How to Know the Value of My Old Coins: Steps, Preserve Them and MORE

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How to know the value of my old coins? Because you have saved coins for a long time or you found a variety of coins in the family heritage, and you know that over the years they take on more value.

In addition, they were an important part of the development of a country and its inhabitants as a means of use. Therefore, it is extremely important for some institutions to keep these types of objects. We recommend that you continue reading this article so that you are aware of this peculiar topic.

How to know the value of my old coins?

First of all we will show you a very simple and easy way to do it, just follow our instructions. Don’t forget that this step is very important for various entities in charge of collecting them.

On the other hand, this process can be done in less than 5 minutes, so it will be quite simple and practical to do so. Remember that you must have the basic information of the currency to make the query.

Make sure you know the following main points when identify old coins:

  • Find the year printed on the coin. This editorial year is very important for fundraisers.
  • Make sure it’s not a fake. When it comes to knowing the price of a coin, the first thing you should do is rule out the possibility that your coin is an imitation or a simple copy. To do this, you need to make sure that the surface layer is not made of decoy metal to look old. The purity of the metal, whether it be gold, silver or copper, is usually a good indication. This brings us to the next point.
  • Identify the material of the coin: most of the time the material of the coin (gold, silver, copper) is directly related to its value. With some exceptions, such as the US nickel and copper pennies, this material indicates the minimum price at which the value of an old coin moves.
  • Find the brand of the coin of whoever issued it. This information is known in numismatic jargon as the coin «coin» and is very important in determining whether your piece belongs to the group of valuable coins.
  • State of conservation. A critical aspect for a good initial valuation in money auctions is the condition. Elements such as the surface patina and its color – green, black – the degree of oxygenation, the natural shine of the metal or the state of the edge and the comb are important to determine the state of conservation.

How to Know the Value of My Ancient Coins: Steps to Follow

Then we will show you in a few simple Steps the process of questioning the value of ancient coins:

  • You must first enter the page of Currency Queries. Inside you have to give the coin name you want to consult, and it will automatically search its database for the information corresponding to the currency.
  • Near the page will show us your priceHowever, for the portal to show us this information, a subscription to the web portability system is necessary to be able to enjoy this option.
  • In the case of not wanting the subscription, we will show you a link with a possible auction of said currency. To which we can access and consult the coin value.
  • Do not forget that this procedure is only personal and on-line, so if you want to know the value of old coins, this is a very convenient option if you want to consult.

How to Know the Value of My Ancient Coins: How to Preserve Them?

Knowing this if you have one coin collection and you want to know how to keep them in good condition. In addition to avoiding unpleasant oxidation, below we will mention some tips to preserve your pieces.

First of all, keep in mind that you must keep the pieces in a place where they will not receive any type of external degrading agent. Such as chemicals, water, sunlight, among others.

On the other hand, gold coins They are fairly easy to store, but the reverse is true for copper, silver, bronze, or iron coins. Which are directly affected by external factors in the environment.

Parts should not be cleaned to avoid oxidation due to moisture. If you want to clean them, we recommend that you do not use varnishes or derivatives so as not to damage the integrity and physical condition of the piece.

We recommend that you perform a periodic examination to avoid any type of deformation or oxidation. In addition, in this way, a balance is maintained with respect to external environments.

How to Know the Value of My Ancient Coins: Which are the Most Valuable in Spain?

On the other hand, below we will mention the most valued coins in Spain and in some parts of America. Each of them is made of gold or other materials, which makes it so precious to collectors or buyers.

  • Hundreds of Felipe III minted the 20th great of the Catholic Monarchs.
  • Spanish ounces of gold.
  • Rare ounces from Segovia.
  • Louis I. Gold Ounces
  • The 100 Pesetas of 1870.
  • Ounces of Guatemala.

Each of them has a cost quite high unit and classified according to its maintenance.

This means that the more preserved and in good condition it is kept, the higher the price of the coin.

Buy and Sell Old Coins in Spain

If you want to sell your coin collection or make one, we will give you some tips to make your buy and sell. However, if you want more information about it, you can visit the following site Web on Sale and Purchase of Ancient Coins.

Do not forget that to sell one collection you must have the data corresponding to the currency information. In addition to offering a good package of them to give more credibility to your publication.

However, we offer you a list of places that you can visit if you want to sell or buy these coins. You simply have to access the following page Web: Where to sell or buy your old coins.

Other Famous Ancient Coins

In addition to those mentioned above, there are other currencies that are in an excellent position in relation to their economic value. Although they are not exactly gold since they are usually the most valuable.

  • Fifty silver.
  • 8 Royals of Mexico.
  • Coins of Carlos V.

The types of coins mentioned above are very acquaintances and highly sought after by fans of this type of collection. It is important to highlight that a fundamental part to increase the value is the state of conservation that it has.

Important to know

Next, we will inform you about some important aspects to complete the information provided. However, one of the things to keep in mind is that antique coin buyers don’t like to see them. clean.

This means that it is preferable do not clean them but keep them in a specialized place. It should be noted that if you want to sell them, having good information and presentation of them can increase the value of your collection.

If you want to know more about the subject, we will refer you to another portal Web where you will get more information on this topic. You simply have to enter the following page: How to know the value of an old coin.

Ancient coins are those that come from ancient civilizations and the ancient world (from Rome, Greece, Iberia, Visigoth among others). They are appreciated by collectors of antiques for their rarity, condition, historical importance, time and values, especially the most valuable. Each has its own history, origin, value, and purchase and sale price.

The hobby of collecting and studying ancient coins and antique medals is known as numismatics. Antique banknotes and related items are also included. It is very common to see specialized stores and auctions in numismatic items and antiques.

How to collect and sort coins; collect old coins?

Let’s see how to collect and classify an old coin so that you can keep an order. This will make it much easier find them and store them.

We can do this in several ways, we will explain one by one:

  • Country: You must select all the coins issued by a country and classify them by the different stages of their history.
  • Theme: You will choose a theme and you will only have saved those that belong to that theme, for example: Theme ‘Revolution’.
  • By Epoch: In turn, in the case of Mexico it would be something like this: ‘The colonial era’, ‘Empires’, ‘Modern Mexico’ etc.
  • Guy: We will make this collection with a piece of each type and denomination of the currency of your country.
  • Type and its date: It is the same as the previous form, but we will add the date of each piece.

As you will see, there are many ways to collect coins. It is important that you use the right material to preserve them. That is, a specialized book to keep them. In addition, the way you preserve them is important, you must prevent them from losing value due to humidity, erosion, etc.

Buying and collecting old coins is not only good investment for the future, as some may have a significant monetary value in the market, but are also a good source of information about a country or continent.

While civilization was being formed, each coin or bill was forged according to the shield and its identification giving a strong statement about his situation: for example, in 1824 two dollars and 8 reales arrived in Potosí, the last remaining bastion in his loyalty to the Spanish Crown, at a time when all the Spanish colonies were in rebellion: a of the last Spanish coins in South America, and a piece of our history.

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