How to Know the Cadastral Value: Calculation, Consultation and MORE

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If you are the owner of a property, it is your responsibility to register it in the Cadastre corresponding to your province. This with the aim that, at the time of carrying out any management related to the property, you can find out about How to know the Cadastral Value of this.

In this article you will learn how to calculate the Cadastral Value, what the query by reference refers to, who defines the Cadastral Value. As well as, what is the Cadastral Value and some questions that users ask about this topic.

How to Know the Cadastral Value of a Property?

If you want to understand How to Know the Cadastral Value of a property, as the owner you have different forms that will help you obtain this information very easily. These are detailed below:

  1. Through the Real Estate Tax payment slip.
  2. Contacting the land registry office or the town hall by phone. This method is very easy for all the people who have registered their property belonging to the domicile address, and thus know the cadastral value of the property.
  3. Entering the online system of the cadastre office. Through this channel (it is the most reliable), you can instantly know the Cadastral Value of your property. Here, you must place the cadastral reference in the relevant field for the data to be issued.
  4. Going to one of the town hall offices or land registry. In one of these organizations, they must provide you with the information you request about the property registered in the cadastre. If you have the opportunity, the office will offer you recommendations for everything you want to process.

How to Know the Cadastral Value: Calculation

To calculate the Cadastral Value of a property from the Real Estate Tax is very simple. Each of the owners, you have the responsibility to cancel this tax. In such a way that, when the voucher is issued, it will provide information about the property including the Cadastral Value.

Therefore, we suggest that when this document is delivered to you, you read it carefully. This with the aim of verifying if any data is missing and not using it in these conditions when reviewing the information.

In the event that the Real Estate Tax voucher lacks information or you do not have it within reach, you have the possibility of going to the town hall of your community. In said office, they will give you a corrected voucher with the required data.

If you do not have time to visit the city hall office, you have the opportunity to request it through the methods that we named you above on this matter.

How to Know the Cadastral Value: Consultation by Reference

The cadastral reference is another alternative about how to know this value. Refers to an alphanumeric code, which is attributed to each property in Spanish territory. It is made up of 20 digits, which the cadastre is responsible for assigning to each registered property.

Verify the Cadastral Value by reference, it can be done when you have any documentation related to the property. This can be a public tool, a file, a judicial opinion or similar. In short, the cadastral references can be obtained in all of them.

The first document is the registration of the property, since is the essential identification of all property. It should be noted that the cadastral reference can also be acquired through the official website of the State.

In the case of not having an electronic DNI or a digital certification, you can choose the alternative of “Cadastral Data Consultation or Cadastral Reference”. On the other hand, if it is owned, you have the possibility of entering the option that says «My Properties».

In addition, you have another alternative to verify the Cadastral Value by reference, and that is by communicating to the following telephone numbers: 902 37 36 35 and 91 387 45 50. The cadastral reference is used as a documentation that serves to know the location of a property or property.

Additionally, it has other types of information about the property. In short, it is a documentation that is used for many procedures such as: Knowing the Cadastral Value, making purchases, sales, making donations, and processing inheritances.

Who determines it?

It is important that you know that the Cadastral Value It is determined by the cadastre of your municipality or community. Likewise, the data included in the registry are studied by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function.

This body meets all the specifications of properties of any type, which are in Spain. Each of these procedures are mandatory, with the aim of normalizing the condition of the properties, and they are also totally free.

In other words, Cadastre defines the Cadastral Value based on the information collected in this registry. In such a way that, each province or municipality stipulates a number of guidelines to define the Cadastral Value of a property.

Frequent questions

At this point you will find some questions that users ask themselves in reference to the topic that we have been developing throughout this article. These are:

What are the elements that define the Cadastral value of a property?

There are some factors that specifically determine the Cadastral Value of a property in Spanish territory. These elements are the following:

  • Site where it is located The building.
  • Urban planning conditions of the place where the property is located.
  • How does the location of the property impact the land and the productive possibility of the sector.
  • Costs originated by materials used in the manufacture of the property.
  • Use, qualities and antecedents of the property. In the last aspect, the historical value and architectural characteristics are taken into account.
  • The remuneration paid to professionals who were involved in manufacturing, the taxes levied on it, and the advantages of the contract.
  • Also production costs and promotion advantages. Likewise, assumptions are taken into account when there is no promotion.
  • The market values ​​and conditions. The objective value of the manufacturing, production costs, land value, etc. is included.

What elements are not taken into consideration to calculate the Cadastral value?

They will not be taken into account the objects that are in the property, nor the guaranteed capital. The way to protect property separated from the property is by obtaining home insurance. This will not have any influence on the Cadastral Value, in reference to its market value.

It is important that you know that the Cadastral Value cannot be greater than the administratively restricted sale amount.

Should the Cadastral Value of a property be updated?

If it needs to be updated, this occurs normally occurs on an annual basis, which is due to the fluctuation suffered by some values ​​and formulas that are needed for their definition. Therefore, the Cadastral Value changes according to these conditions.

What are the elements that are impacted by the Cadastral Value?

We can say that the Cadastral Value is an aspect that can change some elements such as:

  1. The Municipal tariff on the Increase in the Value of Urban Lands. This belongs to the municipal capital gain.
  2. Wealth Tax.
  3. Tariff on Patrimonial Transmissions and Documented Legal Acts.
  4. Personal Income Tax.
  5. The Real Estate Tax.

Who should be in charge of managing this procedure?

This procedure must be done the natural or legal person who registered the property in the Cadastre. In such a way that, this person is attributed the following rights:

  • Right to property, either total or partial.
  • The right to use it.
  • Administrative grant on public rights and the property itself.
  • True right over the area where the property.

What is the Cadastral Value?

This refers to, an estimate determined impartially which is granted to a good or property in Spanish territory. To obtain the Cadastral value, different criteria defined by each province of the country are used.

Said criteria are incorporated into an administrative documentation, which must be admitted by the Higher Commission for Real Estate Coordination. Also, it brings together the modules that are in charge of appraisal, urban planning and other general aspects to determine the Cadastral Value.

Find the Cadastral Value of a property, it has a value that is found between € 150 and € 300 euros, depending on the community you are in. This information can be defined when the property is registered in the Cadastre. The procedure is carried out as follows:

  1. At the moment that the interested person consigns a statement with all the data of the property.
  2. Through property registrars and notaries, who are in charge of reviewing the cases registered in public administrations.
  3. When the request according to the legal situation of those involved, is consigned in the respective town hall.

You must bear in mind that the Cadastral Value of a property mainly impacts the balance that is available for the different procedures. This is because, it can be a purchase-sale operation or a request for a mortgage.

If you want more information on this topic, you can enter the official Cadastre website, which will direct you to the General Directorate of Cadastre of Spain.

How to Know the Cadastral Value? If you are carrying out any procedure related to your property, here we leave you all the methods to obtain this information. You just have to read carefully, so you know what to do and where to go.

It should be noted that this data is used for various procedures, so it is essential to have it on hand. Good luck with your procedure.

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