How to Know the CCC of a Company: Steps, Duplicate and MORE

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You have no information about How to know the CCC of a company? You reached the indicated website, since through this article we detail all the things you must know and do to obtain it. It is a very easy and fast process. We invite you to continue reading what we have for you.

Here you will find the steps to follow, how to process the duplicate, how to know the CCC of a Self-Employed. Also what is the Client Account Code and other information of interest.

How to know the CCC of a Company in Spain?

In Spain, to know the Client Account Code (CCC) of companies and entrepreneurs, the institution in charge is the General Treasury of Social Security. In the same way, for all the people who are in charge of the payment of the pertinent amounts to the Social Security System.

It is important that you know that the CCC (Clients Cuneta Code) refers to the previous registration and employer numbers.

How to Know the CCC of a Company: Steps to Follow

The employer or employer, prior to hiring a worker, must have, before hiring, the registration in the Administration of the General Treasury of the Social Security. In this process, the well-known Client Account Code (CCC), and is obtained as follows:

  • Through Form TA.6 the request is made, together with the documents required by the Social Security System in which they are registered.
  • When the petition is for domestic workers, you have to fill out Form TA.6-0138_hogar.
  • When doing this process in person, the employer has to attend the Administration of the General Treasury of the Social Security.
  • If the management is done electronically, through the electrical headquarters you get a digital certificate.
  • When requesting registration, you have to communicate with the relevant body to have protection against possible risks.

How to Know the CCC of a Company: Duplicate

Through the duplicate service, you get a copy of the registration document as a company, likewise, each of the Client Account Codes (CCC) that are in your name. This was created with the specific objective.

Therefore, its purpose is to serve the owners of companies or legal entities that have different quotation gutter codes in their name, regardless of the system to which they are affiliated. This service authorizes the following:

  1. Think about and analyze the promptness of obtaining the duplicate registration documentation, likewise, the granting of the contribution account code.
  2. The download of this must be done in PDF format.
  3. After downloading it, we proceed to print it.

Know the CCC of a Self-Employed

At the moment that a Freelancer begins his activities, obviously he has to hire the necessary personnel. In such a way that, this is something positive for the company, since it means that it is progressing. Nevertheless, it’s not just about signing a contract.

When hiring for someone else, it should be taken into consideration that you have to carry out some steps, to be able to continue with other procedures. This is because it is the first time that employees have been hired, and you do not know if they are salaried or not. Therefore, you must do the following:

You should name the Urgent Measures of Self-Employment Law, which was absorbed by the Law from October 1, 2018. Said Law establishes: When a Self-Employed person must hire employees, they will continue to have the flat rate, and do not lose the right to it.

Steps to follow to hire Employees

To hire workers, the Self-Employed have to follow the following steps:

  • Register as a company in Social Security. This with the objective of being an Autonomous Employer.
  • The next step is to complete the Social Security Form TA.6 and obtain the Client Account Code (CCC). Beforehand, the corresponding documentation must be consigned.
  • In the case of requesting another Client Account Code, you must complete Form TA.7. Said code represents the responsibilities related to the amounts and fees that the Self-Employed has to pay.
  • The employee must be registered with Social Security, you have to do it through the affiliation number in the Form TA.1, and if the Form TA.2 is affiliated.
  • Before sending the contract to the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), it must be signed. Then send it through the official website of SEPE online, in a period not exceeding ten (10) days.
  • Finally, cancel the amount of the employee in Social Security as employer.

Steps for a Self Employed to Hire Employees

Through this service, you have the opportunity to request the assignment of a Primary or Secondary Account Code, according to the situation. This is created by employees who carry out their duties as an employee, people who make up the System, and envelope for collective entrepreneurs.

Therefore, this service authorizes the following:

  1. Request that the Contribution Account Code be provided per Main Account, which is for the first time to be occupied by individuals within the scope of the Social Security Scheme.
  2. In the case of a Secondary Contribution Account, the collective employer performs the same functions in different provinces.
  3. You can also present the case that, make many functions in a single province.

When the registration and assignment of CCC is for an individual entrepreneur, the assignment of a Secondary Contribution Account or a Main Account Code can be requested. This service was created to assist the individual entrepreneur who provides his services.

Also, for those employees who carry out their activities as an employee, and for individuals who are part of the system. Save the workers of the sea, which do not conform to this modality. So this service allows the following:

  • For employers who employ workers within the scope of the Social Security Scheme, the granting of the Code will be requested.
  • Request a Secondary Contribution Account, when the employer performs many functions in a single province.
  • Likewise, when performs many functions in different provinces.

How to Know the CCC of a Company: What is it?

The CCC or Client Account Code is widely used throughout the Spanish territory and by financial institutions (banks, credit unions, among others). This in order to distinguish the accounts of each of the clients.

This Code is made up of twenty (20) figures divided into blocks, according to to structure OOOO SSSS VV DDDDDDDDDD. After these figures, there are four (4) numbers that symbolize the Identity Code. Continuing with four (4) more digits that symbolize the office number.

Also, accompanied by two (2) numbers that are the control, and admit the corroboration that the number consulted is correct. Finally, account identification. In other words, when you are asked for this figure, it will be placed without a comma, periods, bars, or other symbols.

NOTE: It is very important to note that, since February 1, 2014, the IBAN Code replaces the Client Account Code, to carry out any type of financial transaction, be it payment or collection.

What does the IBAN Code refer to?

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number), refers to the number that identifies or distinguishes bank accounts. Add two (2) letters and two (2) numbers to the twenty (20) digits that the Client Code Account (CCC) has.

Now, the letters are two (2) and determine the country, in this case it is ES from Spain. A two (2) digit control number is added. Then follow the BIC (Business Identifier Code). In such a way that, the IBAN impacts transfers, direct debit vouchers and card payments.

How is the IBAN obtained?

This Code has been reflected for some years in bank statements, however, can be ordered in the banking institution, and this must provide it automatically and also without having to pay any cost.

Some banking entities have sent notifications to their users where they communicate the changes in the account numbers. If some companies did not have the IBAN as of February 1, the financial institution can charge for the converter.

What is the usefulness of the IBAN Code?

This Code is used to distinguish a bank account globally. It was created so that institutions had the opportunity to automate bank transfers between banks belonging to the European Union.

Thanks to this regulation, transfers and payments between communities are made in a similar way to national ones. Previously, complications had been observed since the identification platforms were only national, which made it difficult to know in which country an account was open.

It should be noted that the organization of the Account Codes is general but not the same, that is, in Spanish territory consists of 24 digits, while in other countries such as Italy it can reach up to 34 digits.

How to know the CCC of a company? If you are an entrepreneur and you do not know how to carry out this management, this information is definitely for you. Obtaining it is very simple, in addition here we detail everything in an organized way, so that you can comply with everything required.

It is important to have this Code, since it is used frequently in Spain. We hope we have helped you with this process, and you can manage it successfully.

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