How to know which Post Office my Package is in: Errors, Offices and MORE

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How do I know in which Post Office my Package is? It is a fairly common approach among those Spaniards who have placed an order or are waiting for correspondence.

Sometimes you have to go to the Post Office to be able to pick up your correspondence, since problems arise in their respective delivery, we give you the guidance you need so that you can get your shipment.

How do I know which Post Office my Package is in?

One of the first questions that Spaniards ask themselves when placing an order is How to know in which Post Office my Package is.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is something as simple as the fear that it is generally going in the wrong direction.

And it is not something so rare that there are confusions with the addresses and therefore they send the package to another remote branch.

However, this can not only happen today, since sometimes it is the Post Office who redirect.

Of course, this is not a common occurrence, except in those cases where the post office branch is currently crowded.

Precisely for these reasons this institution has decided to provide everyone with a way of knowing this without any problem.

In fact, there are currently two forms Clear information provided by the Post Office so that you can verify where the request you made will arrive.

In the next section, we will talk a little about the process you have to go through depending on the type of particular shape you choose.

Step by Step

The first way that is used when talking about how to know How to know in which Post Office my Package is it is through the internet, like this:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the page official post office website, for which you will only have to enter here.
  • Once there you have to select the option “Locate your Shipment” which is in the upper right when entering the page.
  • When you have done this you will have to place your shipping code in the “Shipping Code” section below “Individual Locator”.
  • In case there is more than one shipment that you want to locate, you will have to select the option of “Mass locator” finalizing the page.

If for any reason the shipment does not come out after placing correctly all the data, what you will have to do is go in person:

  • For to locate your shipment in this way the first thing you should do is go personally to any of the post offices nationwide.
  • Once there you will have to deliver the code shipping so that operators can search through the institution’s system.
  • After this, the most common is that they tell you the office where the package is being sent and the arrival time.

However, this is something that may vary, in the event that the package has been redirected, since they may not have an address yet.

How to know which Post Office my Package is in: Other Alternatives

Of course, due to the number of people asking How to know in which Post Office my Package is, more resources have been activated.

This is to avoid overloading the offices and the online system of the institution that manages it.

In addition to this, it is also done with the idea that people can access information in a more comfortable and simple way.

That is why at present the Post has made available to its users in general a app for smart phones.

There you will find the information of your shipment through the code and it is present for Android and also for iPhone.

However, since post office information is not always accurate and may take time, there are other locators shipping available.

One of the most used because it allows you to use the invoice to search is Ninja Postcard, which can be accessed from here.

Also, another of the services that many orders use is Parcelmonitor, which you can access by pressing here.

What if I can’t find my package or there is something wrong?

Another question that many people seeking to know in which post office is my package located is if they can’t find it.

This is something that can happen, but it is not a very common circumstance and it can happen due to several specific circumstances.

In this sense, one of the things that happens the most is that the package has not yet been sent and therefore does not appear.

This is usually the main reason why packages are not found, but it is the only reason by far.

In this way, another of the common reasons why this type of thing happens is because the page is overloaded.

This makes searches slow and ineffective and, in many cases, returns results that are not real and tend to be misinterpreted in general.

Another reason why a package cannot be found during the search is that there is a error in code.

For each of these cases, it is recommended to go personally to the Post Office and make the corresponding report.

Send Error

In general, when it comes to the post office where my order is located, it is normal to ask about shipping errors.

And it is not surprising that due to the general setup of the post office, there shipping errors in some packages.

This means that the email was not sent to the appropriate email or cannot be sent from there.

There can be many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that there are errors related to the specs that are included in each package.

Therefore, it is common that the address has not been correctly informed, which makes it impossible to send it.

If for some reason the package goes in against the rules from the post office, it will not be shipped this way.

Finally, it is necessary to mention the cases in which they occurred transportation problems that prevented the correct fulfillment of shipments.

This is something very common, mainly because the strikes are blocking everything that has to do with the transport usually.

Post Offices in Spain

So far there has been a lot of talk about How to know in which Post Office my Package is, but not on private offices.

And the most effective way to find a package or do any kind of claim is to go directly to the office.

However, today it is not so easy to know which post offices are operating continuously and efficiently.

The reason for this is that the old Search Engine that was on the company’s own page is very complicated, which makes the information impossible.

Anyway, if you want to try to find the Post Office that interests you, just click here.

Therefore, today the easiest way to find out who the closest Post Office is is Google.

This has its reason for being in the fact that the application Google maps currently shows the closest office location.


Post It constitutes the main nucleus of the activities of the Correos group by providing the universal postal service to all citizens, it is at the same time the reference company in the Spanish market, one of the largest in the European Union.

The main channel of relationship with customers are the more than 2. 250 offices with which it counts. Post it also provides its office services through the virtual post office, at the post office. it is.

The Virtual OfficeIn fact, it is the means through which various procedures are carried out on a daily basis, which in many cases exceed those carried out by citizens and clients at the central offices.

An example of the modernization of processes and systems is reflected, for example, in automated processing centers, capable of handling millions of letters and postal items every day; the technology implementation radio frequency control (RFID) to increase the traceability of shipments.

Terminal supply from laptop computers (PDAs) to postmen; or the e-mail inbox, a platform from which to send and receive e-mails with total security and confidentiality for companies and administrations with their clients and private users.

How to know which Post Office my Package is in: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Correos responsible for my shipment?

Unless it comes to your power, it means that before reaching your offices you are not responsible.

How many packages can I find at the same time?

Up to ten packages can be located and tracked at the same time by entering shipping codes.

Are there other ways to find out what email my order is in?

No, the only ones that exist today are those mentioned.

Is it possible to refuse a package before it arrives?

Yes, but for this you must go to the nearest Post Office for it.

How long does it take to collect my order?

The maximum period that Correos currently expects is fifteen continuous days.

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