How to Know the Personal Income Tax Withholding: Steps, Calculator and MORE

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People must be aware of the amount of Income Tax for individuals. In this case, in Spain, they will be wondering How do I know the income tax withholding that touches me?

In this case, these withholdings are important because it is evident that they must cancel, referring to a certain percentage. This and much more in this article, which we will explain every detail to you.

How do I know the income tax withholding that touches me?

To start personal income tax withholding, it is an amount of the Personal Income Tax. These withholdings are amounts of this tax which are withdrawn from taxpayers.

These withholdings is the advance made to the Treasury on what corresponds to cancel the rent. That is to say, the personal income tax is of a personal nature according to the income of the citizens who are in Spain.

They should take into account that to calculate the IRPF withholdings. First, it must be verified if the citizen is obliged to declare said tax.

This payment is made progressively and is determined by tables referring to personal income tax that highlight the limits of each tranche and the determined percentage of each withholding.

Citizens must bear in mind that I say method is governed by rules that must meet the amount of earnings that are received during a year.

Said withholdings are made through the total amount of the workers’ payroll. The income subject to withholdings, the following can be mentioned:

  • The returns of the person who works for own account.
  • The activities carried out by self-employed professionals.
  • The allocation of income in the event of the transfer of image rights.
  • In case they are capital gains.
  • Return on capital real estate and furniture.

Finally, withholdings are calculated depending on the type of income.

How to Know the Personal Income Tax Withholding: Steps to Follow

It is important to note that there are factors which determine the percentage of personal income tax:

Factor 1: get the correct tax base

This is the first factor, in this case the concepts that determine the salary of the worker must be identified and thus know the final income.

According to Model 145 of the Tax Agency, the taxpayer will inform the institution about the number of people who are in charge or if it is from a large family. It also influences whether the person has any disabilities. if you earn a pension for the children to meet your needs or you are repairing your home.

For the total income, the deductions that are governed by law will be made according to the employment situation.

Phase 2: obtain withholding according to the types of personal income tax

When the citizen has obtained the general withholding, it is evidenced which is the section to which this taxable base corresponds. Therefore, the percentage that dictates the law is the next:

  • Until 12,450 euros, with a withholding is 19%.
  • The other section stands out from 12,450 euros to 20,200.00 euros, which has a retention of 24%.
  • From 20,200 euros to 35,200 euros, with a retention of 30%.
  • From 35,200 euros to 60,000 euros and has a retention of 37%.
  • Finally, from 60,000.01 euros forward, with a retention of Four. Five%.

According to these sections, there is an autonomous scale. That is, an additional section is determined depending on the autonomous community where you reside.

How to Know the Personal Income Tax Withholding: Personal Income Tax Calculator

Citizens should take into account that great to the innovations of the internet, they can find several pages that provide the type of personal income tax withholding, the best known are the following:

Through the web portal of the Tax agency, they have a calculator which will obtain the result of your personal income tax withholding. In the withholdings tab they will perform the calculation, you will only have to provide several types of information.

You must supply the Recipient’s NIF, the year of birth, highlight if you have a disability, the employment situation, all information regarding the ascendants and descendants, the economic data, regularization data and with this they will give you the results.

You can also go to the page Five days, there they created a tool by which they show citizens the quota that they must pay for income tax, according to the gross salary and the characteristics that determine the taxpayer.

To calculate income tax, you must enter the gross salary, age, your family data, if you have any disability and the percentage of it. When you have completed all the data, the page will provide you with everything related to personal income tax withholding.

Both alternatives are good to verify the percentage that should be applied for withholding and what it is equivalent to.

How to Know the Personal Income Tax Withholding I Have: Is It Mandatory?

Citizens should bear in mind that this is mandatory, since the company has in its duty to withhold personal income tax in any case from your payroll according to the established tranches. For this reason, it is necessary to inform about the withholding and enter in the Treasury of said amounts.

However, according to Decree 1461/2018, of December 21, the withholding will not be practiced according to the performance of the work, in the event that the amount does not exceed the annual amount determined, according to the number of children and other descendants and the circumstance that the taxpayer entails.

  1. If the taxpayer is single, widowed, divorced or legally separated, if he has a child or other descendants, 15,947 euros falls and if he has two or more, it is 17,100 euros.
  2. The taxpayer in the event that the spouse does not obtain income greater than 1,500 euros per year, excluding those exempt. If you have no descendants or children, relapse 15,456, if you have one it is from 16,481 and if it has two or more it is 17,634.
  3. If you have other situations, highlight that if you have 0 children or descendants it contains 14.00, if it is one it is 14,516 and if it is two or more it is 15,093.

Frequent questions

Citizens may have doubts and concerns on this type of issue, but we will answer it clearly below.

Question 1: can people choose the income tax from the payroll?

The worker cannot for any reason choose the personal income tax from the payroll. That is, taxpayers must inform the person who has to pay the personal and family situation to be determined in the amount.

You can request the reduction when you have the right to apply it in the exercise according to the deduction of the investment in habitual residence.

Question 2: why do you have to withhold part of the payroll for personal income tax?

They should bear in mind that the most important incomes that many Spaniards determine are those from work through payroll. In other words, the Treasury has a determined withholding system for each month that companies must comply with each of their workers in order to satisfy the personal income tax payment.

Now, when making the withholding accounts that appear in the payroll, several determining factors must be determined, such as: the amount of the salary, disabilities, family problem, duration of the contract, among others.

Question 3: How is the personal income tax withholding for the self-employed?

Self-employed citizens must practice such withholdings on their invoices. The rate that must be applied is 15%, however, those who are new self-employed have the advantage of applying the 7% through the first three years of activity.

These percentages depend on the following activities:

  • The 1% withholding for fattening livestock activities of pig and poultry.
  • Then a retention of 2% according to the remaining agricultural activities for the production livestock.
  • Finally, the 2% withholding on the forestry activities.

What is personal income tax?

The Personal Income Tax (IRPF) it is a tax method in the tax system. This is determined by all working citizens who are offering services in that country. That is, it is a tax that all citizens who are in Spain must cancel. Or, failing that, taxpayers of their income obtained for a calendar year.

Together with the Value Added Tax (VAT) they are the two main ones to help financial health.

Finally, citizens or companies must comply with these requirements, so that they do not have problems in the future.

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