place has its own fingering.

And by knowing that, you can facilitate the parcel delivery to any part of the world just by having it in possession.

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