How to Know What is the CNAE of a Company: Steps, Groups and MORE

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If you are curious or just do not understand anything related to the CNAE code, pay attention to this article which deals with How to Know What is the CNAE of a Company.

Here you can find the procedure to follow to locate the corresponding CNAE code and the list of classification groups. Likewise, you can clarify concerns on the subject.

How to Know What is the CNAE of a Company?

You must take into account how to properly carry out the process of knowing what the CNAE of a company in Spain is. Companies must have a code that identifies the economic activity and therefore its classification.

From this process eThe State Tax Administration Agency is in charge who present the different economic activities. This agency has a search engine that provides the help required so that the user can have the possibility of finding the corresponding CNAE code.

The CNAE code is the one that appropriately describes the economic activity to which the company belongs. You only have to enter the word that describes the activity in the search engine.

Currently, there is a classification in which there are 20 groups in total. Likewise, there are a series of subgroups for greater organization in the corresponding area.

In each group there is a relationship with a specific activity which is called a subgroup. Each subgroup has a CNAE code so that a better classification of it can be maintained.

You can make the query by entering by hereInitially, you must select a group that includes the activity carried out by the company. Pressing, what is related to the activity of the company gradually enters until a four-digit code is obtained.

Through the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) you can know the code of the activity you are doing.

How to Know What is the CNAE of a Company: Steps to Follow

To find out what the CNAE of a Company is, a procedure must be carried out to have the corresponding code.

Here are the steps to follow to know the CNAE code:

  • If you want to know the CNAE code of a company, you should go to web portal CNAE.
  • At CNAE web portal you can use several alternatives.
  • One of them is search the different groups of activities that open when clicking on the Activity List, located in the upper left part of the portal.
  • Also, you can know the CNAE code of the company using the search engine, you must go to the upper left and press where it says Search for CNAE.
  • Must then place in the search engine of the CNAE website the word that defines the activity of the company.
  • After the results appear, you must select the one that fits the activity of the company.

How to Know What is the CNAE of a Company: Groups

You can search for the economic activities shown by the Tax Agency, where the most appropriate term that encompasses the economic activity carried out by the company must be placed. The list of economic activities classified into Groups and Subgroups.

Below are the Groups of the classification of Economic Activities:

Group A

Among the economic activities we have in this group the farming, also the Cattle raising, includes the Forestry and in the same way the Fishing

B Group

The economic activity that belongs to this group is the Extractive industry

Group C

Likewise, the economic activity that belongs to this group is the Manufacturing industry

Group D

Among the economic activities, this group includes: Supply of light, He too gas steam and air conditioning

Group E

Likewise, within the economic activities there is in this group the Water supply, includes the Activities of sanitation, also, the Waste Management and Decontamination

Group F

In this group, economic activity is Construction

Group G

The economic activities that this group includes are the Commerce Wholesale, also Retail Trade, also, the Motor vehicle repair and finally, Motorcycle Repair

Group H

The economic activity that belongs to this group is the Transport and storage

Group I

In this group, the economic activity that belongs is the Hostelry

Group J

Among the economic activities included in this group are: Information and communication

Group K

Likewise, the economic activities of this group are the Financial activities and insurance

Group L

This group includes economic activity related to Real estate activities

Group M

Among the economic activities, in this group are the Professional, scientific and technical activities

Group N

Likewise, here are included the economic activities related to Administrative activities and also auxiliary services

Group O

This group includes those related to Public Administration, Defense, and Mandatory Social Security

Group P

The economic activity that belongs to this group is the Education

Group R

Among the economic activities, in this group are the Artistic, recreational and entertainment activities

Group S

The economic activities of this group are the Other services

Group T

In this group are the Household activities as employers of domestic staff

Group U

Also in this group are Organizational Activities and Extraterritorial Organizations

In case the company is for example a bakery, I could put the word food. Within the results you can obtain the following:

  • Preparation of dietary products and diet.
  • Also, the Cafes.
  • Also, the Kiosks.
  • The bars.
  • Other food and restaurant services.

If, on the other hand, the word bread is introduced, then the CNAE code of the bakery: “Minor trade bread, confectionery and dairy products, cakes”.

To locate the CNAE code of the economic activity of a company that is autonomous, you must search by group and then, when you determine the group to which the activity you carry out belongs, you must locate the subgroup in which it best fits.

Why is the CNAE in the Articles of Incorporation of the Companies?

According to Law 14/2013 dated September 27 and it supports entrepreneurs and internationalization, well known as the Entrepreneurs Law. This law includes a set of measures that are related to the classification by economic activity of companies and of the ventures. In accordance with the provisions of article 20, where it refers to the universal sectorization of the economic activity of companies.

From the moment it came into force The CNAE code that corresponds to the main activity is required in the articles of incorporation of the companies and in social agreements. It must have sufficient segregation from the National Classification of Economic Activities.

According to article 20 of Law 14, the documents to be registered, in the registration of the incorporation of the company in the different entities and the corresponding public registry must express the codes of the economic activities that correspond to the corporate purpose of each company.

When companies render the annual accounts, they must identify the main economic activity carried out during the fiscal year with the CNAE code correspondent. Likewise, the public registers where the annual accounts are consigned must make available the current economic activity codes.

In this same line of discussion, on November 11, 2012 of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries, make a consideration to take into account, in relation to the aforementioned article 20. Here, it is stated that in the first registration of the company or society in the Mercantile Registry, must be the codes that correspond to the National Classification of Economic Activities that go with the corporate purpose of the company.

This resolution is mandatory for the consignment of the CNAE codes that correspond to all the activities that the company carries out.

How to Know What is the CNAE of a Company: Frequently Asked Questions

Within this topic are all those concerns that arise to the owners or managers of companies or undertakings. Here are the most frequently asked questions on this topic:

When should the request for the CNAE Code be made?

This request must be made at the time the company, business or undertaking is created because it must specify the activity that corresponds to the company’s corporate purpose.

Does the CNAE Code have any cost?

When the identification and selection of the code is made in the CNAE system of the company or business, it is a procedure that it has no cost. It is a procedure that is carried out online.

If I am self-employed, should I also apply for the CNAE code?

Of course, In the case of the self-employed, a request for the CNAE code must be made like any other business or company. This must be done from the moment you register as a self-employed person.

Does the CNAE Code have any validity?

When establishing the company or business, the CNAE code must be determined, which is the reference of the economic activity carried out by the company. This code is valid while a certain activity is carried out, since the code has no expiration date.

The list of codes is updated and segmented but does not expire.

What is the CNAE?

The National Classification of Economic Activities of Spain or CNAE as it is better known. It is a code that is composed of four digits that identify a specific economic activity, where every society, company or business is obliged to identify the main economic activity according to the CNAE code.

Since 2007 this National Classification of Economic Activities was approved. This CNAE Code is basically to group and classify the producing units according to the activity they carry out, which function for the preparation of public statistics.

The objective of the CNAE is to have a hierarchical order of the economic activities carried out in the country. East CNAE code is used for the next:

  • Allows the implementation of statistics
  • Likewise, it allows classify statistical units and entities according to economic activity that is exercised.

Its origin is determined by the Community Regulation that seeks that companies, businesses, financial institutions, the Government and the rest of the economic agents in the market have a comparable and reliable statistical data.

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