How to know my Vodafone Number: Without Balance, Services and MORE

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If you are concerned about How to know my Vodafone Number, in this article you will have the answer you are waiting for. There are situations in which we do not know the telephone number itself and we find ourselves in the confusion of how to obtain it.

If it has been requested or should have been placed in a form and you realized that you have not memorized it, don’t worry, you shouldn’t worry that here you can read the procedure, the help bulletin and other information that will be very useful to you.

How do I know my Vodafone Number in Spain?

If this has happened to you and you have not been able to know it immediately or if you have registered and are a new customer at Vodafone. Also, if you have carried out the portability from another operator and you hire a mobile line from the moment the SIM card is delivered, you can enjoy the services it has.

Options to find out the Vodafone phone number:

  • Of course, each SIM card has an associated phone number that It can be consulted on the card that the Vodafone operator gives you when you start as a customer.
  • To know the Vodafone phone number you can call a friend and ask him to indicate the number and take note respectively.
  • Also, you can from your mobile phone download the application from the personal area My Vodafone and create a customer account, in case you don’t have it.
  • Also then you can check the contract and follow the steps shown below:
    • Has to enter with the username and password in the customer area.
    • Then in the main menu you should go to My account.
    • Subsequently, you must go to the section where it says My contracts.
    • Go to select your contract, if you have several, you must choose the most recent.
    • Once you have the contract selected, you can find out the Vodafone phone number there.
  • Also, you can find out through monthly rates that come from Vodafone. Surely, it will arrive in physical form at your home, but you can see them in the client area in this way:
    • Login with the username and password.
    • Then go to My bills which is in the main menu.
    • Has to select any of the months, in any of the invoices and know the Vodafone phone number.
  • The other option is to communicate easily and simply to * 138 # from your mobile.
  • In the event that the previous option does not serve you then you can call Customer Service and indicate the data to the operator.
  • May call 123 Customer Service for individuals, is a toll-free number for private and card Vodafone customers.
  • Communicate with the 1444 Commercial Information, which is information and contracting related to the products that Vodafone sells.
  • The system asks for the Vodafone contract document and the NIF, the call is free.
  • You can also Calling 607123000 is attention to private customers from a number that is not Vodafone or from abroad (put +34 in front).
  • Equally, You can call 22123 Vodafone Customer Service for individuals and credit cards.
  • Call 1704 Commercial information and exclusive online promotions. Here you can find out about the products that Vodafone sells. The call is free.

How to know my Vodafone Number: No Balance

To know my Vodafone Number without balance, there is no problem for it. Currently, it is easy through the short numbers of the Vodafone service.

Here are the indications:

  • Enter the cell phone with the Vodafone SIM to calls.
  • Then dial the next number * 138 #.
  • Then press the call option.
  • Finally, all the information appears including the full number of the Vodafone mobile.

How to know my Vodafone Number: Local Telephony

At Vodafone, you have the possibility of making a contract for a fixed telephone line with internet rates, either a convergent line or only fiber. Calls are unlimited in both cases.

Sometimes, due to the fact that the landline phone has less demand, it may happen that you do not know the Vodafone number that you have contracted. To find out, follow these instructions:

  • You can do the review of contractsOnce registered as a customer, the Vodafone phone number appears in the contract.
  • Equally, you can from My Vodafone in the section of My Contracts.
  • Also, once you make the hiring of the fixed telephone line, the following days it will arrive by message indicating the fixed number.
  • In addition, via letter, a few days after having made the fixed telephony contract, a letter arrives with the telephone number.
  • The same can contact Vodafone from your mobile or landline and in a few minutes you will have the phone number.

Services offered by Vodafone in Spain

Vodafone is one of the largest companies in the world. Among the services it offers are the following:

  • Service fixed telephony.
  • Also, the service mobile telephony.
  • Mobile rates.
  • Internet for home.
  • Packets of TV.
  • Service High speed fiber and 4G, 4G + e and 5G.
  • Business services including very comprehensive tools and solutions.

Also, with the My Vodafone App can manage all services and products of this company. Likewise, you can change the access code, pay the bills, recharge the prepaid line, check the roaming zones.

You can configure your Vodafone TV through the App or check the coverage. If you have not yet registered for My Vodafone, do so soon and discover all the useful features that this tool offers us.

This Vodafone operator has a wide offer for customers, they can enjoy the rates adapted to user needs both domiciliary and corporate. It is one of the largest fiber optic providers in Spain.

Vodafone mobile coverage is one of the most powerful in Spain. It is highly developed and it can be said that you will have no problem when communicating with your mobile.

Regarding internet services and it will depend on the area where you want to hire the service. For check Vodafone coverage can enter here.

What is Vodafone?

Vodafone is a company of British origin that arrived in the country in 2001 hand in hand with Airtel, then after a few years it acquired the company Tele2. It is one of the operators with the most experience in the telecommunications sector. It has one of the networks with the highest coverage in Spain, thanks to its merger with ONO in 2004.

This company competes with Movistar in all aspects. It has been a leader in attracting new customers in the Spanish market since 2004. In the European market it is the first mobile phone operator in Spain.

Vodafone offers UMTS service, it is an operator of comprehensive telecommunications services such as: mobile telephony, fixed telephony and ADSL. As of June 15, 2019, Vodafone began offering the commercial 5G technology service.

If you have finished reading this interesting article on How to know my Vodafone number, excellent now you can share it so that it will be of great use to others.

Vodafone from the beginning was acquiring shares of small partners (Alba, Acciona and Torreal represent 17%). Vodafone not only bought Airtel, also Tele2 and in 2014 Cableuropa for the figure of 7,220 million euros. The same year Vodafone launched Lowi, in 2002 he launched Vodamail which represented the first courier service in Spain.

In the year 2012 the Vodafone company expanded its mobile network throughout Spain, at that time it was 3G technology. Then, for the year 2013, the company announced the 4G services in seven of the Spanish cities. Then, in 2015, it became the first Spanish operator to include roaming in Europe and the United States in the rates.

Also, they included the Netfli servicex, and in 2017 launched the 4.5G technology with which they reached speeds of up to 700 Mbps. Likewise, in 2018 supporting the promotion of research in Universities promoting technological solutions created the «Campus Lab» program.

Now, you understand why Vodafone has become the leading telecommunications company in Spain.

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