How to Know which Mutual Insurance My Company has: Steps, Self-Employed and MORE

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How do I know which mutual insurance company my company has? A mutual is a non-profit association of entrepreneurs that collaborates with the social security system in the management of important benefits of the social security system such as occupational accidents, temporary disability or termination of the self-employed.

Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of the Mutual With which you have at the time of a possible emergency, here we offer you a series of advice that can be very helpful.

How do I know which mutual insurance company my company has?

Is always important know the reciprocity that the company you work for has, which you should consider and ask your superior.

Why you should stay informed in emergency situations, in the middle of a sick leave or a possible work accident.

Always who has the decision to join one or the other mutualist it’s the company you work for.

It is then the worker who uses the services he provides and benefits from them.

That is why we consider it very important that you know who is the mutual representativeYou can also ask in the information section for it.

We recommend that you have the phone number of the reciprocal company with which the company you work for is affiliated.

And through the department of use, ask for the healthcare centers closest to your home and workplace, in case of an emergency.

As a curious and interesting fact, we tell you that after mutual reflection in an entity, a number will be assigned to it that will be considered on your behalf.

To know the information about the mutual, the worker can even go to the General Treasury of Social Security and request the necessary information.

How to Know Which Mutual Insurance My Company Has: Steps to Follow

Accidents happen every day and at any time while the worker is working.

They may be very severe or very mild or even cause the death of the employee.

Therefore, the worker and the company must deal with the same criteria and know what to do in the event of an accident during the working day.

That is why we refer to the following: responsibility of the company in case of work accident.

What we must keep in mind is that not all work accidents that occur while the job is busy are not classified as work accidents.

It is important that the representatives of the department of human Resources know how to classify the different types of workplace accidents.


In the event of a claim, the company must provide medical assistance to the workerFor this, it must be affiliated with a mutual or provide it itself.

  • If the accident is minor and occurs in the company, such as a small cut or a small fall, it is the company the one that can assist the worker.
  • This service will be carried out through a first aid kit first AIDS that will facilitate the loan with the company.

  • When it is the case that the worker needs medical assistance, then, when the company distributes a brochure to the worker so that he can be treated by a mutual doctor.
  • East user information It is the declaration of the company that endorses the work accident and its details.
  • If the worker needs immediate assistance, they should call the emergency number 112 or transfer the worker to the call center.
  • On the other hand, the company must contact with the mutual, to explain the accident that occurred and that this in turn accompanies the worker.


There are three situations possible in which the worker receives medical treatment.

  • In this case, if the employee has a medical license and you are temporarily disabled, you will not be able to fulfill your duties.
  • In the event that the employee goes to work after the accident, the company must notify the workplace within 5 days after the accident.
  • If it is true that the accident was very serious and this leaves the disabled worker permanently (that he can no longer work) or even his death.
  • This is the situation where the company must notify the work unit within 24 hours of the incident.

What to do if I work in a company without a mutual insurance company?

If this is the case in which the company you work for is not affiliated to an Accident and Illness Reciprocity (MATESS), you must:

  1. You must first go to the labor inspection and report this anomaly.
  2. It is also possible to participate in INSS to request the attention of the competent service.

In accordance with the provisions of article 18 of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law, which establishes:

Employees have right to make suggestions to the employer to improve health and safety protection. As well as the participation referred to in chapter V of this law.

How to know which insurance company my company has: contingencies for the insurance company

When the company you work for has mutual protections, the worker in the event of an accident at work must:

  • Go to Public Health Service and they will attend you according to your need.
  • In the event that the worker, motivated by the accident, cannot carry out his functions, the doctor will grant you leave of absence.
  • This will be sent to the company at three days and the company in turn to the reciprocal.
  • If the leave is maintained, in this case, the worker will receive a confirmation medical report to be delivered to the company.
  • On the other hand, when the relationship with the company ends, and one is fired by a emergencyIt is the individual who alludes to the Mutual.

  • The dismissal medical report must be presented at the next 24 hours in the company.
  • And if the relationship with him has ended, the individual will have the same 24 hours to present it to the Mutual.

How to Know Which Mutual Insurance My Company Has: Case of the Self-Employed

As is known, there is no single reciprocal for independent collaborators.

Why the professional should ask in which of them he is registered, at the time of requesting the service, before needing it.

When it comes to checking the contributor mutual, you just have to check the registration.

Are Umivale and Fremap, among other reciprocals, those that are available to the self-employed, with their services and particularities.

Therefore, you only need to check the documentation register, to find out which mutual branch the independent employee is at.

However, if you still have doubts, you can go to the Attorney General for Social Security, to explain your concerns.

Is there any way to know which is the converse that the professional adheres to?

Well yes, participating to process the registration to the Attorney General for Social SecurityBy filling out form TA / 0521 and in turn in section 4.2, the mutual option is chosen.

What is the Mutual Society and what are the main doubts?

MATEPSS is a collaborating institution of Social Security, which operates under the orders of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Its purpose is to carry out the procedures for professional calls from emergency; occupational diseases and injuries.

Mutuals provide their services to affiliated companies. These services arise from the Social Security, must be governed as such, they are non-profit entities, which are managed by social security legislation.

Who pays The mutual or company

The most of the time, when the sick leave lasts less than a year, the worker receives the payroll as usual, and the institution is in charge of collecting the Mutual or Social Security.

When it comes to temporary disability, the social benefit goes from the account of the National Institute of Social Security, or of any entity that supports it with the Social Security.

In the event of a non-professional accident and / or common illness, the payment of the benefit within 15 days after the sick leave is employer responsibility.

After the sixteenth day of sick leave, it is the Mutual or Social Security the one that takes charge of the payment, even when the payment is granted by the company.

What it means that the employer pay normally and then the Mutual or Social Security pays the company the full amount.


The mutuals were created to support the process of Provision of services that should cover social security.

For their part, they are very important since they are in charge of covering occupational accidents that happen to workers.

They are under the command of Ministry of Labor and are intended to answer all calls from workers in the event of an accident or injury.

Almost always, the worker is exposed to certain risks in the performance of their duties in the workplace, so they may suffer from an occupational disease.

Companies in Spain have mutual dealing with sick leave.

These have been previously tested by accidents and / or illnesses and they cover almost all expenses (98%).

At the same time, they can finally assume the task of preventing risks or accidents in associated companies.

The Reciprocal Social Security Collaborators, once constituted, they acquire legal personality and capacity to act for the fulfillment of their purposes. Its field of activity extends to the entire territory of the state.

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